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A series of articles describe how the United States of America came to become the most powerful empire in the world, often by very dubious methods.  But many decisions and approaches taken by the US Administration over the last century are in danger of imitating the demise of most other powerful empires of the past.  Power, greed and covert agendas such as towards a new world order are accelerating this demise.

Empires: rises and falls, so now what?

The US was the dominant world power after WWII but has been failing, compounded by lies and desperate plans for hegemony compounded by declining culture and values. Previous empires such as the UK and Roman empires failed in similar manner.  Watch Russia and China ascend in unison.

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Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Xinhua News Agency

Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Xinhua News Agency  From, 2 May 2022

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Xinhua News Agency (China), April 30, 2022

Question: What do you think is at the root of the Ukrainian crisis? What can the international community do to solve this problem?

Sergey Lavrov:  When we talk about the Ukrainian crisis, first of all we need to look at the destructive policy of the Western states conducted over many years and led by the United States, which set a course to knock together a unipolar world order after the end of the Cold War. NATO’s reckless expansion to the East was a key component of those actions, despite the political obligations to the Soviet leadership on the non-expansion of the Alliance. As you know, those promises were just empty words. All these years, NATO infrastructure has been moving closer and closer to the Russian borders.

The West was never concerned about the fact that their actions grossly violated their international obligations not to strengthen their own security at the expense of the security of others. In particular, Washington and Brussels arrogantly rejected the initiatives put forward by Russia in December 2021 to ensure our country’s security guarantees in the west: to stop the expansion of NATO, not to deploy armaments that pose a threat to Russia in Ukraine and to return the Alliance’s military infrastructure to the 1997 configuration, when the NATO-Russia Founding Act was signed.

It is well-known that the United States and NATO member states have always viewed Ukraine as a tool to contain Russia. Over the years, they have actively fuelled anti-Russia sentiments there, forcing Kiev to make an artificial and false choice: to be either with the West or with Moscow.

It was the collective West that first provoked and then supported the anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Kiev in February 2014. Nationalists came to power in Ukraine and immediately unleashed a bloody massacre in Donbass, and set the course on the destruction of everything Russian in the rest of the country. Let me remind you that it was precisely because of this threat that the people of Crimea voted in a referendum for the reunification with Russia in 2014.

Over these past years, the United States and its allies have done nothing to stop the intra-Ukrainian conflict. Instead of encouraging Kiev to settle it politically based on the Minsk Complex of Measures, they sent weapons, trained and armed the Ukrainian army and nationalist battalions, and generally carried out the military-political development of Ukraine’s territory. They encouraged the aggressive anti-Russia course pursued by the Kiev authorities. In fact, they pushed the Ukrainian nationalists to undermine the negotiating process and resolve the Donbass issue by force.

We were deeply concerned about the undeclared biological programmes implemented in Ukraine with Pentagon’s support in close proximity to the Russian borders. And, of course, we could not disregard the Kiev leadership’s undisguised intentions to acquire a military nuclear potential, which would create an unacceptable threat to Russia’s national security.

In these conditions, we had no other choice but to recognise the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and launch the special military operation. Its aim is to protect people from genocide by the neo-Nazis, as well as to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine. I would like to stress that Russia is acting to fulfil its obligations under bilateral agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance with the DPR and LPR, at the official request of Donetsk and Lugansk under Article 51 of the UN Charter on the right to self-defence.

The special military operation launched on February 24 is progressing strictly in accordance with the plan. All its goals will be achieved in spite of our opponents’ counteractions. At the moment we are witnessing a classic case of double standards and hypocrisy of the Western establishment. By publicly supporting the Kiev regime, NATO member states are doing everything in their power to prevent the completion of the operation by reaching political agreements. Various weapons are flowing endlessly into Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries. All of this is being done under the pretext of “fighting the invasion”, but in fact the United States and the European Union intend to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian.” They do not care at all about the fate of Ukraine as an independent subject of international relations.

The West is ready to jeopardise the energy and food security of entire regions of the globe to satisfy its own geopolitical ambitions. What ither explanation is there for the unrestrained flywheel of anti-Russian sanctions launched by the West with the start of the operation and which they aren’t thinking of stopping?

If the United States and NATO are truly interested in settling the Ukrainian crisis, then, first, they must come to their senses and stop supplying weapons and ammunition to Kiev. The Ukrainian people do not need Stingers and Javelins; what they need is a solution to urgent humanitarian issues. Russia has been doing this since 2014. During this time, tens of thousands of tonnes of humanitarian cargo have been delivered to Donbass, and about 15,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid have already arrived in the part of Ukraine liberated from the Kiev regime, the DPR and the LPR, since the launch of the special military operation.

Second, it is essential that the Kiev regime stops cynical provocations, including in the information space. Ukrainian armed formations are barbarically shelling cities using civilians as living shields. We saw examples of this in Donetsk and Kramatorsk. Captured Russian servicemen are being abused with animal cruelty, and these atrocities are being posted online. At the same time, they use their Western patrons and global media controlled by the West to accuse the Russian army of war crimes. As they say, laying the blame at somebody else’s door.

It is high time for the West to stop unconditionally whitewashing and covering up for Kiev. Otherwise,… Washington, Brussels and other Western capitals should consider their responsibility for complicity in the bloody crimes perpetrated by the Ukrainian nationalists.

Question: What measures has Russia taken to protect the lives and property of civilians? What efforts has it made to establish humanitarian corridors?

Sergey Lavrov: As I mentioned earlier, the special military operation is proceeding according to plan. Under this plan, the Russian military personnel are doing everything in their power to avoid victims among civilians. Blows are carried out with high-precision weapons, first of all at military infrastructure facilities and places where armoured vehicles are concentrated. Unlike the Ukrainian army and nationalist armed groups that use people as living shields, the Russian army provides the locals with all kinds of assistance and support.

Humanitarian corridors open daily from Kharkov and Mariupol to evacuate people from dangerous districts, but the Kiev regime demands that the “national battalions” in control of those areas do not release the civilians. Nevertheless, many are able to leave with the assistance of Russian, DPR and LPR servicemen. During the special military operation, the hotline of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine has received requests for assistance in evacuating 2.8 million people to Russia, including 16,000 foreign citizens and employees of UN and OSCE international missions. In total, 1.02 million people have been evacuated from Ukraine, the DPR and LPR, of which over 120,000 are citizens of third countries, including over 300 Chinese nationals. There are over 9,500 temporary accommodation facilities operating in Russian regions. They have space for rest and hot meals, and everything that may be necessary. Newly arrived refugees are provided with qualified medical and psychological assistance.

Russia is taking measures to ensure civilian navigation in the Black and Azov seas. A humanitarian corridor opens daily, a safe lane for ships. However, Ukraine continues to block foreign ships, creating a threat of shelling in its internal waters and territorial sea. Moreover, Ukrainian naval units have mined the shore, the ports and territorial waters. These explosive devices disconnect from their anchor lines and drift into the open sea, so they pose a serious danger to both the fleets and the port infrastructure of the Black Sea countries.

Question: Since the special military operation was launched in Ukraine, Western counties have adopted a large number of unprecedented sanctions against Moscow. How do you think these sanctions will affect Russia? What are the main countermeasures taken by Russia? Some say that a new Cold War has begun. How would you comment on that?

Sergey Lavrov: It is true that the special military operation was used by the collective West as a pretext to unleash numerous restrictions against Russia, as well as its legal entities and individuals. The United States, Great Britain, Canada and EU countries do not conceal that their goal is to strangle our economy by undermining its competitiveness and blocking Russia’s progressive development. At the same time, the Western ruling circles are not embarrassed by the fact that anti-Russian sanctions are already beginning to harm ordinary people in their own countries. I mean the declining economic trends in the United States and many European countries, including growing inflation and unemployment.

It is clear that there can be no excuse for this anti-Russian line and it has no future. As President Vladimir Putin said, Russia has withstood this unprecedented pressure. Now the situation is stabilising, though, of course, not all risks are behind us.

In any case, they will not succeed in weakening us. I am confident that we will restructure the economy and protect ourselves from our opponents’ possible illegitimate and hostile actions in the future. We will continue to give a fitting and adequate response to the imposed restrictions, guided by the goal of maintaining the stability of the Russian economy and its financial system, as well as the interests of domestic businesses and the entire nation. We will focus our efforts on de-dollarisation, de-offshorisation, import substitution, and promotion of technological independence.We will continue to adapt to external challenges and step up development programmes for promising and competitive industries.

During the period of turbulence, our retaliatory special economic measures needed to ensure the normal functioning of the Russian economy will be continued and expanded. As a responsible player on the international market, Russia intends to continue scrupulously fulfilling its obligations under international contracts on export deliveries of agricultural products, fertilisers, energy carriers and other critical products. We are deeply concerned about a possible food crisis provoked by the anti-Russian sanctions, and we are well aware how important the deliveries of essential goods, such as food, are for the socioeconomic development of Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries.

I will be brief as regards the second part of your question. Today we are not talking about a new “cold war,” but, as I said earlier, about the persistent desire to impose a US-centric model of the world order coming from Washington and its satellites, who imagine themselves to be “arbiters of humankind’s fate.” It has reached the point where the… Western minority is trying to replace the UN-centric architecture and international law formed after World War II with their own “rule-based order.” These rules are written by Washington and its allies and then imposed on the international community as binding.

We must realise that the United States has been carrying out this destructive policy for several decades now. It is enough to recall NATO’s aggression against Yugoslavia, attacks on Iraq and Libya, attempts to destroy Syria, as well as the colour revolutions that Western capitals staged in a number of countries, including Ukraine. All of this came at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and resulted in chaos in various regions of the planet.

The West tries to crudely suppress those who carry out an independent course in their domestic and foreign policy. Not just Russia. We can see how bloc thinking is being imposed in the Asian-Pacific Region. We can recall the Indo-Pacific strategy promoted by the United States, which has a pronounced anti-China tendency. The US seeks to dictate the standards according to which Latin America should live, in the spirit of the outdated Monroe Doctrine. This explains many years of the illegal trade embargo on Cuba, sanctions against Venezuela, as well as attempts to undermine stability in Nicaragua and other countries. The pressure on Belarus continues in the same context. This list can go on.

It is clear that the collective West’s efforts to oppose the natural course of history and solve its problems at the expense of others are doomed. Today the world has several decision-making centres; it is multipolar.We can see how quickly Asian, African, and Latin American countries are developing. Everyone is getting a real freedom of choice, including where it comes to choosing their development models and participation in integration projects. Our special military operation in Ukraine also contributes to the process of freeing the world from the West’s neocolonial oppression heavily mixed with racism and a complex of exceptionalism.

The faster the West accepts the new geopolitical situation, the better it will be for the West itself and for the entire international community.

As President Xi Jinping said at the Boao Forum for Asia, “We need to uphold the principle of indivisible security, build a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture, and oppose the pursuit of one’s own security at the cost of others’ security.”

Question: Russian-Ukrainian talks have attracted close attention of the international community. What are the main obstacles to the talks today? How do you regard the prospects of a peace treaty between the two parties? What kind of bilateral relations does Russia intend to have with Ukraine in the future?

Sergey Lavrov: At present the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are holding discussions on the possible draft almost daily, via videoconference. This document should contain such elements of the post-conflict situation as permanent neutrality, the non-nuclear, non-bloc and demilitarised status of Ukraine, as well as guarantees of its security. The agenda of the talks also includes denazification, recognition of the new geopolitical reality, the lifting of sanctions and the status of the Russian language, among other things. Settling the situation in Ukraine will make a significant contribution to the de-escalation of the military and political tensions in Europe and the world in general. The establishment of an institution of guarantor states is envisaged as a possible option. First of all, they will be the permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Russia and China. We share information on the progress in the talks with Chinese diplomats. We are grateful to Beijing and other BRICS partners for their balanced position on the Ukrainian issue.

We are in favour of continuing the talks, although the process is difficult.

You are right to ask about the obstacles. For example, they include the militant rhetoric and incendiary actions of Kiev’s Western patrons. They are actually encouraging Kiev to “fight to the last Ukrainian,” pumping the country with weapons and sending mercenaries there. Let me note that the Ukrainian security services staged a crude bloody provocation in Bucha with the help of the West, to complicate the negotiation process among other things.

I am confident that agreements can only be reached when Kiev starts to be guided by the interests of the Ukrainian people, and not the advisors from far away.

Speaking about Russian-Ukrainian relations, Russia is interested in a peaceful, free, neutral, prosperous and friendly Ukraine. Despite the current administration’s anti-Russian course, we remember the many centuries of all-embracing cultural, spiritual, economic and family ties between Russians and Ukrainians. We will definitely restore these ties.


President Putin’s Full Censored Speech To The West Warning of Corrupt Globalist Elites Pushing For World War


President Putin’s Full Censored Speech To The West Warning of Corrupt Globalist Elites Pushing For World War  President Putin’s Full Censored Speech To The West Warning of Corrupt Globalist Elites Pushing For World War, 2 May 2022

Date: March 21, 2022

Source: NwoReport

“The truth is that the current problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of years of action, error, short-sightedness, and ambition on the part of the ruling elites of their states. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-interest and super-profits,” says the Russian president.”There are hostile geopolitical goals behind the hypocritical talks and current actions of the so-called collective West. They do not need, simply do not need, a strong and sovereign Russia; they will not forgive us for our independent course or for defending our national interests.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the world in a lengthy speech last Wednesday outlining steps the Russian Federation will take in response to harsh economic sanctions levied by the West.

Though the corporate media reported on snippets of Putin’s speech, they also distorted the substance of his remarks and failed to provide the full context, which is presented here.

Putin appealed to the people of the West to realize their globalist governments are pushing the world towards war using Ukraine as a proxy and the U.S. dollar as a cudgel to punish its enemies.

He also explained how the clandestine Biolabs in Ukraine, the West’s dismissal of Russia’s concerns about NATO expansion, and war crimes against the people of the Donbas region compelled Russia to act militarily.

Transcript of Putin’s full speech:

We are meeting at a difficult time when our Armed Forces are conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and Donbass. Let me remind you that at its very beginning, in the early morning of February 24, I publicly and openly stated the reasons and the main goal of Russia’s actions.

It is to help our people in the Donbas, who for almost eight years have been subjected to the most barbaric methods – blockade, large-scale punitive actions, terrorist attacks, and constant artillery shelling – a real genocide. And for what? Only because they sought elementary human rights – to live by the laws and traditions of their ancestors, to speak their native language, to raise their children the way they wanted.

At the same time, the authorities in Kyiv have not only ignored and sabotaged the implementation of the Minsk Package of Measures to peacefully resolve the crisis over all these years, but at the end of last year they refused to implement it in public.

They have also begun the practical implementation of plans to join NATO. Moreover, the Kyiv authorities also announced their intention to build their own nuclear weapons and the means of their delivery. This was a real threat. Already in the foreseeable future, with foreign technical assistance, the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev could get its hands on weapons of mass destruction, and its target would, of course, be Russia.

There was also a network of dozens of laboratories in Ukraine where military biological programs, including experiments with samples of coronavirus, anthrax, cholera, African swine fever, and other deadly diseases were conducted under the direction and financial support of the Pentagon. Traces of these secret programs are now being strenuously covered up. But we have every reason to believe that components of biological weapons were in fact created in the immediate vicinity of Russia, on Ukrainian territory.


Our repeated warnings that this development posed a direct threat to Russia’s security were rejected by Ukraine and its US and NATO patrons with ostentatious and cynical disregard.

Thus, all diplomatic options have been completely exhausted. We were simply left with no options to resolve peacefully the problems that arose through no fault of our own. And so we were simply forced to launch a special military operation.

The appearance of Russian troops near Kiev and other cities in Ukraine is not connected with the intention to occupy this country. We do not have such a goal, and I also explicitly stated this in my address on February 24.

As for the combat tactics that have been developed by the Russian Ministry of Defence and our General Staff, they have fully justified themselves. And our guys – soldiers and officers – are showing courage and heroism, doing everything in their power to avoid casualties among the civilian population of Ukrainian cities.

I want to say this for the first time: at the very beginning of the operation in Donbas, the Kiev authorities were asked through various channels, in order to avoid senseless bloodshed, not to engage in combat operations, but simply to withdraw their troops from Donbas. They did not want to. Well, that is their decision. The realization of what is happening in the real situation, on the ground, will come inevitably.

The operation is progressing successfully, in strict accordance with pre-approved plans.

I would like to note that Ukraine, encouraged by the United States and a number of Western countries, was purposefully preparing for a violent scenario, a bloodbath and ethnic cleansing in Donbass. A massive offensive on the Donbass and then on Crimea was only a matter of time. And our Armed Forces thwarted these plans.

Kiev was not only preparing for war, for aggression against Russia, against Donbass – they were waging it. Attempts to organize sabotage and a terrorist underground in Crimea did not stop. In recent years, fighting continued in Donbas, shelling of peaceful settlements. During this time almost 14 thousand civilians have been killed, including children.

On March 14, as you know, there was a rocket attack on the center of Donetsk. It was an outright bloody attack that killed more than 20 people. And this kind of shelling has been going on for the last few days. They hit indiscriminately, in squares, with the fanaticism and frenzy of the doomed – like the Nazis, who in the last days of the Third Reich tried to take as many innocent victims with them to the grave as possible.

But what is striking in its extreme cynicism is not only Kiev’s unapologetic lies and claims that it was Russia (they thought of that too!) that allegedly launched a missile at Donetsk, but also that the so-called civilized Western world, the European and American press did not even notice the Donetsk tragedy, as if it never happened.

In the same hypocritical way, they turned a blind eye during the last eight years, when mothers in Donbass buried their children. When old people were killed. This is just some kind of moral degradation, a complete dehumanization.

The many years of mockery of the people of Donbass could no longer be tolerated. And to put an end to the genocide, Russia recognized the people’s republics of Donbass and concluded treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with them. On the basis of these agreements, the republics turned to our country for military assistance in repelling the aggression. And we provided this assistance – we simply could not, had no right to do otherwise.

But what I want to emphasize and ask you to pay attention to: if our troops had acted only on the territory of the people’s republics, helped them liberate their land, this would not have been the final solution, would not have led to peace and would not have eliminated the threat fundamentally – to our country, already to Russia. On the contrary, there would have been a new front line around Donbass and along its borders, and shelling and provocations would have continued. In other words, the armed conflict would drag on endlessly, fueled by the revanchist hysteria of the Kiev regime, and NATO’s military infrastructure in Ukraine would deploy even faster and more aggressively: we would be faced with the fact that the Alliance’s offensive weapons are already at our borders.

I repeat – we would have had no other option for self-defense, for Russia’s security, except a special military operation. And all the tasks we have set ourselves will certainly be accomplished. We will reliably ensure the security of Russia and our people and we will never allow Ukraine to serve as a springboard for aggressive actions against our country.

These are issues that are fundamental for Russia and our future – the neutral status of Ukraine, demilitarization and denationalization – we were ready and willing to discuss during the negotiations. Our country has done everything to organize and conduct these negotiations, understanding that every opportunity must be used to save people and their lives.

But again and again we are convinced that the Kiev regime, which has been tasked by its Western masters to create an aggressive anti-Russia, is indifferent to the fate of the people of Ukraine. The fact that people are dying, the fact that hundreds of thousands, millions have become refugees, the fact that there is a real humanitarian disaster in the cities held by neo-Nazis and their armed criminals released from prisons – everything is indifferent.

It is also obvious to us that Western patrons are simply pushing the Kiev authorities to continue the bloodshed. They are being supplied with more and more weapons, intelligence, and other assistance, including military advisers and mercenaries.

They have also chosen as a weapon economic, financial, trade and other sanctions against Russia, which are now hitting the Europeans and Americans themselves, by the way, through rising prices of gasoline, energy, food, through the loss of jobs associated with the Russian market. And you must not, as they say, put the blame on our country.

I want the ordinary citizens of Western countries to hear me as well: they are now trying to persuade you that all your difficulties are the result of some hostile actions of Russia, that your own purse should be used to pay for the fight against the mythical Russian threat. All of this is a lie.

The truth is that the current problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of years of action, error, short-sightedness, and ambition on the part of the ruling elites of their states. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-interest and super-profits.

This is evidenced by data from international organizations, which clearly show that social problems, even in the leading Western countries, have only worsened in recent years, that inequality, the gap between rich and poor, and racial and national conflicts are on the rise. The myth of a Western welfare society, of the so-called golden billion, is crumbling.

I repeat, today the entire planet has to pay the price for the West’s ambitions, for its attempts to maintain its elusive dominance by any means.

The imposition of sanctions is a logical continuation, a concentrated expression of the irresponsible, short-sighted policy of the governments and central banks of the United States and EU countries. It is they who in recent years have with their own hands unleashed a spiral of global inflation, their actions have led to an increase in global poverty and in inequality, to new flows of refugees around the world. And the question arises: Who will now be responsible for the millions of starving deaths in the world’s poorest countries due to growing food shortages?

Again, this is a serious blow to the entire global economy and trade, to the credibility of the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency.

Thus, illegitimate actions to freeze part of the currency reserves of the Bank of Russia draw a line under the reliability of the so-called first-class assets. In fact, both the U.S. and the EU have declared a real default on their obligations to Russia. Now everyone knows that financial reserves can be simply stolen. And, seeing this, many countries may begin in the near future – I am sure this will happen – to convert their paper and digital savings into real reserves in the form of commodities, land, food, gold, other real assets, which will only increase the deficit in these markets.

I would add that the seizure of foreign assets and accounts of Russian companies and individuals is also a lesson for national business, that there is nothing more reliable than investing in one’s own country. I told this myself more than once.

We appreciate the position of those foreign companies that, despite the unscrupulous pressure from the United States and their vassals, continue to work in our country. In the future, they will surely get additional opportunities for development.

We also know those who cowardly betrayed their partners, forgot about their responsibility to their employees and clients in Russia, and rushed to earn illusory dividends on their participation in the anti-Russian campaign. At the same time, unlike Western countries, we will respect property rights.

What do I want to emphasize? We need to clearly understand that a new package of sanctions and restrictions against us would have followed in any scenario. I want to stress this. Our military operation in Ukraine is just a pretext for the West to impose new sanctions. Yes, of course, they are concentrated now. But the referendum in Crimea, which took place, incidentally, on March 16, 2014, exactly eight years ago, in the course of which the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol made their free choice to join their historic homeland, was the same [reason] for them, for Westerners.

Let me repeat: we are only talking about occasions. But the policy of containing and weakening Russia, including through economic isolation and blockade, is a conscious, long-term strategy. Western leaders themselves are no longer hiding the fact that sanctions are not aimed at individuals or companies; their goal is to hit our entire domestic economy, our social and humanitarian sphere, every family, every citizen of Russia.

In fact, such steps aimed at worsening the lives of millions of people have all the hallmarks of aggression, a war by economic, political and informational means. It is total and unconcealed, and, I repeat, the so-called Western political elite are not even shy about speaking about it in plain words.

All the verbal tinsel about political correctness, inviolability of private property, freedom of speech – all of this disappeared overnight. Even the Olympic principles were trampled. They were not shy about settling scores with the Paralympians either – that’s how “sports outside politics” is.

In many Western countries, people just for the fact that they come from Russia are being persecuted today: they refuse medical care, expel children from schools, put their parents out of work, ban Russian music, culture and literature. In attempting to “abolish” Russia, the West stripped itself of all masks of decency, began to act in a boorish manner, and demonstrated its true nature. Direct analogies are just begging to be drawn with the anti-Semitic pogroms carried out by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and later by their henchmen from many European countries who joined Hitler’s aggression against our country during the Great Patriotic War.

Against Russia deployed a massive attack in cyberspace. The unprecedented information campaign in which the global social networks and all western mass media which objectivity and independence have appeared simply a myth is unleashed. Access to information is restricted, people are flooded with a huge number of fakes, propaganda fakes, in other words, fakes. It has gone so far that one of the American social networks has directly stated that publications calling for the murder of Russian citizens are possible.

We understand what resources this empire of lies has, but it is still powerless against truth and justice. Russia will consistently make its position known to the world. Our position is honest and open, and more and more people hear it, understand it and share it.

I want to say very frankly: there are hostile geopolitical goals behind the hypocritical talks and current actions of the so-called collective West. They do not need, simply do not need, a strong and sovereign Russia; they will not forgive us for our independent course or for defending our national interests.

We remember how they supported separatism, terrorism, encouraging terrorists and bandits in the North Caucasus. As they did in the 1990s and early 2000s, they want to repeat their attempt to finish us off, to crush us off, to drive us beyond Mozhai, as they say, to turn us into a “national enemy”.

We remember how they supported separatism, terrorism, encouraging terrorists and bandits in the North Caucasus. As they did in the 1990s and early 2000s, they want to repeat their attempt to crush us, to crush us again, to drive us beyond Mozhai, to turn us into a weak, dependent country, to break our territorial integrity, to dismember Russia in the best way for them. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

Yes, of course, they will try to bet on the so-called fifth column, on the national traitors, on those who make money here, in our country, and live there, and “live” not even in the geographical sense of the word, but according to their thoughts, their slave consciousness.

I don’t condemn those who have a villa in Miami or on the French Riviera, who can’t do without foie gras, oysters or so-called gender freedoms. That is absolutely not the problem, but, I repeat, the problem is that many of these people are mentally there, not here, not with our people, not with Russia. This is, in their opinion – in their opinion! – a sign of belonging to a higher caste, to a higher race. Such people are ready to sell their mother, just to be allowed to sit in the hallway of this highest caste. They want to be like her, imitating her in every possible way. But they forget or do not understand at all that this so-called higher caste even needs them, but as expendable material to use them to cause maximum damage to our people.

The collective West is trying to split our society by speculating on combat losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke civil confrontation in Russia, and, using its fifth column, is striving to achieve its goal. And the goal is the same, I have already said about it – the destruction of Russia.

But any nation, and especially the Russian people, can always distinguish the true patriots from the scum and traitors, and simply spit them out, like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths, spit them out on the panel. I am convinced that this natural and necessary self-cleansing of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, unity, and readiness to meet any challenge.

The so-called collective West and its fifth column are used to measure everything and every one by themselves. They think that everything can be bought and sold, so they think that we will break down and retreat. But they do not know our history and our people well.

Yes, many countries in the world have long ago reconciled themselves to living with their backs bowed and subserviently accepting all the decisions of their sovereign, looking at him subserviently in the eye. Many countries live this way. Unfortunately, in Europe as well.

But Russia will never be in such a pathetic and humiliated state, and the fight we are waging is a fight for our sovereignty, for the future of our country and our children. We will fight for the right to be and remain Russia. Our example is the courage and steadfastness of our soldiers and officers, the faithful defenders of the Fatherland.

Dear colleagues!

It is obvious that the current events draw a line under the global domination of Western countries both in politics and economy. Moreover, they call into question the economic model that in recent decades has been imposed on developing countries and the whole world in general.

Let me stress: the sanctions obsession of the U.S. and its supporters is not shared by the countries where more than half of the world’s population lives. It is these states that represent the fastest growing, most promising part of the global economy. Russia is one of them.

Yes, it is not easy for us right now. Russian financial companies, large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses are facing unprecedented pressure.

The banking system was the first to be hit by the sanctions, but Russian banks have managed to cope with this challenge. Working literally around the clock, they continue to make payments and settlements for citizens and ensure the activities of businesses.

The second wave of sanctions was designed to provoke panic in the trade sector. According to estimates, over the past three weeks additional demand for goods exceeded one trillion rubles. But domestic producers, suppliers, transport and logistics companies have done everything to avoid a large-scale shortage in retail networks.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian business community, the labor collectives of companies, banks and organizations that not only provide an effective response to the sanctions challenges, but also lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy. And separately, I would like to acknowledge the Government, the Bank of Russia, the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and regional and municipal teams. In the current challenging environment, you are responsibly addressing the challenges you face

Obviously, they have not succeeded in organizing an economic blitzkrieg against Russia, demoralizing our society, and taking us by force, so we are likely to see attempts to increase the pressure on our country. But we will overcome these difficulties too. The Russian economy will definitely adapt to the new realities. We will strengthen our technological and scientific sovereignty, we will direct additional resources towards supporting agriculture, the manufacturing industry, infrastructure, and housing construction, and we will continue to develop foreign trade relations, counting on fast-growing, dynamic international markets.

Undoubtedly, the new realities will require deep structural changes in our economy, and I will not hide it, they will not be easy, they will lead to a temporary increase in inflation and unemployment.

Our task in this situation is to minimize such risks. Not only to strictly fulfill all social obligations of the state, but also to launch new, more effective mechanisms to support citizens and their incomes.

The focus of attention is protection of maternity, childhood, and support of families with children. From April 1, it has already been decided – as you know – to introduce payments for children aged 8 to 16, inclusive, who are brought up in families with low incomes. The amount will be half to one subsistence minimum for each child of that age. Now it is on average up to 12,300 rubles across the country. Thus, we will have a unified system of support from the moment when the expectant mother is still expecting a child, and until the child reaches the age of 17.

I charge the government to ensure that this system works in such a way that it promptly takes into account changes in the financial situation of families. That is, if parents have experienced job loss or other difficult life circumstances, the family should begin to receive help from the state as quickly as possible.

I also ask the Government to quickly analyze the effectiveness of support measures for people who have lost their jobs. It is clear that these measures must be expanded, including through the mechanism of the social contract.

I understand that people’s incomes are seriously affected by rising prices, so we will soon take a decision to increase all social payments, including allowances and pensions, raise the minimum wage and the subsistence level, and increase wages in the public sector. I ask the Government to calculate the exact parameters of such an increase.

And I emphasize: even in the current difficult situation at the end of the year, we need to achieve a reduction in the level of poverty and inequality. This is a quite feasible task even today. I ask the Government and the regions to focus on achieving this task. And I would like to add that it is not only of an economic nature, as we all understand, but is also a matter of social justice.

Right now, a great deal depends on the initiative of the heads of the regions, on their willingness to take responsibility. Today, I signed a decree giving additional powers to regional heads – they will be able to make flexible and prompt decisions to support our citizens, our economy, and the social sphere based on the real situation on the ground. I would like to remind you that this is the logic that allows us to take into account the situation in every region, every town, every village – and this is not the same everywhere – and this is how we have built our counter-coronavirus measures.

I am instructing all branches of the federal government in the regions to coordinate their work with the regional authorities in the next six months, and for governors to create operational headquarters to ensure economic development, and to personally lead this work.

What should be the priority here?

The key role in overcoming the current problems must be played by private business, which is able in a short time to restructure logistics, find new suppliers, and increase production of products that are in demand. On how quickly the private business will find the necessary solutions and make them, depends on the preservation of employment, income, and wages of citizens, and generally ensuring the stable, rhythmic operation of the economy. Therefore, we must respond to external pressure with maximum entrepreneurial freedom and support for business initiatives.

I ask the Government, law enforcement agencies, and supervisory authorities to continue their work to remove unjustified administrative and regulatory barriers. All the more so, we cannot distract business and regional authorities from solving the most pressing, urgent problems by burdening them with all kinds of inspections and control measures.

One of the key problems for businesses now is the shortage of working capital, the inaccessibility, and the high cost of credit, but the Central Bank was forced to take appropriate measures. In this regard, I instruct you to implement the following steps.

First. Enterprises that fulfill the orders of the authorities and companies with state participation should receive money for delivered goods and services as quickly as possible and put them back into the business. In this regard, I propose to increase the number of advance payments under government contracts. The advance should be not less than half of the total amount of the contract, and the term of payment for goods and services supplied should be reduced to seven working days. A similar decision must also be taken at the level of federal subjects, municipalities, and companies with state participation.

Second. We must expand the opportunities for entrepreneurs to raise additional resources from development institutes. We are talking about expanding the work of the Project Finance Factory (it works here, and works well; the practice has shown it to be in demand), about providing resources for business investment plans through the Industrial Development Fund (one of the really good tools), the Bank for Small and Medium Business, and, in addition, through regional support institutions, including guarantee funds. I instruct the Government to allocate additional funds to the constituent entities of the Federation for such regional instruments.

I would like to draw the attention of the Government and our colleagues in the regions to the following: the most important task is to ensure the availability of goods on the consumer market, first and foremost, I mean essential goods, medicines, and medical products. It is necessary to promptly solve logistics and other objective problems that lead to price spikes. At the same time we must eliminate manual intervention in the regulation of prices. It is an increase in supply that should lead to a reduction and stabilization of prices.

Separately, I want to address our exporters. In a situation when there are difficulties with supplies to foreign markets, we must not cut production, but, on the contrary, send additional volumes of goods to the domestic market. This should objectively lead to lower prices inside the country, including prices for gasoline, diesel, bitumen, metals, and other export goods. I ask the Government and the Federal Antimonopoly Service, as well as the regional authorities, to constantly monitor the situation on these markets.

Next. Given the new challenges Russia is facing, we must maintain and expand our long-term development agenda, including the continuation of all planned projects at both the federal and regional levels. We must make full use of our budget system’s potential as an incentive tool.

Federal financing for projects and construction projects will be provided in full, as agreed. Moreover, even back in December, we decided to provide additional funding if the cost of construction has increased objectively.

I think it is important to note that in the current situation, there will be no problems with funding from the federal budget. Our economy today generates a sufficient and good amount of revenue, and this means that we will not need to resort to emission. Simply put, the Central Bank will not need to print money. We have revenues – market-based, healthy revenues. The problem now is not money. We have the resources, I’ll say it again. The key difficulties are related to the supply of components, equipment, construction materials, and the organization of the contractors’ work. Therefore, the timing and methods of implementation of specific projects and their stages may change, and this will require coordinated work between the authorities and business representatives, and the forced implementation of import substitution projects – this is what is important.

It is important to simplify the order of interaction between the regions and federal authorities, to give the subjects of the Federation more freedom in maneuvering with resources, as well as opportunities to launch new constructions and programs.

For example, the regions have already been allocated additional funds for road construction. I am asking the Government to work on the issue of increasing funding for other infrastructure facilities that can already be put to work this year, as well as on increasing purchases from Russian companies, including for the renovation of public transport, for example.

It is clear that the budgets of Russia’s regions are now under a serious additional burden, so, as we agreed, we are additionally indexing fiscal capacity equalization subsidies. We will also be using other measures to support regional finances, namely, all budgetary loan repayments scheduled for this year will be deferred and shifted to the right, so to speak, while commercial loan repayments, where necessary, will be replaced with budgetary loans. I ask the Government to study this issue in detail and to delve into each specific case. Only this individual work will lead to the desired result.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance will provide an unconditional credit line to each region of the Russian Federation. It will amount to ten percent of the total volume of revenues with a maturity date not earlier than the end of this year.

We will maintain the volume of infrastructure budget loans. I am instructing the Government to organize flexible management of this program, taking into account all the difficulties associated with the implementation of projects – I have already talked about them above. Regions must be able to quickly make decisions on changing the portfolio and content of projects and focus on those that can be implemented with maximum efficiency under current conditions. If necessary, we will consider a possible increase in the volume of infrastructure loans. It is possible, it can be done. On the whole, we will closely monitor the situation with regional finances and take additional decisions to support them, if necessary.

I want to stress that direct communication between all levels of power and a clear-cut algorithm is crucial now. The State Council and its specialist commissions have already proven their effectiveness. I ask the State Governance Committee headed by Sergei Sobyanin to work together with our Government colleagues to identify problematic issues on the regional agenda, develop the best solutions and apply them to all of Russia’s regions. We have had a good experience in dealing with the epidemic.

Dear colleagues!

Our economy, the state budget, and private business have all the resources we need to tackle long-term challenges. All the strategic, national goals we have set for the period until 2030 must be achieved. The current challenges and the opportunities they present should only mobilize us, and that is what we should set ourselves up for, aiming to achieve tangible results in the interests of our citizens.

It is clear that our programs will need to be fine-tuned, and the initiatives of the business community, scientists, and public associations are needed here. In this regard, I ask the regions to get actively involved in organizing the Agency for Strategic Initiatives’ Strong Ideas for New Times forum, where every citizen of Russia will be able to present their proposals and concrete projects aimed at developing their city, region, and the country as a whole.

I will repeat: the current situation is certainly a test for all of us. I’m sure we will pass it with dignity; with hard work, joint work, and mutual support we will overcome all the difficulties and become even stronger, as we have always been in the history of millennial Russia. This is the kind of work I want to set you up for. 


No Ukrainian casualties in Bucha, just western propaganda


No Ukrainian casualties in Bucha^J just western propaganda  By Editor, cairnsnews, from Gospa News, 7 April 2022

On April 4 the Kiev regime with an active support from its Western sponsors started to promote in Western mass media fake news about alleged “atrocities” of the Russian military forces in the town of Bucha (a suburb of Kiev) in Ukraine.

I would like to present to you the real facts about Bucha. During the time that the town has been under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident has suffered from any violent action.

For as long as the town was under the control of the Russian armed forces locals were moving freely around the town and using cellular phones. So they could post on social media any photo and video footage of any theoretical “harassment” if this were the case. However, that did not happen.

Let me address the developments in chronological order.

On March 30, following another round of talks in Ankara, Russian Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of forces from a number of regions, including Bucha.

That fact was confirmed the next day by the mayor of Bucha.
In his video of March 31 Anatoly Fedoruk presented the withdrawal of Russian forces as a victory of Ukrainian Army.

Interestingly, he had not mentioned any mass atrocities, dead bodies, killings, graves or anything like that. It is hard to imagine that a city mayor can “forget” to address such a devastating scenario.

Let me show you the video posted by Mr. Fedoruk.
As you will see, he looks happy and smiling. It is hard to imagine that he is acting like this against the backdrop of “massacre” in the streets. That’s in Ukrainian, but as I said, he is very happy that Russian troops withdrew, which he regards as a great victory of the Ukrainian army. He makes no mentioning of any atrocities in the city.

This video was posted on “Ukraine 24” channel on the 1st of April. I would like to stress – nothing about “atrocities” was revealed on April 1st.

Let me also show a photo of Zhan Belenyuk, a deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, who, according to his reports in social media, visited Bucha after regaining control by the Ukrainian government. As you can see, he is also smiling. He is joyful. In his reports he mentions no dead bodies. Not a single reference to “atrocities”.

On April 2nd the National Guard of Ukraine posted on official resources a video from Bucha.
Let me show you the footage. The video captures members of Ukrainian armed forces entering Bucha. The footage shows no dead bodies in the streets. The Ukrainian military interviewed several people in different locations across the town. None of them said a word about any “massacre” or mass killings. Camera also captures background behind these people, with no dead bodies in sight.

To sum it up, there are no reports of atrocities which are accredited to the Russian military in Bucha, which happened before the Ukrainian army took control of the town. Four days after the Russian military left the city of Bucha there was not a single sign of any “atrocities”. I repeat – not a single reference to it, anywhere.

The infamous video depicting bodies on the city roads only appeared on April 3rd. It is full of discrepancies and blatant lies. According to its authors, the bodies were lying on the streets for at least 4 days by the time the video was filmed. However, the bodies are not stiffened. How is that possible? It is against the law of biology. The bodies do not have signs of decomposition known to forensic experts, including cadaver stains. The wounds contain no blood.
Another point illustrating that this video is fake.

The Ukrainian forces use either blue or yellow armlets or stripes. Because members of Ukrainian militia do not always wear military uniforms, local civilians in Bucha wore white stripes on their upper arms when the Russian forces were stationed in Bucha.
That was done to prevent misidentification of civilians from members of militia. When the Ukrainian forces entered the town, they fired at the people with white stripes, killing the civilians. There is a video showing a conversation between members of Ukrainian units. It was published in social media by the so-called “territorial defense” – a radical nationalist fighting group. One of the radicals asks if he can shoot at the people without blue stripes. The other confirms that this is permissible.

Russian speakers know that, but let me translate for the rest of you:
Question behind the scene – «There are folks without blue bands, can I shoot them?»
Answer: «Of course».

I hope the evidence we demonstrated today leaves you with no illusion that the video circulated by the Kiev regime is a crude forgery. It does not stand any scrutiny. However, some Western leaders, for example German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, and of course British Foreign Minister Liz Truss have already lined up to promote this false narrative.

What happened in Bucha is exactly a false flag attack by the Kiev regime and its Western sponsors.

From the very beginning it has been clear that this is nothing else but yet another staged provocation aimed at discrediting and dehumanizing of the Russian military and levelling political pressure on Russia. Not many of you know about the Russian military, but I assure you that Russian military is nothing that it is being accused of, in particular what regards “cruel atrocities” against civil population. It is not the case. It never was, and will never be.

We have factual evidence that proves this point. We intended to present it to the Security Council as soon as possible so that the international community is not misled by the false narrative promoted by Kiev and its Western sponsors.

To this end, the Russian Federation requested a Security Council meeting to be convened at 3 pm New York Time today on April 4 to discuss this heinous provocation by the Kiev regime.
I would like to emphasize that we did it as early as on 2.51 pm on Sunday, full 24 hours before the requested meeting, so the UK claims that we asked for a meeting “too late” are misinformation.

Our efforts have been met with the fierce opposition of the UK Presidency with the support of other Western delegations, namely the US, France, Ireland, Norway and Albania.



Ukraine Provoked Putin’s Invasion

Ukraine Provoked Putin’s Invasion  By John Hamilton,, 30 March, 2022

Editor’s note: Click on link above to see the PDF version, including some graphics.

This war is really about Russia’s refusal to be destroyed from within

by the Atlanticist agents of the satanist central banking cartel.

And from without, by Ukraine at its borders.

Putin does not want to see Russia destroyed and its bones picked, as is happening to the US.

John Hamilton provides the war background the MSM

doesn’t want us to know.

Follow the trail back to the source of the Ukraine conflict and you arrive at the 2014 Obama-Biden CIA.

The CIA created the Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014 demonstrations now the Maidan. Protesters there objected to Ukraine’s sudden decision to reject the European Union-Ukraine Association Agreement, instead choosing closer ties to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

The CIA wasn’t having any of this. Not their first rodeo, by any means, the agency has a long history of overturning governments by marshalling and transforming public protest (e.g., Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, and now, in 2014, Ukraine’s time had come.)

Maidan protests were funded by globalist George Soros, which he acknowledged to CNN. As the coup de grâce, the CIA used a false flag operation to topple the government: their trained snipers were positioned atop city center buildings to appear to be government forces shooting down on the protesters, (it was ultranationalists or “neo-Nazi’s).

Purpose: create chaos and build empathy for their “freedom and democracy” movement. Killing your own to further bigger goals makes no sense to the rational mind, but geopolitics and subterfuge that leads to war is not “rational.”

In the Kiev Maidan protests, from November 21, 2013 to February 23, 2014, a total of 110-123 protesters and 18 police officers were killed. As a result, the democratically-elected, but Moscow-leaning Ukraine leader Victor Yanukovych was ousted (2014). These followed: Turchynov (briefly, 2014), Poroshenko (2014-2019, and now, Zelenskyy (2019-). Poroshenko prosecuted a contained war in the Donbass region vs. pro-Russian forces and civilians. It would take years for Russia to respond, but the situation eventually escalated to today’s country-wide hot war.

The Donbass was an insult, but NATO encroachment a death threat. NATO’s consumption of former Soviet satellites since the 1999 fall of communism has been prodigious and relentless: Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary (1999); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); and North Macedonia (2020). NATO planned to add Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. For Putin, it was all too much.

Before he invaded, however, he sought peace, asking security guarantees, in writing, that would:

+prevent NATO from further eastward expansion, especially including Ukraine,

+withdraw NATO forces in Eastern Europe back to their 1997 positions,

+ forego deployment of offensive weapons near Russia’s borders,

+remove military bases in post-Soviet bloc countries.

+recognize Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk independence ban ultra-national parties in Ukraine, including those waging war in the Donbass

Putin was ignored.

The Biden family knows Ukraine well: Hunter sat on the board of Burisma for $50k per month; father, as VP, threatened to withhold U.S. aid if his son’s prosecutor wasn’t fired. Hunter’s famous laptop may implicate Biden père as being on the take, Meanwhile, Hunter is under grand jury investigation for tax fraud.

Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky funds both the Azov’s and Zelensky. The CIA trained the Azov’s, in Ukraine, and in the U.S. They are an American outreach, a proxy, to tangle with Russia but one step removed.


After the “success” of the Maidan riots, emboldened Ukrainian neo-Nazis attacked a national unity march in Odessa (May 2, 2014) in the Odessa city center. Pro-Russians took shelter in the Trade Unions House; pro-Ukrainian militants set fire to it. Some 46 pro-Russian and two pro- West activists were killed in the chaos. More than 200 were injured. Who did it?

The Azov’s are now widely considered responsible for the Odessa massacre. Now an official battalion in the Ukraine national guard, the Azoz’s are based in Mariupol, which Putin has just levelled, and this explains a lot, as in “payback’s a bitch.”

In 2016, an Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe report [OSCE] concluded that the Azov Battalion was responsible for crimes including mass killing of prisoners, the concealment of corpses in mass graves and the systematic use of physical and psychological torture techniques.

In October 2019, 40 US Congress members called for the US State Department to designate Azov as a “foreign terrorist organization” (FTO). One pundit put it well when he headlined a recent report: Today’s Ukrainian War Heroes were Yesterday’s White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis Fighting Russia.

The September 5, 2014 Minsk agreement between Russia, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe report [OSCE] called for the removal of all belligerent military groups in Ukraine. Ukraine never honored it and upped the ante by promoting them to official status.


Another stiff: Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk voted to rejoin Russia in 2014. Ukraine refused to recognize them. Instead, Poroshenko’s Ukraine declared war on Donetsk and Lugansk. It started with discrimination on jobs, pensions, and education. Then came the random and indiscriminate bombings, for eight years. These claimed countless victims and forced citizens underground.

The media doesn’t report Ukraine’s bombings. It is not “the narrative,” i.e., the anti-Russia, pro-war narrative. Instead, only Russia’s 2022 invasion evoked Western moral outrage, (not so U.S. and/or NATO invasions of Yugoslavia (1991), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011)).

Globalism at work here Nationalism is at play here, but mixed with globalism. Globalist Zelenskyy is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Young Leaders program, the Harvard of globalism (along with Macron, Ardern, Trudeau, Buttigieg, Ivanka Trump, uber-censor Zuckerberg and countless others). Globalist-led, Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudik told Fox News, while holding a Kalashnikov: “We know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order.”

The New World Order is the dream of an elite-ruled, totalitarian world government which will enslave humanity. It will ration energy and food, restrict travel, and install digital currency, digital IDs, and a Chinese-style social credit system. (This system is described in the Book of Revelation, and further explicated by leading prophecy podcasters Farag, Grider, Holthaus, Markell, Tsarfati among many others.)

Russia has far surpassed the U.S. in nuclear capability, both offensive and defensive. The Russian Satan II nuke is 35x more powerful than the U.S. Minuteman III.

Just one can destroy Texas or France. Russia has hypersonic missiles, for which there is no defense. Shockingly, the U.S. has none. They are “in development.”


The Ultimate “Revenge War” in Ukraine Explained

The Ultimate “Revenge War” in Ukraine Explained  By Biblicism Institute, from State of the Nation, 14 March  2022

Editor’s note: Check the link above to see a PDF copy of this article, including several graphics.

The Truth About The Conflict With Russia And The Coming Death Of The US Dollar As World Reserve Currency

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

The current conflict between the US and Russia is due to one simple reason: the Ashkenazim, also known as Ashkenazi Jews. They have many scores to settle with Russia.


Allow us to forward a bit of chronological tables as we delve into the nitty-gritty behind the conflict.

The Ashkenazim are the descendants of the Gentile (Goy) Ashkenaz, the Japhetite.

“The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Javan… The sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah.” Genesis 10:2,3

“By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands.” Genesis 10:5

They are a resilient, roaming Turkic people. They have a knack for reinventing themselves. They first surfaced in world annals as the notoriously barbaric Scythians or Sakadeans, depending on regional phonetic.

“Here there is no Gentile or Judahite, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.” Colossians 3: 11

The word Scythian or Sakadean comes from the word Saka – with its Iranian verbal root Sak, meaning to roam. The Iranian Empire, then named Parthia and abutting Scythia, influenced that word.

The Scythians settled Central Eurasia which they conquered with their Gentile brother Togarmath and various other cousins, expanding across a vast track of land that encompassed but was not limited to parts of present-day Turkey and Iran. Their Gentile brother Riphath along with their uncle Javan’s descendants settled in Greece.

Later on, they reinvented themselves and settled a land they would call Khazaria – from the word Qasar, with its Turkic root Qaz, meaning to roam – following the break-up of the western Turkish Steppe Empire. Then the country converted en masse to Judaism/Pharisaism, sometime between 740 and 920 AD, just so they could remain independent of the two competing empires of that time, Christianity and Islam.

Judaism was the most actively proselytizing religion,” explained Jewish historian Shlomo Sand. “The most significant mass conversion occurred in the 8th century, in the massive Khazar kingdom between the Black and Caspian seas.”

Then, Sviatoslav I of Kiev destroyed Khazaria around 1048 and absorbed it into Kievan Rus’, a territory that would later become part of the Russian Empire.

In Imperial Russia, the Ashkenazim were kept under tight control and enclosed in the Pale of Settlement, which, according to Wikipedia, “was a western region of the Russian Empire with varying borders that existed from 1791 to 1917 where permanent residency by Jews was allowed and beyond which Jewish residency, permanent or temporary, was mostly forbidden.”

A treatment the Ashkenazim – aka the “Never Forget, Never Forgive” people, except for when they themselves commit crimes against humanity – never exculpated Russia.

Khazar Ashkenazi Jews 1878

Biding their time, they nurtured their hatred and plotted their revenge along with a new reinvention. They became the power behind the heinous Bolsheviks who took over the Russian government in the 1910s, killed 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40,000 churches.

Solzhenitsyn with Putin

“You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians,” revealed famed Christian Russian writer Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. “They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

The great majority of these vicious Bolsheviks were Ashkenazi Jews such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trosky, Lev Kamenev, Gregory Zinoviev, Yakov Sverdlov, and Grigory Sokolnikov. They were financed by Ashkenazi bankers from New York and London, such as Rothschild Bank and Jacob Schiff of Kuhn and Loeb & Co., who themselves championed the destructive ideology of the Ashkenazi Karl Marx, and found it profitable to invest in Communism’s disastrous conquest of Russia, while making a few bucks in the process by plundering the country via well placed agents who would later be known as “oligarchs.”

Russia’s entire Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991. Thus the Ashkenazim succeeded in bringing Russia to its knees.

Revenge Round 1. Done.


Khazaria overlapped Ukraine & Crimea

Today, Russia is under fire for the conflict in Ukraine. A conflict that was started by the neocon Ashkenazi Victoria Nuland in the US State Department, with her neocon Ashkenazi husband Robert Kagan working in the background via powerful organizations such as Project for a New American Century, the Brookings Institution, and Council on Foreign Relations. The Ashkenazi George Soros also contributed financially to the Ukrainian Maidan “Revolution.”

“Many of the participants in Kiev’s ‘EuroMaidan’ demonstrations were members of Soros-funded NGOs and/or were trained by the same NGOs in the many workshops and conferences sponsored by Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), and his various Open Society institutes and foundations,” wrote William F. Jasper in The New American. “The IRF, founded and funded by Soros, boasts that it has given ‘more than any other donor organization’ to ‘democratic transformation’ of Ukraine.”

In other words, the Ashkenazim – or the Jewish neocons – are goading the Russian bear by wagging the American dog. The dog can’t really decline because AIPAC has it by the groin, bribing equally both the Republicans (Trump included) and the Democrats, who are nothing but political whores willing to betray their country and risk the peace of the world. And remember, AIPAC is controlled by powerful Ashkenazi-American business leaders. See How the Ashkenazi Jews conquered the West.

Their sole purpose is to destroy Russia once again by starting a fire in its underbelly, Ukraine. A fire they’re planning to spread into Russia proper via economic and military warfare – not unlike what they did to Germany with the economic boycott of 1933 followed by all out military conflict. Why?

  1. Because Russia had the gall to rise from its still warm Ashkenazi-induced ashes.
  2. Because Russia had the temerity to arrest their well-placed thieving agents known as “oligarchs,” with some fleeing the country to Apartheid Israel.
  3. Because Russia had the audacity to impede the American war on Syria, which was orchestrated by AIPACfor the benefit of Israel, a vile Apartheid country that is fleecing the American people.
  4. Because Russia threatens the Ashkenazi-Jewish domination of the US Dollaras the World Reserve Currency and as issued by the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve: a monopoly Russia is undoing with its unexpected global reemergence, especially in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East where trade with Russia bypasses the US Dollar. Such a comeback by the Russian Bear is something the Jewish elite has been trying to impede since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They have been relentless in their effort to keep the country down by erecting economic walls and, later on under Putin, crippling sanctions to prevent such a scenario. Anuradha Chenoy explains:

“…The United States government, as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency, is only interested in one thing: the proliferation of the US dollar. This single fact is all one needs to grasp to truly understand US foreign policy.

“What does this mean in practice? It means that the US government, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, has the ability to print the US dollar at will… and can export its inflation to the rest of the nations of the world. Any nation that wishes to engage in international trade, including the purchase of commodities such as natural gas or oil, must maintain massive US dollar reserves to enable its purchases.

“The world, in effect, acts as a sponge to absorb US inflation, allowing the US government to amass obscene deficits that enable a massive military budget and enrich a very small portion of the US population at the expense not only of the world’s population, but also of the American working class.

As for any nation that wants to break free of the US dollar, we know all too well what the US has in store for them…This is where the Russian Federation comes in. If one really wants to understand why the US establishment hates Russia under Vladimir Putin, all one must do is understand the dollar’s role in the world. Russia is a direct threat to the proliferation of the US dollar.

“For its part, the Russian Federation has become quite resilient over the last 20 years and much less susceptible to any outside pressure or influence… Russia is a sovereign nation that is not intimidated by the United States. 

“The United States cannot simply launch a military strike against the Russian Federation as it did in Iraq and many other nations that rejected dollar hegemony. Russia now has the power to prevent the proliferation of the US dollar. To return to the sponge analogy: Russia is reducing the size of the sponge. This leaves the US government with a smaller and smaller number of countries to export dollar inflation to. The smaller the sponge becomes, the more desperate US foreign policy becomes, as US leaders try by all means to preserve their grip on world power…”

…. to benefit a small Jewish elite and their Apartheid country that serves as their go-to haven in case things suddenly stop going their way. Apartheid Israel doesn’t exist as a home for all Jews because of so-called global Anti-Semitism as they claim, but it is:

  1. a) the protectorof the Federal Reserve – Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, spies on American politicians and blackmails themwith their dirty laundry, at the same time that AIPAC shamelessly bribes them, thereby securing Jewish dominance over the US Dollar, the world’s current reserve currency;
  2. b) the emergent sanctuary for Jewish elitist criminals – especially for when there’s a real American revolution, similar to what occurred in Russia under Putin, that targets Jewish Oligarchs destroying the US economyto enrich themselves.

Therefore, because Russia is a threat to the Jewish American-Ashkenazi elite’s grip on world power, it is targeted.

Revenge Round 2. In progress.


After the destruction of Khazaria, a great number of Ashkenazim scattered East and West throughout Europe and reinvented themselves as Errant Jews or Wandering Jews – meaning Roaming (Khazarian/Sakadean or Scythian) Jews. That label had nothing to do with a longing for Palestine but a longing for Khazaria or perhaps a longing for a new land, any new land. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

In 1903 Theodore Herzl presented the British Uganda Program at the Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel.

In the late 1930s, the British Zionist League considered a number of other places where a Jewish homeland could be established. The Kimberley region in Australia was considered until the Curtin government (in office: 1941–1945) rejected the possibility.

With the support of the then Premier of Tasmania, Robert Cosgrove (in office from 1939), Critchley Parker proposed a Jewish settlement at Port Davey, in South West Tasmania. Parker surveyed the area, but his death in 1942 put an end to the idea.

The Jewish Autonomous Oblast set up in the Russian Far East in 1934, represented a Soviet approach to providing a Jewish homeland.

In the wake of World War 2, a great number reluctantly assimilated themselves throughout the Americas. However, the great majority migrated to Palestine where they created many terrorist groups such as the Irgun, the Stern gang, and Haganah. They terrorized the Palestinian population, killed thousands upon thousands, and forced hundreds of thousands out of their homes and into neighboring Arab countries. Consequently, they stole Palestine and renamed it Israel in order to reinvent themselves as Hebrews and hoodwink gullible Christians in the West.

“It is certain that there is no ethnic or racial continuum between the Biblical Israelites and the (Ashkenazic) Khazarians who lead the Jewish state,” wrote Gilad Atzmon, Jewish writer and musician.

In their adoptive countries outside of Israel, including the US and Europe, the Ashkenazim have become financial and influential powerhouses, not because they’re Jews – at heart the majority of them are really not religious at all and couldn’t care less – but because they’re a shrewd people. They have learned much from their roaming throughout history, and they assimilate themselves fast and hard. They’re the ultimate Nomads.

Was this on Putin’s mind?

Now could it be that, after two successive ideological failures in the forms of Communism and the current slow-motion destruction of Zionism in Israel, somewhere deep inside the minds of die-hard Ashkenazi leaders lies a plan for a new reinvention?

Will that reinvention be the re-conquest of their Khazar Khaganate – a land that is situated deep inside Russia and encompasses Ukraine and Crimea? Is that why Putin suddenly reattached Crimea to Russia?

Could it be that the Ashkenazim’s plan is to take back and re-settle their ancient Khazaria after the Downfall of Apartheid Israel? Is it why the duly elected President of Ukraine was forcibly removed in 2014 in order to install a puppet government with a new Prime Minister named Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who according to The Guardian was playing down his Jewish roots?

Arseniy Yatsenyuk was later replaced by another Jew, Volodymyr Groysman, with a Jewish President, Volodymyr Zelensky, a smutty and crass comedian (see video immediately below) recently “elected”, thereby making Ukraine at that point the only country in the world, besides Apartheid Israel, whose President and Prime Minister were both Jewish, thus indicating the direction the country was headed.

Will the Ashkenazi Jews be okay with just Ukraine as their new base wherefrom they will project Jewish power to destroy their perpetual Russian nemesis, along with all other imagined enemies, and preserve their grip on the Federal Reserve?

Revenge Round 3? Nyet.

The Jewish Cabal controlling the Western world thought that Russian forbearance in the face of their unrelenting aggression in Ukraine to destabilize their country was weakness, and therefore miscalculated.

“It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe,” said Putin in February 2022. “In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns. Its military machine is moving and, as I said, is approaching our very border.”

Now Russia has acted, and after a long hibernation the Bear has awoken with fury. Putin has ordered his army to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine (i.e., Ukraine is to be reverted back into Russia’s orbit and away from Jewish control).

“President Putin’s special military operation to defend the people of Donbass from an imminent general offensive by the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev not only is it fully justified in international law by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, but it is fully consistent with the military praxis and doctrine of the legitimate self-defense of States in the face of an imminent threat emanating from a neighboring state or enemy forces,” explains Heinz Dieterich, director of the Centre for Transition Sciences (CTS) at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City, and coordinator at the World Advanced Research Project (WARP).

And if the Zionist/Neocon conspirators and their bought-and-paid-for Western politicians did not get the message clearly, Putin made this unequivocal pronouncement:

“I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.”

“I saw the prosperity of the wicked… Their strength is firm… Pride serves as their necklace; Violence covers them like a garment… This is what the wicked are like—always free of concern as they go on amassing wealth… Surely (Lord) You place them on slippery ground… How suddenly they fall and are destroyed, completely swept away by terrors!” Psalm 73:2,4,6,12,18,19


Russia has been in the crosshairs of the Jewish elite for more than a century, and its very survival depends on it pushing back with all its might.

In fact, in confronting the Israeli-trained Ukrainian neo-Nazi proxies of this satanic Jewish cabal, which hopes to subdue the world and destroy the Christian foundation of Western civilization, Russia is fighting not just for itself but for the West and all of humanity.

A win for Russia will begin the destruction of the financial system by which this Jewish mafia is controlling the world. Russian Andrei Bezrukov, member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, concurs thus:

“I want to state the fact that the West succeeded in dragging us into this war. No matter how we tried to resist, this is their tactical victory. They succeeded in colliding two brotherly nations against one another.

“From this we can draw the following conclusion – now we have been practically forced, especially after the latest packet of sanctions, into a position where we have no other choice but to totally restructure our economy, financial system, and in essence our domestic policy.

“The point is, by tactically winning and by successfully quarrelling us with the Ukrainian people – war, naturally, is the ultimate level of quarrel – they have not understood that by doing so they have totally destroyed the very system which they had built in the world. It is not visible yet, but in a few months their severed financial chains, broken ideological messages, and broken security system will become apparent.”

Bloomberg appears to be of the same mind and concludes as follows: “Booting Russia from the critical global system – which handles 42 million messages a day and serves as a lifeline to some of the world’s biggest financial institutions – could backfire, sending inflation higher, pushing Russia closer to China, and shielding financial transactions from scrutiny by the west. It might also encourage the development of a SWIFT alternative that could eventually damage the supremacy of the US dollar.”

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it and whoever rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.” Proverbs 26:27



The Destroyers Of The World

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.” – Maurice Samuel

Bolshevik Revolution: The Jewish Bolsheviks, who took over the Russian government in the 1910s, killed 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40,000 churches.

World War 1: Britain was losing the war against Germany. The Zionists stepped in and manipulated President Wilson to get the US into the war to help them. In return, the Jews asked the British Empire to deed them Palestine to create Israel. Their wish was granted in the form of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which cost the world 18 million dead.

World War 2: The Zionists fomented that war (just like they’re doing today with Iran and other countries in the Middle East), so that European Jews could feel threatened. The deception worked as European Jews fled in droves to Palestine and took over the homes of Palestinians, who were evicted at gunpoint and then either massacred or driven out of their land into neighboring Arab countries. With enough Jews on the ground, Israel was created in 1948 at a cost of 80 million dead.

World War On Terror: Jewish neocons, in cahoots with their bought-and-paid-for politicians in the US government, perpetrated their act of terrorism on 9/11. Then they conveniently blamed it on Muslims so as to obtain a green light to destroy the Middle East using the armies of the US and NATO and the terrorist groups they finance, with the ultimate view to creating Greater Israel. So far, the death toll is 27 million, including Christians.

World War 3: With Russia protecting Syria and Iran from Israel’s Machiavellian design, will the Zionists succeed in bringing the world once again to the brink of disaster to create Greater Israel? If they do, will it instead bring about their downfall?

Sequitur: As befitting the deceivers and murderers that they are, the Zionist VICTIMIZERS of the world shamelessly camouflage themselves as VICTIMS, with Israel, their monstrous spawn, carrying on their blood-filled legacy. Indeed, apartheid Israel is a scourge, a cancer that needs to be dealt with.

Appeal: Every conscientious individual should implement a personal boycott of Israel and everything made there.



President Putin explains the Ukraine situation

 President Putin explains the Ukraine situation  By the Editor, CairnsNews, 28 February 2022

 Putin seeks to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians

Editor’s note: Another worthwhile explanation can be viewed in this 52-minute video – 

President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

February 24, 2022, 06:00

The Kremlin, Moscow

Citizens of Russia, friends,

I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia.

I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.

It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns. Its military machine is moving and, as I said, is approaching our very border.

US President Joe Biden, head of the Biden crime family and having large personal economic ties to Ukraine and the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is terrified what the Russians will find when they turn Ukrainian authorities upside down

Why is this happening? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? What is the explanation for this contemptuous and disdainful attitude to our interests and absolutely legitimate demands?

The answer is simple. Everything is clear and obvious. In the late 1980s, the Soviet Union grew weaker and subsequently broke apart. That experience should serve as a good lesson for us, because it has shown us that the paralysis of power and will is the first step towards complete degradation and oblivion. We lost confidence for only one moment, but it was enough to disrupt the balance of forces in the world.

As a result, the old treaties and agreements are no longer effective. Entreaties and requests do not help. Anything that does not suit the dominant state, the powers that be, is denounced as archaic, obsolete and useless. At the same time, everything it regards as useful is presented as the ultimate truth and forced on others regardless of the cost, abusively and by any means available. Those who refuse to comply are subjected to strong-arm tactics.

What I am saying now does not concerns only Russia, and Russia is not the only country that is worried about this. This has to do with the entire system of international relations, and sometimes even US allies. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a redivision of the world, and the norms of international law that developed by that time – and the most important of them, the fundamental norms that were adopted following WWII and largely formalised its outcome – came in the way of those who declared themselves the winners of the Cold War.

Of course, practice, international relations and the rules regulating them had to take into account the changes that took place in the world and in the balance of forces. However, this should have been done professionally, smoothly, patiently, and with due regard and respect for the interests of all states and one’s own responsibility.

Instead, we saw a state of euphoria created by the feeling of absolute superiority, a kind of modern absolutism, coupled with the low cultural standards and arrogance of those who formulated and pushed through decisions that suited only themselves. The situation took a different turn.

There are many examples of this. First a bloody military operation was waged against Belgrade, without the UN Security Council’s sanction but with combat aircraft and missiles used in the heart of Europe. The bombing of peaceful cities and vital infrastructure went on for several weeks.

I have to recall these facts, because some Western colleagues prefer to forget them, and when we mentioned the event, they prefer to avoid speaking about international law, instead emphasising the circumstances which they interpret as they think necessary.

Then came the turn of Iraq, Libya and Syria. The illegal use of military power against Libya and the distortion of all the UN Security Council decisions on Libya ruined the state, created a huge seat of international terrorism, and pushed the country towards a humanitarian catastrophe, into the vortex of a civil war, which has continued there for years.

The tragedy, which was created for hundreds of thousands and even millions of people not only in Libya but in the whole region, has led to a large-scale exodus from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe.

A similar fate was also prepared for Syria. The combat operations conducted by the Western coalition in that country without the Syrian government’s approval or UN Security Council’s sanction can only be defined as aggression and intervention.

But the example that stands apart from the above events is, of course, the invasion of Iraq without any legal grounds. They used the pretext of allegedly reliable information available in the United States about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

To prove that allegation, the US Secretary of State held up a vial with white power, publicly, for the whole world to see, assuring the international community that it was a chemical warfare agent created in Iraq.

It later turned out that all of that was a fake and a sham, and that Iraq did not have any chemical weapons. Incredible and shocking but true. We witnessed lies made at the highest state level and voiced from the high UN rostrum. As a result we see a tremendous loss in human life, damage, destruction, and a colossal upsurge of terrorism.

Overall, it appears that nearly everywhere, in many regions of the world where the United States brought its law and order, this created bloody, non-healing wounds and the curse of international terrorism and extremism. I have only mentioned the most glaring but far from only examples of disregard for international law.

This array includes promises not to expand NATO eastwards even by an inch. To reiterate: they have deceived us, or, to put it simply, they have played us. Sure, one often hears that politics is a dirty business. It could be, but it shouldn’t be as dirty as it is now, not to such an extent.

This type of con-artist behaviour is contrary not only to the principles of international relations but also and above all to the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics. Where is justice and truth here? Just lies and hypocrisy all around.

Incidentally, US politicians, political scientists and journalists write and say that a veritable “empire of lies” has been created inside the United States in recent years. It is hard to disagree with this – it is really so. But one should not be modest about it: the United States is still a great country and a system-forming power.

All its satellites not only humbly and obediently say yes to and parrot it at the slightest pretext but also imitate its behaviour and enthusiastically accept the rules it is offering them. Therefore, one can say with good reason and confidence that the whole so-called Western bloc formed by the United States in its own image and likeness is, in its entirety, the very same “empire of lies.”

As for our country, after the disintegration of the USSR, given the entire unprecedented openness of the new, modern Russia, its readiness to work honestly with the United States and other Western partners, and its practically unilateral disarmament, they immediately tried to put the final squeeze on us, finish us off, and utterly destroy us.

This is how it was in the 1990s and the early 2000s, when the so-called collective West was actively supporting separatism and gangs of mercenaries in southern Russia. What victims, what losses we had to sustain and what trials we had to go through at that time before we broke the back of international terrorism in the Caucasus! We remember this and will never forget.

Properly speaking, the attempts to use us in their own interests never ceased until quite recently: they sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature. This is not going to happen. No one has ever succeeded in doing this, nor will they succeed now.

Despite all that, in December 2021, we made yet another attempt to reach agreement with the United States and its allies on the principles of European security and NATO’s non-expansion. Our efforts were in vain. The United States has not changed its position. It does not believe it necessary to agree with Russia on a matter that is critical for us. The United States is pursuing its own objectives, while neglecting our interests.

Of course, this situation begs a question: what next, what are we to expect? If history is any guide, we know that in 1940 and early 1941 the Soviet Union went to great lengths to prevent war or at least delay its outbreak.

To this end, the USSR sought not to provoke the potential aggressor until the very end by refraining or postponing the most urgent and obvious preparations it had to make to defend itself from an imminent attack. When it finally acted, it was too late.

As a result, the country was not prepared to counter the invasion by Nazi Germany, which attacked our Motherland on June 22, 1941, without declaring war. The country stopped the enemy and went on to defeat it, but this came at a tremendous cost. The attempt to appease the aggressor ahead of the Great Patriotic War proved to be a mistake which came at a high cost for our people. In the first months after the hostilities broke out, we lost vast territories of strategic importance, as well as millions of lives. We will not make this mistake the second time. We have no right to do so.

Those who aspire to global dominance have publicly designated Russia as their enemy. They did so with impunity. Make no mistake, they had no reason to act this way. It is true that they have considerable financial, scientific, technological, and military capabilities. We are aware of this and have an objective view of the economic threats we have been hearing, just as our ability to counter this brash and never-ending blackmail. Let me reiterate that we have no illusions in this regard and are extremely realistic in our assessments.

As for military affairs, even after the dissolution of the USSR and losing a considerable part of its capabilities, today’s Russia remains one of the most powerful nuclear states.

Moreover, it has a certain advantage in several cutting-edge weapons. In this context, there should be no doubt for anyone that any potential aggressor will face defeat and ominous consequences should it directly attack our country.

At the same time, technology, including in the defence sector, is changing rapidly. One day there is one leader, and tomorrow another, but a military presence in territories bordering on Russia, if we permit it to go ahead, will stay for decades to come or maybe forever, creating an ever mounting and totally unacceptable threat for Russia.

Even now, with NATO’s eastward expansion the situation for Russia has been becoming worse and more dangerous by the year. Moreover, these past days NATO leadership has been blunt in its statements that they need to accelerate and step up efforts to bring the alliance’s infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders. In other words, they have been toughening their position. We cannot stay idle and passively observe these developments. This would be an absolutely irresponsible thing to do for us.

Any further expansion of the North Atlantic alliance’s infrastructure or the ongoing efforts to gain a military foothold of the Ukrainian territory are unacceptable for us. Of course, the question is not about NATO itself. It merely serves as a tool of US foreign policy. The problem is that in territories adjacent to Russia, which I have to note is our historical land, a hostile “anti-Russia” is taking shape. Fully controlled from the outside, it is doing everything to attract NATO armed forces and obtain cutting-edge weapons.

For the United States and its allies, it is a policy of containing Russia, with obvious geopolitical dividends. For our country, it is a matter of life and death, a matter of our historical future as a nation.

This is not an exaggeration; this is a fact. It is not only a very real threat to our interests but to the very existence of our state and to its sovereignty. It is the red line which we have spoken about on numerous occasions. They have crossed it.

This brings me to the situation in Donbass. We can see that the forces that staged the coup in Ukraine in 2014 have seized power, are keeping it with the help of ornamental election procedures and have abandoned the path of a peaceful conflict settlement.

For eight years, for eight endless years we have been doing everything possible to settle the situation by peaceful political means. Everything was in vain.

As I said in my previous address, you cannot look without compassion at what is happening there. It became impossible to tolerate it. We had to stop that atrocity, that genocide of the millions of people who live there and who pinned their hopes on Russia, on all of us. It is their aspirations, the feelings and pain of these people that were the main motivating force behind our decision to recognise the independence of the Donbass people’s republics.

I would like to additionally emphasise the following. Focused on their own goals, the leading NATO countries are supporting the far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine, those who will never forgive the people of Crimea and Sevastopol for freely making a choice to reunite with Russia.

They will undoubtedly try to bring war to Crimea just as they have done in Donbass, to kill innocent people just as members of the punitive units of Ukrainian nationalists and Hitler’s accomplices did during the Great Patriotic War. They have also openly laid claim to several other Russian regions.

If we look at the sequence of events and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment. Moreover, they went as far as aspire to acquire nuclear weapons. We will not let this happen.

I have already said that Russia accepted the new geopolitical reality after the dissolution of the USSR. We have been treating all new post-Soviet states with respect and will continue to act this way. We respect and will respect their sovereignty, as proven by the assistance we provided to Kazakhstan when it faced tragic events and a challenge in terms of its statehood and integrity. However, Russia cannot feel safe, develop, and exist while facing a permanent threat from the territory of today’s Ukraine.

Let me remind you that in 2000–2005 we used our military to push back against terrorists in the Caucasus and stood up for the integrity of our state. We preserved Russia. In 2014, we supported the people of Crimea and Sevastopol.

In 2015, we used our Armed Forces to create a reliable shield that prevented terrorists from Syria from penetrating Russia. This was a matter of defending ourselves. We had no other choice.

The same is happening today. They did not leave us any other option for defending Russia and our people, other than the one we are forced to use today. In these circumstances, we have to take bold and immediate action. The people’s republics of Donbass have asked Russia for help.

In this context, in accordance with Article 51 (Chapter VII) of the UN Charter, with permission of Russia’s Federation Council, and in execution of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, ratified by the Federal Assembly on February 22, I made a decision to carry out a special military operation.

The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation. Page 2/

It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory. We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force. At the same time, we have been hearing an increasing number of statements coming from the West that there is no need any more to abide by the documents setting forth the outcomes of World War II, as signed by the totalitarian Soviet regime. How can we respond to that?

The outcomes of World War II and the sacrifices our people had to make to defeat Nazism are sacred. This does not contradict the high values of human rights and freedoms in the reality that emerged over the post-war decades. This does not mean that nations cannot enjoy the right to self-determination, which is enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter.

Let me remind you that the people living in territories which are part of today’s Ukraine were not asked how they want to build their lives when the USSR was created or after World War II. Freedom guides our policy, the freedom to choose independently our future and the future of our children. We believe that all the peoples living in today’s Ukraine, anyone who want to do this, must be able to enjoy this right to make a free choice.

In this context I would like to address the citizens of Ukraine. In 2014, Russia was obliged to protect the people of Crimea and Sevastopol from those who you yourself call “nats.” The people of Crimea and Sevastopol made their choice in favour of being with their historical homeland, Russia, and we supported their choice. As I said, we could not act otherwise.

The current events have nothing to do with a desire to infringe on the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. They are connected with the defending Russia from those who have taken Ukraine hostage and are trying to use it against our country and our people.

I reiterate: we are acting to defend ourselves from the threats created for us and from a worse peril than what is happening now. I am asking you, however hard this may be, to understand this and to work together with us so as to turn this tragic page as soon as possible and to move forward together, without allowing anyone to interfere in our affairs and our relations but developing them independently, so as to create favourable conditions for overcoming all these problems and to strengthen us from within as a single whole, despite the existence of state borders. I believe in this, in our common future.

I would also like to address the military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Comrade officers,

Your fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not fight the Nazi occupiers and did not defend our common Motherland to allow today’s neo-Nazis to seize power in Ukraine. You swore the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people and not to the junta, the people’s adversary which is plundering Ukraine and humiliating the Ukrainian people.

I urge you to refuse to carry out their criminal orders. I urge you to immediately lay down arms and go home. I will explain what this means: the military personnel of the Ukrainian army who do this will be able to freely leave the zone of hostilities and return to their families.

I want to emphasise again that all responsibility for the possible bloodshed will lie fully and wholly with the ruling Ukrainian regime.

I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside.

No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history.

No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.

Citizens of Russia,

The culture and values, experience and traditions of our ancestors invariably provided a powerful underpinning for the wellbeing and the very existence of entire states and nations, their success and viability. Of course, this directly depends on the ability to quickly adapt to constant change, maintain social cohesion, and readiness to consolidate and summon all the available forces in order to move forward.

We always need to be strong, but this strength can take on different forms. The “empire of lies,” which I mentioned in the beginning of my speech, proceeds in its policy primarily from rough, direct force. This is when our saying on being “all brawn and no brains” applies.

We all know that having justice and truth on our side is what makes us truly strong. If this is the case, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that it is our strength and our readiness to fight that are the bedrock of independence and sovereignty and provide the necessary foundation for building a reliable future for your home, your family, and your Motherland.

Dear compatriots,

I am certain that devoted soldiers and officers of Russia’s Armed Forces will perform their duty with professionalism and courage. I have no doubt that the government institutions at all levels and specialists will work effectively to guarantee the stability of our economy, financial system and social wellbeing, and the same applies to corporate executives and the entire business community. I hope that all parliamentary parties and civil society take a consolidated, patriotic position.

At the end of the day, the future of Russia is in the hands of its multi-ethnic people, as has always been the case in our history. This means that the decisions that I made will be executed, that we will achieve the goals we have set, and reliably guarantee the security of our Motherland.

I believe in your support and the invincible force rooted in the love for our Fatherland.


China Is Reactionary, Returning to Confucianism; Not Communism


China Is Reactionary, Returning to Confucianism; Not Communism  By Ilana Mercer,, 29 December 2021

CNN’s Sinophobic Expert Is Clueless: China Is Reactionary, Returning to Confucianism; Not Communism

Fareed Zakaria is a CNN serial plagiarizer. Like another CNN offender, online onanist Jeffrey Toobin, Zakaria is forever forgiven and brought back from literary purgatory, to inflict mediocre, user-friendly, neoliberal/neoconservative statecraft and foreign policy on viewers who’re none the wiser.

Zakaria recently broadcast a television special, “China’s Iron Fist.” He called China “The most serious competition the United States has ever faced. The Chinese are doing AI, biotech, hi-speed rail – the industries of the future.” As if competition were a crime.

Zakaria also joined others of a neolib/neocon meddler mindset in ragging the Chinese for “repression at home”—does he know China’s not his home?

As did Zakaria grumble about a declining free market, and “stronger insistence on communist ideology in every sphere,” to say nothing of a “more aggressive policy abroad.” From Zakaria’s perspective, aggression abroad is the sole prerogative of America. Curiously, Zakaria made no mention of China’s culpability in the COVID calamity. Or, of China’s disregard for and consequent plundering and polluting of the natural world, critters and their habitat, especially.

The broadcast was the familiar, simpleton’s Disneyfied, angels-and-demons foreign policy storyline. To wit, multicultural, democratic America is an oasis of freedom and happiness. China—having actually morphed into quite the middle-class, materialistic, consumerist society—is the opposite of all that, less western; less worthy. The West being the best, such a trend is to be condemned. The Chinese are 92% ethnically Han and rather like their nationalistic monolithic country—a fact that has no relevance in the meddler’s mindset.

The American foreign-policy elite’s Sinophobia is a distraction from the fact that the Chinese ruling elite generally acts in the national interest; whereas the American ruling caste acts in ways so antagonistic to its people’s welfare as to constitute treason.

The acid observations of The Economist are infinitely wiser, certainly calmer than Zakaria’s: “China’s leaders still want investment and technology from the West, but they think it is in decadent decline and are decoupling from Western norms and ideas.”

This point needs refining, because, while rejecting the West’s degenerate direction; China has selectively embraced many of the West’s highest achievements. For instance…

Classical Music

Enabled by indulgent and permissive parents and pedagogues, America’s youth have become increasingly licentious, lippy and libertine. Most are ignorant and lousy at writing, reasoning, and conversing coherently about anything other than raaaaaacism. They have also become un-moored from their finest traditions. The Chinese—who seem to know what’s good—are returning to things classical, traditional and eternally and universally beautiful.

Having banned corrupt hip-hop culture, China has a new export: Western classical music. “Once, classical music generally travelled from the West to the rest,” marvels the Economist. “Now China is reversing the exchange, not merely performing Western classical music in China, but exporting it.”

Taste is subjective, but standards are objective


Properly categorized as street theatre, not music, rap and hip-hop are, objectively speaking, gutter culture, certainly without any musical merit, technically and tonally. The hip-hopster or rapper hoots and gestures obscenely like a primate on heat. The movements that accompany the atonal grunts are a simulation of animalistic sex, the call of the wild, if you will. It’s repulsive. Are Chinese leaders wrong to want none of it?

Zakaria’s assertion that China is returning to communism, moreover, is shallow, even stupid, given the concerted quest among Chinese to reverse the Communist Cultural Revolution and reclaim Confucianism, which is antithetical to communism.


While America crumbles into a deadening, brutal wokeness; China, interestingly, seeks spiritual sustenance in its ancient, grand tradition of Confucianism.

Native to China, Confucianism was decimated by socialism, which—Mr. Zakaria may have forgotten—came out of the West. Unlike our own Traitor Class, China’s leaders know what succors the soul, and they want to infuse the nation with that home-grown cultural sustenance.

The Chinese are not a multicultural pottage; they are a real nation that shares a rich and ancient culture. The beauty of a shared, admired heritage is that the country can reclaim it as it works to reverse the foreign cultural revolution, which forbade Confucianism. And indeed, “Chinese parents are keen on a more Confucian education,” confirms The Economist.

Core curriculum and Western classical texts have been all but purged from American schools. In China, the number of “classical texts to be taught in schools has increased from 14 to 72.” From here on, China’s kids will be “learning classical Chinese thought, texts and morals, especially those associated with Confucius.”

So, which is the more exulted and elevated quest, Confucianism or charter schools?

As you see, Zakaria’s rah-rah America uber ales hysteria, mirrored in conservative narrative about China, is worse than incomplete; it’s half-assed.

Xi Jinping

And who is behind this mission to elevate his people, not mire them in the dreary, postmodern deconstructionism into which America’s wokerati have plunged our now institutionally radicalized country? No other than President Xi Jinping. He “has done more than any other modern leader to elevate Confucian ideas.”

Bereft of American-style multiculturalism to hobble the national spirit, and with all their Muslim population ruthlessly controlled to eliminate even the slightest threat of terrorism against the majority population—there is indeed no stopping the Chinese.

In 1949, during “the Cultural Revolution, Mao exhorted the Chinese to smash anything old.” À la Antifa, “Gangs of Red Guards swarmed Qufu, Confucius’s hometown, and blew up his tomb.” Americans have arrived at that point. They are purging their foundational teachings and obliterating memorials and mementos to their spiritual fathers. Been there; done that, say the Chinese.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebookand has a new video-podcast.


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