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A series of articles describe how the United States of America came to become the most powerful empire in the world, often by very dubious methods.  But many decisions and approaches taken by the US Administration over the last century are in danger of imitating the demise of most other powerful empires of the past.  Power, greed and covert agendas such as towards a new world order are accelerating this demise.

Empires rise and fall. Why, and what’s next?

The US was the dominant world power after WWII but has been failing, compounded by lies and desperate plans for hegemony compounded by declining culture and values. Lies told about WWII and its aftermath all contribute to the current deception. Previous empires such as the UK and Roman empires failed in a similar manner.  Watch Russia and China ascend in unison. Many factors were and are involved such as those covered in this post.

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The Crimes of Nuremberg

The Crimes of Nuremberg  The Crimes of Nuremberg, The Good Citizen, 23 May 2024

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A philosophy major, communications major, and history major walk into a campus bar. The philosophy major orders three bourbons, and asks the communications major why he chose communications. “I want to be able to communicate effectively with others. I believe effective communication limits conflict and…” The philosophy major cuts him off by asking the history major the same question. “I believe nothing is more important than history, because if we don’t learn our history, then we’re doomed to…” Before he can finish, the philosophy major turns to the bartender and says, “Make it three doubles.” The bartender reaches for the bottle to top up their drinks and asks, “What’s your major then?” The philosophy major looks at the other three and says, “Psychology.”

You wouldn’t get it.

— Arthur Fleck

Rekneading Grey Matter

Calling for a Nuremberg 2 has been all the rage for the past few years. The term is often trending on social media for days. Unfortunately, the calls for a second instalment have been made by a thoroughly programmed, historically brainwashed Western populace, running public schooling software infected with Hollywood-scripted malware.

Your humble fluffy Ram scribe (brain still running Commodore software) called for a second Nuremberg in early 2022, before a dedicated debugging operation that required digging into history books published before the 1990s. The lies of the past twenty years, particularly the past five, prompted a curiosity tour that begged the question, “Did they just start lying about everything twenty years ago?” The quest invariably resulted in some version of, “Not twenty years ago, but more likely two thousand years ago.”

But let’s leave classical and early civilizational history for another time and stick to the past century, particularly the most significant historical event—the war that still leads to heated debates around the actions of “our side” and the moral and ethical inconsistencies used to justify horrific acts against civilian populations and unarmed combatants in the post-war years, transgressing the Geneva Conventions while making a mockery of any judicial process at Nuremberg.

I am not taking up the defense of Germany. I am taking up the defense of the truth. I do not know if the truth exists, and many people have made arguments to prove to me that it does not. But I know that lies exist. I know that systematic deformation of facts exists. We have lived for three years with a falsification of history. This falsification is skillful. It involves fantasies based on a conspiracy of imagined fantasies. …me, I believe stupidly in the truth. I even believe that it ends up triumphing over all.

— Maurice Bardèche

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten.”

The 1990s was a transformative period for the information and communications industries. The U.S. Telecommunications Act of 1996 monopolized the radio, and television airwaves, leaving just five corporate conglomerates controlling all information by the end of the century.

Around this time the English language publishing monopolies of New York and London began blacklisting any manuscripts or authors (think David Irving) that exposed the prevailing propaganda and criminal cover-up of Allied behavior during the second world war while revealing that certain atrocities had been astronomically inflated—a fact later disclosed with some courageous inquiry by brave individuals after the fall of the Soviet Union. Even before this time many authors, historians, academics, and public figures had been imprisoned across Europe for daring to ask any questions about the official narrative of events.

Revisiting the timeline of historical revisionism around World War 2 atrocities is an exhausting undertaking, and worthy of a dedicated lengthy post. (See The Unz Review’s American Pravda series in the meantime) One could argue the revisionism began right away against the truth, and the “conspiracy” revisionists are seeking the truth that was buried by the real revisionists.

For those who believe national loyalties and ideology are irrelevant in service of truth, it’s an essential undertaking to revisit the revised revisionism. It generally requires one to dig into the most honest and accurate accounts of events. These are most often produced when memories are still fresh, first-hand witnesses are still living, and state or tribal propaganda, myths, and fabricated atrocities have yet to flourish and take root in the public consciousness. The books that represent these ideal conditions for truth were published in the first decades after the war. This is also when the first blacklistings and book bannings began.

One French author, in particular, dared expose the crimes of post-war Allied occupation of Europe in 1948 in the book Nuremberg or The Promised Land, before lies were cemented as truths. He was the first ‘truther’ (his own words to describe what he cared about most) to expose the sham trials at Nuremberg, the crimes of the Allies including France, and the atrocity propaganda around “Jewish extermination” attributed to the Nazis which is still a crime to question in 19 European countries to this day.

Maurice Bardèche’s Wikipravda page reads as you’d expect of someone who worked as a Professor under the German occupation and was a supporter of Francisco Franco, co-authoring a book on the Spanish Civil War and founding the “revisionist school” in the post-war years.

One of the absurd charges made by France at Nuremberg and other trials was that the Germans had tried to exterminate the French, or had “a will to exterminate the French.” Bardèche exposes this absurdity using logic, reason, and facts. His anger in this assertion and other lies produced by the French government rests with the fact that it would allow a future German historian to show that France lied, thereby tainting his nation and all Frenchmen.

Photo of Paris during the occupation when Germans “tried to exterminate the French”:

Photo of Paris today where hundreds of thousands of male occupiers camp in its plazas and at city hall. Officials are trying to “incentive them to leave” before the Olympics in August so Paris appears respectable to the world:

Bardèche writes:

One is propsing a future to us, one does so by condeming the past. It is into this future also that we want to see clearly. It is these principles that we would like to look at directly. For we already forsee that these new ethics refer to strange universe, a universe with something sick about it, an elastic universe where our eyes no longer recongize things.

Bardèche foresaw a future ruled by an international economic elite, that undermines nations, demonizes nationalism and civilian pride in nationality with no guarantees or respect for rights, and the political enforcement of laws against offenders who do not agree with this system, or even dare oppose it. Here he appears to be predicting our liberal democratic and neoliberal “rules-based order” with the rise of the European Union and its fashionable orthodoxies rooted in globalism, cosmopolitanism, and “democratic socialism” that labels nationalists as “far-right” heretics and “fascists.” Canada, Australia, and the United States are also firmly entrenched aboard this sinking ship that Bardèche predicted.

Regarding “the holocaust” a term that wasn’t yet used to describe alleged German “extermination camps” of Jews, Bardèche doesn’t deny them, he demands evidence of any kind to prove their existence to account for the figures, because he knew very well how war produces exaggerations and myths by victors to paint themselves as the righteous ones or liberators.

With any conflict, it becomes necessary before, during, and after the war to paint enemies in the darkest manner possible so that any crimes committed by victors look justified. On this front, the Allies over-delivered in the aftermath of the Second World War.

In the preceding years of any conflict, it’s essential to manufacture the consent of the populace who will send their young men to the slaughter. Creating conflict by rousing national fervor around the “evils” of the desirous enemies necessitates tall tales of “evil” actions, including war crimes, ethnic and racial hatreds, and a historically blood-thirty people with a crazy leader who has ambitions to conquer neighbors, enslave, subjugate, and exterminate innocents by any means at his disposal.

The victors have a monopoly on information and can tell the story of the conflict however they desire, often with an utter disregard for the truth. It is the job of historians to be unemotional, and staunchly objective while they comb over first-hand accounts, primary sources, official documents, and archives so that the truth comes to light. It is their only duty.

When historians are ignored, or in the case of the most competent and once-well-respected historian of World War Two—David Irving—they are smeared, blacklisted, arrested, and imprisoned for reporting from first-hand sources, then those myths and lies propagate as the masses bite their tongues in fear of retribution for daring to question anything. Public schools, entertainment, popular culture, documentarians, academics, and governments absorb those lies as truths and the past is erased.

Like David Irving after him, Bardèche was imprisoned for a year and fined 50,000 francs. Circulating copies of his book were collected and burned, it was banned from publication and to this day remains outlawed in France.

The lies were cemented in law, and 75 years later to question them will result in the same fate that befell Irving, David Icke, Maurice Bardèche, Fred Leuchter, and many others who simply wanted to learn the truth and share with others what they have learned—not because of political reasons, or “anti-semitism” but because they all wanted to live in a world where truth matters above all things.

The first of this group, Paul Rassinier, a history Professor of twenty-two years and editor of the resistance broadsheet The Fourth Republic became a prisoner at Buchenwald during the final year of the war when “extermination” should have been in overdrive. After the war he published his account of this famous German concentration camp, condemning the communist prisoners in charge of governing the camp as far worse than the SS officers, only “looking out for their own skin.” After touring Dachau and Mauthausen after the war, interviewing endless witnesses with either benign or contradicting testimony, and uncovering engineering and technological impossibilities, he began to question the official stories of “mass extermination” using “gas chambers” and “crematoriums.”

His first post-war book about his time in Buchenwald, and escape from a train of prisoners won him critical acclaim in France. But his second book The Lie of Ulysses daring to question the official narratives around extermination earned him labels as “fascist” and later the “father of holocaust denialism.” He was put on trial for his book in 1953 and spent two years defending his reputation before he was eventually acquitted.

In the face of heavy criticism from his own party, a socialist party in France that eventually expelled him, he continued to pursue the truth. While exposing the scam trials of German officers all around Germany by the West German government, he was barred from attending trials in Frankfurt (1963-1965) against Nazi officers and soldiers who were stationed at Auschwitz.

He argued that continuing war crimes trials were part of a Zionist and Communist strategy to divide and demoralize Europe. Rassinier cited the Zionist book L’Etat d’Israel (1930) by Kadmi Cohen to assert that Zionist and Jewish organizations were conspiring to use Nazi crimes to extort money to fund themselves and the State of Israel. In 1964, with The Drama of the European Jews, Rassinier (once a prisoner at Buchenwald in the final year of the war) concluded long before David Irving painstakingly sifted through British Intelligence intercepts of Auschwitz with not a single mention of atrocities, that there was never a policy of extermination by Nazi Germany.

Rassinier’s books were eventually translated into English, the most well-known not published until 1977 under the title Debunking The Genocide Myth. By this time the holocaust industry was well underway with its well-positioned gatekeepers controlling popular media, public education, and Hollywood cinema, ensuring that the lies became truth and that the past was erased and the erasure was forgotten.

In Germany after 1945, there were millions of biographies but there was no history. When the nation was cut in four, its history was fragmented by the political division, censorship, coverup and fear of criticizing the USA and France. No intelligent public opinion was formed on the subject because no expression of it was allowed. The occupation of Germany resulted in an occupied mentality, which attempted to subject reason to unreasoning discipline.

— James Bacque
Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two


It’s human nature to seek revenge, but the vengeance that mirrors the atrocities of the accused undermines the scales of justice so that one monster transfers his monstrosities to his enemies. The last monster standing gets to rewrite history, cover their crimes, and showcase their retribution as “fairness” and “justice” to “prevent future crimes.” The conquered must always “learn their lesson” from the victors.

None of this ugliness and hypocrisy of war, molding attitudes of conquest or liberation is possible without effective propaganda to rally minds around a unifying goal. Official historians never cease in reminding the world of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, and his psychological campaigns on the German people, but curiously they never speak about his British and American doppelgangers.

Before the American government began fluoridating drinking water and toothpaste (at the behest of dentists paid by Alcoa Steel Inc. who needed somewhere to dump their thousands of tons of Sodium Flouride poison, a byproduct of steel production) to calcify pineal glands and spiritually destroy Americans, the people were stubbornly isolationist. Before both World Wars, Americans wanted nothing to do with the conflicts of European Kingdoms or nations. In 1939, Americans were by a factor of nearly nine out of ten, decidedly America First.

Things had to change, but minds don’t change on their own. Psychological operations began in earnest using atrocity propaganda to manufacture consent for conflict in the way it’s still used today. The British had their version of Goebbels in Lord Robert Vansittart. In a series of radio broadcasts, Vansittart delivered hysteria and paranoia around “German evil and viciousness” claiming historically rooted atrocities went back over two thousand years. Roosevelt privately took a liking to his hate-mongering propaganda and implored OSS chief William Donovan to rebroadcast them on American radio.

Around the same time, Theodore N. Kaufman published Germany Must Perish! advocating for the forced sterilization of the German people to achieve “world peace.” The book was used as reverse propaganda by the Nazis to show that the Jewish people were plotting against them which as we all know is completely false anti-semitic propaganda (kauf kauf).

March 24, 1933

No propaganda campaign is complete without a little help from Hollywood. Roosevelt’s adviser Henry Morgenthau set up a quasi-governmental agency called the Writers’ War Board, where film director Rex Stout, also an author of popular detective novels, hand-picked other writers of sensationalist popular fiction to contribute to the Board.

The OSS propaganda arm, Office of War Information worked closely with the Board to publish articles asserting that four generations of German leaders were guided by, “adoration of force as the only arbiter, and skulduggery as the supreme technique in human affairs.” According to the WWB, it was necessary for Americans to hate the Germans to “establish the world on a basis of peace.”

The editor of the New Yorker weekly was Clifton Fadiman who served as Stout’s right-hand man in publishing paranoid delusions around the German threat. Fadiman stated that there was “only one way to make a German understand and that’s to kill them, and even then I think they don’t understand.”

The WWB advised radio stations on propaganda programming and began recruiting editors and columnists from other popular periodicals to do their bidding while promoting a book entitled Is Germany Incurable? by a “noted psychiatrist” of the time. They pushed author Louis Nizer of another book, What to Do with Germany onto the same radio programs, who advocated for trying and hanging hundreds of thousands of Germans while enslaving the rest in “labor battalions” and yet claimed that this still wouldn’t be enough to cure Germany’s “lust for war.” One of the most popular broadcasters pushing the Board’s “Hate Germany” fluff was Walter Winchell (born Isadore Lipschitz) who expressed to millions of listeners that Germany was like a snake, and “a rattlesnake never deserves another chance.”

British propaganda poster, 1940.

When there’s no actual direct physical threat to the homeland, a good propaganda campaign fabricates one. In this case, British intelligence forged documents to convince the Americans of an imminent Nazi threat in South America. The British aimed to create a narrative that the Nazis were gaining a foothold in South America and had plans to invade the United States. British authorities arrested South American diplomats. One poor bastard was purportedly detained with “secret documents” showing Colombian ties to the Nazis to strengthen the illusion of a Nazi infiltration into South American countries, further fueling American fears. No such threats existed.

“We Weren’t ‘Evil’ Like The Nazis”

The Geneva Conventions have always been subject to interpretation and only applicable to those the victors chose to apply them. Given Allied actions against civilians during the conflict, including the fire bombings of Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Kassel, Würzburg, Darmstadt, Bremen, Hanover, Essen, and Duisburg, the allies were always going to excuse themselves from its standards.

The first Geneva Convention was in 1864 and outlined the treatment of prisoners of war. The thinking was that kingdoms who signed on would guarantee protections for their cannon fodder, ensuring that mandatory cannon fodder enlistments continued, and young soldiers didn’t organize against their nobility and their dreams of capturing a few more meters of soil. The general idea was that the wounded would be treated impartially and fairly, and those who surrendered were guaranteed protection.

Article 12 stated that “…wounded and sick soldiers who are out of the battle should be humanely treated, and in particular should not be killed, injured, tortured, or subjected to biological experimentation.” No mention of biological experimentation on civilians in peacetime.

The Nuremberg Trials, which began in November 1945 and concluded in 1946, are often depicted as the epitome of post-war justice. As with most history written by victors in the concealment of the truth, the trials were a confluence of injustice, witness manipulation, intimidation, threats, maltreatment, and torture with an atmosphere that seemed more predisposed to vengeance than to impartial justice.

Contrary to popular belief the post-war trials of German officers were not a single event held at Nuremberg. Only the United States and IMT (International Military Tribunal of 21 Nazi Leaders) show trials were held in this city. In contrast, the Soviets held their own, with no public record (summary executions or Gulags?). The British held their own in Hamburg, Luneberg, and Italy between 1945 and 1949. France delayed their trials of German generals (1951) and Oradour Massacre soldiers (1958), though the latter were all eventually pardoned. Trials by American rump state West Germany continued at a dozen major cities around the country from 1950 until the late 1970s.

Of the thousands of defendants over those decades, only 21 Nazi leaders were selected for the IMT, with a lot of what David Irving calls “horsetrading” of Nazi individuals going on behind the scenes among Allies seeking their version of justice, privately or publicly. Hundreds of Nazi and SS officers were permitted to escape Germany via the rat lines through Italy, with help from the OSS (precursor to the CIA), the Vatican, and friendly nations like Argentina. The American’s Operation Paperclip sent hundreds of intelligence officers into Germany embedded in army divisions to track down and recruit Nazi scientists, engineers, physicists, and anyone of military strategic importance. More Nazis were hired by the American war department after the conflict than were put on trial at Nuremberg by a factor of seven-five.

While hosting show trials, horsetrading officers among allies, and smuggling those chosen Nazi scientists and engineers through Operation Paperclip to the U.S., the remaining German POWs were kept in various camps managed by the partitioned allied zones. The United States had over 200 camps in its zone, though France took over a few after 1945, while some 1600 POW camps were scattered across French territory once managed by the Americans before also being handed over to the French. French witnesses at several camps watched as the Americans looted the supplies from camp hospitals before departing, taking generators, medicine, and food rations, often leaving the French with nothing to manage the prisoners or themselves.

According to James Bacque’s 1989 bombshell book Other Losses, conditions in camps were harsh. Food was withheld and from the summer of 1945 through 1948 it is estimated that a million German POWs perished from starvation and disease in the hands of distinguished American General and future President Dwight Eisenhower. Under the horrendous failure called the Morgenthau Plan, a “denazification” precursor to the more charitable and pragmatic Marshall Plan, the order of the day was revenge, through suffering, starvation, and death.

In France, in January 1946, just over half a million men were nominally at work for the armies or the civilian economy. Most of these, underfed, badly clothed, weak, worked at far less than normal efficiency. Another 124,000 were so sick they couldn’t work. When 600 dying men fell off the train at Buglose near Bordeaux in the summer of 1945 before the shocked population of the village, 87 men were in such bad shape that the two-kilometer hike to the camp killed them.

According to the testimony of a German POW survivor called Hanz T. who left Bad Kreutznach at age 18, making him 12 when the conflict first began, he was shuttled with other young German prisoners for France, still wearing shorts and barefoot after being snatched from a hospital recovery room:

I only had one piece of ID showing my birthdate, 1927. I thought they might release me if they thought I was only 16, so I changed the seven to a nine, but it made no difference.

There was a real shortage of food. When the peas arrived, they were divided and once they had been shared out some were still left. Everyone counted and if we had six each, then we’d wait till we got six and a half.

Food was so scarce that people were usually sick and when you got sick they took you to hospital. When people were taken to hospital you never saw them come back. Of the hundred thousand prisoners at Rennes there was certainly a percentage who died which would make a fair number. But I’ve never been able to find a cemetery. We never saw the Red Cross, nobody came to inspect us until two years later, to bring us blankets. That was the first time they came, in 1947.

Between 1945 and 1948 anywhere from 165,000-315,000 German POWs died in French captivity, and that wasn’t the worst the Allies could do. There are endless stories of French farmers and civilians helping German POWs with potatoes, milk, vegetables, and fruits, and even French guards bringing food from home for the starving Germans, many of whom were just teenagers.

The death rate in French camps averaged around one-third, while in British and Canadian camps holding German POWs, the rate was only marginally lower in the year after the war. Prisoners starved for most of 1945, often going weeks between meals. Medical treatment and hospitals were better staffed in the camps in these zones, with some Germans receiving life-saving treatment. The Germans in this zone remember “The Tommies” treating them “like comrades” and far better than the Americans or French, but it wasn’t always keeping with the Geneva Conventions and starvation and disease were still rampant just after the war.

American camps were by far the worst, with Morgenthau’s plan for retribution German prisoners starved, and were provided no shelter, or blankets. It was all hidden under a myth of a “World Food Shortage” proclaimed at the time, despite this not affecting Canadian and British camps.

The death rate at the American camp at Reinberg was 40% in the year after the war with many prisoners dying in muddy holes they were forced to dig for their shelter. The perimeter fence around the camp stretched for nine kilometers. Prisoners would throw rocks over the fence to passing civilians with charcoal notes wrapped around the rocks written on canvas or cotton begging for potatoes, salt, and even water. Unlike prisoners in British and Canadian camps, American camp POWs weren’t permitted mail service, tents, bunks, or daily rations. The Americans (and French) lied about the death rate of prisoners, lowballing it to the International Red Cross and German town officials (now “denazified” public servants) by a factor of 30 times!

Within a few years, to doubt the Small Number had become an implied treachery, for any good German who doubted the Americans was ipso facto an enemy of both states. So the Americans were in effect forgiven without even being accused.

A general who knew Eisenhower well wrote in 1945 that Eisenhower was using “practically Gestapo methods” against the Germans. That general had written to his wife that the Germans were the only decent people in Europe, and that “we are destroying the only semi-modern state in Europe so that Russia can swallow it whole.”

His name was George S. Patton.

For all his prejudices, Patton represented to a high degree the honor of the army and the basic generosity of the American people. He made this very plain in a reply to a question put to him: “In all these talks [to the troops] I emphasized the necessity for the proper treatment of prisoners of war, both as to their lives and property. My usual statement was … ‘Kill all the Germans you can but do not put them up against a wall and kill them. Do your killing while they are still fighting. After a man has surrendered, he should be treated exactly in accordance with the Rules of Land Warfare, and just as you would hope to be treated if you were foolish enough to surrender. Americans do not kick people in the teeth after they are down.”

Patton openly deplored Eisenhower’s anti-German policies. Soon after, they killed him too.

Nuremberg was a fantastic desecration of the ideals of Western Civilization, and an appalling miscarriage of justice…a misuse of evidence for vicious ends, all of which will someday be exposed as a shocking travesty of high legal and moral principles.

— Henry M. Adams
Prof. of History, University of California

The Last Battle

As early as 1943 the discussion of what to do with German officers was broached by anglosphere allies. Churchill wanted summary executions with no trials and attempted to maneuver FDR toward the same position that he held privately but not publicly. This perspective was grounded in a desire to avoid the complexities and potential embarrassments of a public trial, which could unearth inconvenient truths, including Churchill’s sponsors (who for many years made sure his five servants and manor house were paid on an MP’s salary) at the World Zionist Organization.

In 1944, during the Second Quebec Conference, Churchill drafted a proposal, sometimes referred to as the “shot on sight” list, which advocated for the immediate execution of top German figures upon their identification and capture, something young students of Western history are more likely to associate with “evil Nazi behavior” and not the allies they are brainwashed to revere. FDR was initially on board with the proposal, but the following year his successor Truman decided against the summary execution proposal and instead supported the idea of a formal trial.

According to David Irving in a book tour speech promoting his book Nuremberg: The Last Battle:

Truman (a grandmaster freemason like his predecessor) facing the ruins of post-war Europe and the daunting task of rebuilding in a way that gave his new empire the upper hand over the Soviets, decided that perhaps shooting people without trial wasn’t the best look for the shiny new superpower on the block. Nuremberg was a chance for the Allies to paint themselves as all victors do—righteous and judicious liberators, bringing the light of legal ethics to the dark deeds of the Nazis, all while ensuring the proceedings were scripted tightly enough to keep the Allies’ dark behavior from any scrutiny.

So, before the first trials at Nuremberg the British and the Americans got to work rigging them so they would eventually resemble nothing more than show trials. The establishment of the London Charter in August 1945, which defined the jurisdiction and laws under which the Nuremberg Trials would proceed, declared actions as criminal post-factum, making the trials a classic case of ex post facto law. This meant that the defendants were tried for laws that were not in effect at the time their alleged crimes were committed—a stark violation of the principle of legality as defined by the maxim “nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege” (no crime, no punishment without a law).

Additionally, the Charter explicitly removed defenses that are normally available in criminal trials, such as the tu quoque (you too) argument, which could allow defendants to argue that the prosecuting powers had engaged in similar actions, which the Allies most definitely had, from the firebombing at Dresden and dozens of other civilian populated cities with no strategic military targets, resulting in nearly half a million German civilian deaths. Preventing the tu quoque argument ensured that allied atrocities would not be admissible as a defense, or ever brought up in court. This was the strategic significance as it curtailed any discussion of the Allies’ wartime conduct, ensuring that the focus remained solely on the actions of the Axis powers.

Removing tu quoque was also a convenience to expunge the open hypocrisies of Britain and France who declared war on Germany when Hitler invaded Poland from the west, while completely ignoring Stalin’s pact with the guilty parties to carve up Poland simultaneously from the east. If Poland was “off limits” for the British and French in keeping with the tragedy that was the Versailles Treaty, why was Stalin allowed to invade and slaughter 22,000 Poles (Katyn Massacre) from the east? Poland wasn’t just a useful tool for the Soviets, they were played by the British, French, and Americans before, during, and after the war. Before 1939 Poland was by no means innocent, given their atrocities against ethnic Germans (50k+) in Danzig, formerly East Prussia in the inter-war years. More on that in another post.

Mass graves of Polish Officers slaughtered by Soviets ~22,000 (discovered by the Germans in 1943).

The physical and psychological conditions under which the defendants were held were abhorrent. Held in cells with broken windows throughout the harsh German winter, the accused faced severe physical duress that hampered their ability to contribute effectively to their defenses. This treatment was coupled with psychological tactics aimed at breaking their spirit. Letters written by defendants to their families were routinely intercepted and never delivered, isolating them further and severing their remaining ties to the outside world.

Witness tampering and intimidation were a matter of policy with OSS officers threatening to prosecute and hang Germans who didn’t testify against their commanding officers. Conversely, defense witnesses were harangued and in some cases disappeared so they wouldn’t appear in court. Carl Hoff, who could have provided testimony favorable to the defense, was instead declared mentally unfit and hidden away in a psychiatric facility to prevent his appearance in court. This tactic was exposed only when Field Marshal Milch, determined to bring Hoff’s testimony forward, challenged and reversed the decision, highlighting the lengths to which the prosecution would go to secure a conviction.

Rear Admiral Eberhardt Godt was intimidated into testifying against Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz. Godt was approached by American interrogators and coerced to testify falsely against Dönitz. When Godt refused to comply with the demands, he was threatened with execution if he did not cooperate.

The Nuremberg Trials were marred by significant procedural flaws, ethical violations, and a pervasive atmosphere of retribution.

The American judge, Edward L. Van Roden, one of three members of an American Army commission established to investigate claims of prisoner maltreatment found: “…all but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases investigated had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard procedure with American investigators.”

Lower-ranking officers were assured of amnesty if they testified against the higher ranks, only to have their “amnesty” withdrawn after sealing a conviction and then using their testimony against them for a conviction.

Mock trials were arranged when prisoners refused to cooperate, with faux death sentences passed, then one final offer of “reprieve” if they confessed. Many were threatened with being handed over to the Russians if they didn’t cooperate. Some had their wives and children threatened by depriving them of their ration cards.

The treatment of the defendants and the conduct of the trials blatantly flouted the Geneva Conventions’ rules regarding the treatment of prisoners of war. By reclassifying German prisoners as “discharged enemy personnel,” the Allies circumvented these international laws, affording themselves greater leeway to impose harsher treatments and sidestep the protections that the Geneva Conventions afforded, such as the proper constitution of a court and the fair trial guarantees.

The selective prosecution at Nuremberg was evident in the charges brought against the defendants. The Allies focused exclusively on the crimes committed by the Nazis, with no corresponding scrutiny of their actions or those of other Axis powers. This selective justice was further compounded by the exclusion of any substantive examination of Soviet actions during the war, particularly the Katyn massacre, which was conveniently omitted from the trials’ scope, with one of the four “justices” overseeing the proceedings, a communist Soviet.

The manipulation of the trials extended to the evidence presented in court. Documents were selectively provided to the defense, and in many cases, critical evidence that could exonerate the defendants was withheld. This was not merely an oversight but a deliberate strategy to weaken the defense’s case, exemplifying a biased approach to the supposed pursuit of justice.

To call for a Nuremberg 2 today, is therefore to call for nothing but sham trials and a perversion of justice. It would be like asking some hospital administrators and government officials to stand trial, while torturing some Walgreens pharmacists, Pfizer interns, and urgent care clinicians into testifying against them to save their own skin, with the real criminals laughing at the proceedings.

The biggest difference between the two?

There was no war during Covid—though I have called it part of a Silent War on humanity—yet thousands more people are walking free who are guilty of (iatro)genocide than ever wore a Nazi uniform. These people have killed at least 20 million, with millions more awaiting a grim fate, figures only Mao and Stalin could match.

The returns of the second great engineered European brother war have been trickling in for decades.

How did the “victors” end up faring? Have you been to France? Have you tried to stroll Paris’ 9th, 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th Arrondissimonts at night? How about the ghettos or Banlieues as a white woman, alone? Have you seen the state of the American empire? Have you tried to stroll through Birmingham, Watford, Bradford, Luton, Rotherham, Manchester, or East London without mistaking them for Islamabad or Bombay?

What about the nation that Britain and France declared war on Germany to save? They threw Poland (and all of East Europe) to the Bolshevik rats and sold them out for fifty years rendering the entire justifications for the slaughter moot. Half of Germany rotted under the boot of the DDR during this time, setting the stage for the next mass European brother sacrifice, another banker war.

How about Germany today after two decades run by a DDR communist witch?

If this is what “liberating” Europe looks like then perhaps Brits, French, and Germans should be camping out in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna to search for their next leaders.

Having buried the historical truths contributing to the rise of The Third Reich (it wasn’t just Versailles), they are making a redux of history all but inevitable.

The ‘strong man’ pendulum always swings back. And the next time it does, those invented fantasies that manifested atrocity propaganda against the last strong men may on a second serving finally come to fruition.

And who will the last victors have to blame for this, if not for the lies they attempted to rebuild the destroyed nations upon, in a now shattered fantastical fiction of its conjuring?

In the end, after all those assertions of “exterminating an entire race” war crimes, bloodlust, and painting the Nazis as the greatest evil to ever walk the earth, what happened to their fearless leader?

What happened to the most evil mustachioed man to lead these evil people?

There is zero evidence backing the official story that he killed himself in that bunker.

There is significant evidence that he escaped on a U-boat and lived another decade near Bariloche, Argentina with other Nazi Officers, including Joseph Mengele, coming and going by water plane from his sheltered lakeside retreat.

You might recall that thought experiment involving a time machine and killing Hitler to prevent the Second World War to save millions of lives. Every normie programmed by public school American history books that are better suited for fire kindling proclaims with a self-smug smile they’d use that time machine to kill Hitler and save the world. All their normie friends nod in agreement.

Britain and the U.S. wouldn’t have let that man who wanted to “conquer the world,” and who “gassed six bazillion Jews and cremated their bodies after turning their fat into soap and their skin into lampshades,” escape and live freely in Argentina for another decade, would they?

Of course not, they weren’t “evil” like the Nazis.

(Click CC for English Subtitles)

References (All out of print…why?)

Bacque, James. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1989.

Bardeche, Maurice. Nuremberg or The Promised Land. Paris: Les Sept Couleurs, 1948.

Irving, David. Nuremberg: The Last Battle. London: Focal Point Publications, 1985.

Rassinier, Paul. Drama of the European Jews. Los Angeles: Institute for Historical Review, 1975.


Secret CIA collusion inside Ukraine EXPOSED in blistering new report

Secret CIA collusion inside Ukraine EXPOSED in blistering new report 1 March 2024

The New York Times came out with a bombshell article on Sunday detailing the past ten years of CIA active warfare from within Ukraine against Russia.

From building 12 CIA bases within the country, to instructing on sabotage inside Russia to providing targeting intelligence… — Ron Paul (@RonPaul) February 26, 2024

The New York Times disclosed yesterday that the CIA built “12 Secret Spy Bases” in Ukraine, waging a shadow war against Russia for the past decade. After a U.S.-supported violent coup toppled Ukraine’s democratically elected government, CIA Director John Brennan visited Kyiv…

Zero Hedge highlights:
Among the biggest revelations is that the program was established a decade ago and spans three different American presidents. The Times says the CIA program to modernize Ukraine’s intelligence services has “transformed” the former Soviet state and its capabilities into “Washington’s most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today.”

Robert F. Kennedy was a voice of reason amid the recent revelations: “The CIA was building spy bases in Ukraine along the Russian border starting in 2014. I wonder how we would respond if Russia or China built spy bases on the US/Mexico border.
With all their information gathering and newly trained operatives, they couldn’t wind down conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In fact, it seems the CIA only made matters worse.” The CIA was building spy bases in Ukraine along the Russian border starting in 2014. I wonder how we would respond if Russia or China built spy bases on the US/Mexico border. With all their information gathering and newly trained operatives, they couldn’t wind down conflict…

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) February 26, 2024
CNN knows 2 great ways to keep liberals and parts of the US “left” on board with funding the war in Ukraine:
1) Assure them that CIA spying bases in Ukraine are very important;
2) Convince them that the US arms industry is benefiting.
They know liberal politics and values.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 26, 2024
The Kyiv Independent attempted to legitimize the need for the secret CIA bases: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has supported a network of a dozen bases in Ukraine that are “increasingly at risk” if Republicans continue to block $61 billion in
funding for Kyiv, the New York Times (NYT) reported on Feb. 25.
The network of bases is the result of a decade of relationship-building between the CIA and Ukraine, according to the NYT, which conducted 200 interviews with current and former intelligence officials in Ukraine, Europe, and the U.S. for the article


The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century

From The Truth Comes to Light, 7 February 2024

 The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century – Truth Comes to Light

 The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century

They are few and we are many, and they must be stopped. 

The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century  by Greg ReeseThe Reese Report, February 7, 2024

Editor’s note: Click on the link above to view a PDF copy that shows several diagrams.

On January 16th of 1991, as the Soviet Union was collapsing and the cold war coming to an end, George H.W. Bush publicly announced a new campaign of American dominance which he called, the New World Order.

“This is an historic moment. We have in this past year made great progress in ending a long era of conflict and Cold War. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

~ George H.W. Bush

Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone that in the year 2000 he asked President Clinton if Russia could join NATO, which he said made the American delegation very nervous. They were not interested in world peace. They had different plans.

In 1997 the Project for the New American Century was founded by William Kristol and Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan. In September of 2000 they published their agenda entitled; “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” which outlined an ambitious and aggressive plan to achieve world dominance, starting in the Middle East and ending with Russia. The document acknowledged the fact that their world domination efforts would “trouble American allies” and could therefore be a long process “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

A year after publishing this, two thousand people were murdered in the World Trade Center and blamed on a small terrorist group created by the C.I.A.. And with this catastrophic and catalyzing event, the plan for a new American century went into action.

“About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon. And one of the generals called me and he says, we’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq. This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, We’re going to war with Iraq, Why? He said, I don’t know. So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, Are we still going to war with Iraq? And he said, it’s worse than that, he said, I just got this down from upstairs meeting in the secretary of defense office today. And he said, this is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off… Iran.”

~ General Wesley K. Clark

George H.W. Bush’s son, George W., began a propaganda campaign to sell the American public on overthrowing Iraq. Spinning lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction.

“I take the threat very seriously. I take the fact that he develops weapons of mass destruction very seriously.

Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

~ George W. Bush

When the lies became obvious, George W. made jokes while revelling in the blood of the innocent.

Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, said that murdering millions of Iraqi children was worth it.

Lesley Stahl:

“We have heard that a half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Madeleine Albright:

“I think this is a very hard choice. But the price we think the price is worth it.”

The power hungry cabal, made up of close-knit families who practice multi-generational child abuse and mass mind control, began overthrowing sovereign nations. And murdering innocent civilians became the new norm for U.S. foreign policy. But their plan for global domination was failing, and starting in 2020 with the COVID scam, they began targeting U.S. citizens.

They have become desperate, and they are going for broke. Slaughtering innocent Palestinians to spark a war with Iran, and sacrificing the people of Ukraine to hopelessly take on Russia.

These inbred families are getting old and they are fighting for their lives. There is too much at stake for them to ever give up which makes them more dangerous than ever. But they are few and we are many, and they must be stopped.


Doug Casey On What Really Happened In 2023 And What Comes Next

Doug Casey On What Really Happened In 2023 And What Comes Next  Authored by Doug Casey via, 28 December 2023

International Man: As we approach the end of the year, let’s take a step back, look at the Big Picture, and put 2023 into perspective so we can better understand what may come next.

Significant financial, economic, political, cultural, and geopolitical developments occurred in 2023.

On the cultural front, 2023 may be the year that the tide started to shift against the woke insanity.

BlackRock’s Fink dropped ESG. Woke movies continue to bomb at theaters. Bud Light, Target, and Disney continue to feel the pain of deliberately alienating their customer base.

What’s your take on the cultural developments in 2023?

Doug Casey: There are always reactions to major trends. These things are worth noting, but considering the virulence of the woke movement, the reaction has been tepid. There’s always a rearguard fighting for things as they are. And that’s wonderful because the Wokesters want to overturn the entire culture much the same way as the Jacobins overturned it in revolutionary France, the Bolsheviks overturned the culture in Russia, the Red Guards in China, or Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

The Wokesters are potentially just as dangerous because their way of thinking is everywhere in the West.

They’re similar to the movements I’ve just mentioned in that they’re stridently against free speech, free thought, free markets, tradition, and limited government—nothing new there. But they’ve weaponized gender and race as well. They’re virulent, humorless, and puritanical. They see themselves as the wave of the future, but they’ve only repackaged the notions of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.

My view is that the Wokesters hate humanity and hate themselves. They’re dishonest, arrogant, and entitled. Look at the current scandal involving the diversity-hire presidents at Harvard, Penn, and MIT. They’re shameful embarrassments. The fact their boards of trustees installed these fools shows how deep the rot goes.

The Woke have ingrained psychological/spiritual aberrations.

They don’t just control academia, finance, entertainment, and the media. They also dominate the State’s apparatus. Which means they basically have the law on their side.

Perhaps ESG is being de-emphasized by Blackrock, the new vampire squid, but that’s only because they fear losing money more than they value their beliefs. The more pernicious DEI remains a major cultural trend.

Where will it end?

Wokism is more than a passing fad. There’s a good chance it will end with a violent confrontation between people who have culturally conservative views and those who want to destroy Western Civilization and upset the nature of society as we know it.

International Man: 2023 was a year of major geopolitical developments.

It became evident to even the mainstream media that the war in the Ukraine was not going well for NATO.

There was also the Hamas attack and the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Azerbaijan defeated Armenia to reclaim a long-disputed territory.

Saudi Arabia welcomed Syria back into the Arab League, ended the war in Yemen, restored diplomatic relations with Iran, joined the BRICS countries, and expanded its economic ties with China.

These are just a few of the most prominent geopolitical events of 2023.

What do you make of the geopolitical situation and where things are heading?

Doug CaseyThe end of US hegemony over the world in all areas is becoming obvious. The world resents being bullied and controlled by Washington, DC.

They realize that the US government is bankrupt and is living entirely on printed money. Its military is bloated and more expensive than the US can afford.

While it’s bloated, it’s also being gutted, unable to recruit new soldiers and sailors. It’s easy to see why that’s the case. They see pointless wars fomented everywhere. The type of people who traditionally join the military are disgusted by the woke memes circulating through the services. White males, who have always been the backbone of the military, are appalled at being actively discriminated against.

US hegemony is ending financially, economically, and militarily.

It’s obvious when you see that Biden and Harris, two utterly incompetent, ineffectual fools, are the nominal heads of the government. Not to mention all the degraded and psychologically damaged people in the cabinet. Of course, nobody has any respect for the US anymore.

The US hegemony of the last hundred years is on its way out. And as the old order changes, there are going to be upsets. The US will leave a vacuum that will be filled by other forces.

In fact, the US Government is the biggest danger to the world today. It’s not providing order. By sticking its nose into everyone else’s business everywhere, it’s promoting chaos. Its 800+ bases around the world are provocations. The carrier groups that it has wandering around are sitting ducks with today’s technology. The US is the main source of risk in the world, not safety.

US military spending is really just corporate welfare for the five big “defense” corporations, which build weapons suited for fighting the last war or maybe the war before the last war. For instance, a missile frigate or destroyer guarding a carrier might carry 100 vertically-launched anti-aircraft missiles at $2 million each. Each missile might succeed in shooting down a $10,000 drone. But what happens when the enemy launches 200 drones at once? The chances are the US loses a $2 billion destroyer, if not a carrier.

The US government is finding that they’re not only disliked but disrespected by countries and people all over the world. They’re increasingly viewed as a paper tiger. Or the Wizard of Oz. When they lose the fear factor, it’s game over.

International Man: In 2023, the US continued the trend of more political polarization.

What were the most consequential events on the US political front, and what do you think comes next?

Doug Casey: Let me reemphasize that the Jacobins who control Washington, DC, have the same psychological makeup as past revolutionaries I’ve mentioned.

These people are incapable of changing their minds or reforming. I think they’ll do absolutely anything they can to retain power.

Meanwhile, traditional Americans in red states see that Trump is being railroaded with lawfare to derail his campaign. They’re angrier than ever, justifiably. The red people and the blue people really hate each other at this point—and can’t talk to each other.

The country has been completely demoralized as traditional values have been washed away. It’s now very unstable.

The coming election, should we actually have one, will be not just a political but a cultural contest. Culture wars are especially dangerous in the midst of a financial collapse and economic collapse.

International Man: The projected annual interest expense on the federal debt hit $1 trillion for the first time in 2023.

Americans are still paying for the rampant currency debasement during the Covid hysteria as the price of groceries, insurance, rent, and most other things continued to rise in 2023.

It looks like a recession is on the horizon.

What are your thoughts on economic developments in 2023 and your outlook for the months ahead?

Doug Casey: As an amateur student of history, it seems to me that the US has been moving away from the founding principles that made it unique for over a hundred years. I’m 77. I’ve watched it happen firsthand for much of that time.

The trend has been accelerating.

The country is heading towards a massive crisis because it’s lost its philosophical footing. The result is going to be a really serious depression. I call it the Greater Depression.

The spread between the haves who live in multi-million dollar houses and the have-nots who live in tents isn’t new. After all, Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” What’s new is that the middle class is being impoverished. What’s left of the middle class is deeply in debt—student debt, credit card debt, car loan debt, mortgage debt. And if they’re not lucky enough to have a house with mortgage debt, they’re renting. And rents have gone up so rapidly that if the average guy has an unforeseen $500 expense, he can’t pay it.

That augurs poorly for consumption. It’s said, idiotically, that the American economy rests on consumption. It’s idiotic because it should be said that it rests on production. But I’m not sure the US produces that much anymore.

Most of the people who “work” basically sit at desks and shuffle papers. Few actively create real wealth.

On top of that, the country is vastly over-financialized.

The bond market has already largely collapsed, but it can get a lot worse as interest rates head back up to the levels that they were in the early 1980s and beyond.

Much lower stock prices are in the cards, both because of high interest rates and because people won’t be consuming such massive quantities of corporate produce.

The real estate market rests on a foundation of debt. It can easily go bust as interest rates go up. We’re already seeing this with office buildings across the country. And, of course, these office buildings are financed by banks. Banks are going to see a lot of defaults on loans they’ve made.

Meanwhile, bank capital invested in bonds has eroded because bond prices fall in proportion to the degree rise in interest rates, which have gone from close to zero to 5% or 6%. If banks had to mark their loans and capital investments to the market, most would already be bankrupt.

Can the government paper all these things over by printing yet more money? I suppose.

But at some point very soon, the dollar will lose value very rapidly; it will be treated like a hot potato. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

International Man: This year, we saw the price of gold hit a record high, uranium reached $81.25 per pound, and Bitcoin more than doubled as it entered a new bull market. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is up around 21% year to date as of writing.

What are your thoughts on what happened in the financial markets in 2023 and what could come next?

Doug Casey: Unfortunately, the US central bank, the Fed, has a gigantic amount of influence over the markets.

They can employ “quantitative easing,” which means printing money—and “quantitative tightening,” which means decreasing the money and artificially raising interest rates.

They have many hundreds of Ph.D. economists on staff, but all these people operate on phony Keynesian theories of the way the world works. The consequences of building an economic system on a foundation of paper money and gigantic amounts of debt are potentially catastrophic.

At this point, the economy’s on the razor edge. If they push the print button and hold it down too long, we could go into a runaway inflation. Or, to tamp down inflation, they might raise interest rates and contract the money supply, which might set off a 1929-style credit collapse.

We’re caught between Scylla and Charybdis at this point. And I don’t believe it’s a question of a soft landing or a hard landing. It’s a question of how devastating the crash landing will be.

I hope they can wring one more cycle out of all this because I personally prefer good times to bad times, even if they’re artificial good times, because the bad times are going to be very real.


A massive explosion of truth just happened worldwide

A massive explosion of truth just happened worldwide 13 December 2023

An unprecedented ‘nuclear truth explosion’ occurred in the United States, with worldwide impact, forever changing the face of the earth. It is, however, not the kind of explosion we all expect when using the word ‘nuclear’, but it’s impact worldwide is even greater than any typical A-bomb. Let me explain what happened…

There are three men in our world, that have an impact on humanity unlike anybody else in history. They have the power to steer a vast portion of the human race in a good or a bad direction. And no, they are not presidents of any country. Their influence is way greater than politics.

I am talking about Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Nobody on the face of the earth has a greater influence on mankind, than these three combined. Each of them has a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of people, giving them more power than the
mainstream media. To give you an idea of their atomic media power:
? A recent broadcast of Tucker Carlson reached 427 million people, which means that one out of every 14 people in the world saw it!
? Joe Rogan has 3 billion views on YouTube alone, not including his Spotify, Rumble, and X accounts.

? Elon Musk boasts 166 million followers on X, making him one of the largest social media profiles in the world. Together these three men reach a vast portion of the entire world population, on an
ongoing basis. And they just launched something that forever changes the course of humanity…

All three of these world influencers brought the notorious ALEX JONES onto their platform, and turned the eyes of the entire world onto him. Joe Rogan interviewed Alex Jones. Tucker Carlson interviewed Alex Jones. Elon Musk reinstated Alex Jones on X. Why is that a ‘nuclear truth explosion’ of unprecedented
proportions? Alex Jones is the ‘father of conspiracy theories’. Whoever says conspiracy theory, says Alex Jones. He was mocked for decades. Nobody believed him, so to speak. He was censored on all sides. The masses dismissed his crazy reporting as ridiculous nonsense, fit for lunatics and idiots. In recent years, however, all those so-called conspiracy theories have turned out to be true,
one by one. Be it about vaccines, a globalist elite, weather manipulation, child trafficking, media mind control,… you name it.
Every single conspiracy theory formulated during the past decades, has been proven to be true.

This worldwide revealing of unprecedented truth is called the ‘Great Awakening’. Mankind is finally beginning to open its eyes to reality, much to the terror of the criminal elites, who are desperately trying to prevent the truth from reaching more people. But they have fatally failed. Because what just happened? The father of all conspiracies, Alex Jones, is being vindicated and promoted worldwide by some of the world’s most influential personalities,
Carlson, Rogan and Musk. By doing this, they are telling the world:
LISTEN TO THIS MAN! HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE TRUE! WAKE UP! The nuclear blast of awakening this is sending all across the earth is unheard of. Millions of people will begin to pay attention to the truth, for the first time in their life. The ripple effect will be incalculable.
And that’s not all they have been doing. Elon Musk has been using the world’s most powerful social media platform to wake up mankind as never before. Here are some of the profound truths Elon Musk has been exposing to hundreds of millions of people, on X:
? The pandemic was a criminal operation, orchestrated by a criminal network of so called ‘elites’.

? The US government, CIA and FBI are complicit in censoring truth about the pandemic vaccines. ? There is a global network of multi-billionaires who have an agenda to control the world. ? The World Health Organization wants to establish global tyranny under the
guise of health emergencies. ? The World Economic Forum is a criminal organization, with an agenda to control the world.
? The mainstream news media lies to the public, in order to push the agenda of the billionaires who own these news agencies.
? There is a worldwide network of child trafficking called PizzaGate, where millions of kids are sold to politicians etc. for sexual abuse.
? Climate change is a hoax, created to have an excuse for submitting the world to global tyranny. And much more… Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and turned it into X, for the sole purpose of exposing the diabolical agenda of world tyranny, effectively shattering the mind-control grip of the elites over hundreds of millions of people. Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan have been doing the same. Step by step they are removing the blindfold from mankind and they confirm that everything which was revealed by millions of truth tellers, independent journalists, courageous researchers, and all kinds of heroes of humanity, is true.
What is happening on in our world, is beyond our wildest dreams, and we haven’t seen the best of it yet. The world will see the truth. Humanity will wake up. The thick dark veil of deception that
has been covering the world population for centuries, is being lifted.

We are witnessing the greatest transformation in all of human history. The dark age of deception will end, and a bright future is dawning with glorious hope at the horizon. I encourage everyone to keep sharing truth, spread our documentaries, support the good
warriors of this world, do every effort in your ability to assist this incredible awakening of humankind to truth and a better world.
There will still be some dark times, as the forces of evil will desperately try to save themselves and attempt to succeed with their diabolical agendas, yet it will all serve to defeat them even more severely. However, the attempts will be real and we must brace ourselves for the impact of the final battles ahead. In the midst of the darkest storms that will rage over this world, we must keep
hold of the sure hope of a new day that is dawning and the light that is increasingly spreading over humanity. Never give up. Never back down. Lift up your head, and welcome the glorious dawn of a
better world.

We are all part of this epic transformation. We all play a role. All our voices combined create this worldwide roar of truth, thundering through the airwaves, pounding on the deaf eardrums of a hypnotized human race, slowly but steadily penetrating even the most unwilling minds. We are breaking through and the sound of truth will become a clash that will shatter the walls of darkness and pave the way for humanity to enter a future we never knew could exist.

If you are able to, then please help us rebuild our platform after being censored, for the second time. With your help we can continue spreading hope and truth to the world. Use this link to support us. Thank you so much!


Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’

Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’  By Baxter Dmitry, 6 October 2023

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab is a “globalist
terrorist” who is “holding humanity to ransom”, according to Russian
President Vladimir Putin who warned the elite that their New World Order has failed and their “days are numbered.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on October 5 at the plenary session of the 20th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi and emphasized the tectonic and irreversible shifts taking place in the global order.
According to Putin, globalists including Schwab and his close advisors are “legitimate military targets” because they have been actively attempting to seize power illegally via a globalist coup d’etat.

Sixteen years ago, at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, Putin told Western leaders that the natural type of international system is multipolarity, clearly showing that Russia would oppose the creation of a New World Order based on the international liberal rules-based-order aggressively pushed by the globalist elite and
their liberal politicians in Western democracies. The moment of truth has come, according to Putin, and the global elite’s plans for a
New World Order are receding in front of our eyes while a new multipolar world, in which traditional cultures retain their heritage within their own borders, is rising like a phoenix.

Putin Outlines Six Civilizational Principles For the Post-NWO World
During his Valdai speech, Putin outlined six principles Russia wants to adhere to and offers other nations to join it. Via Sputnik:
“First, we want to live in an open, interconnected world, in which no one will ever try to erect artificial barriers to people’s communication, their creative realization, and prosperity. There must be a barrier-free environment,” Putin said.

The second principle is the diversity of the world, which should not only be preserved, but should also be the foundation of universal development.

The third principle, according to the Russian head of state, is maximum representativeness: “No one has the right or can rule the world for others or on behalf of others. The world of the future is a world of collective decisions,” the president emphasized.Fourth is universal security and lasting peace that takes into account the interests of great states and small countries equally. To achieve this, it is important to free international relations from the bloc mentality and the dark legacy of the colonial era and Cold War, according to Putin.

The fifth principle is justice for all: “The era of exploitation of anyone – I have already said this twice – is a thing of the past. Countries and peoples are clearly aware of their interests and capabilities and are ready to rely on themselves, and this multiplies their strength. Everyone must be provided with access to the benefits of
modern development,” Putin emphasized.

The sixth principle is equality: no one should be forced to obey those who are richer or more powerful at the cost of their own development and national interests, according to the Russian president.

“The ‘civilizational model’ referred to in Putin’s speech seems anchored on ‘principles’ – such as non-colonial relations; non-patronizing attitudes; respectful of diversity rooted in the diverse traditions – that will require a huge work to generate
new shared international norms,” according to Paolo Raffone, a strategic analyst and director of the CIPI Foundation in Brussels.
“The Western ‘rules-based liberal international order’ is unilateral, and it could be imposed in a specific time in history leveraging on the power and prominence of a small group of colonial powers that after the liberal model crisis and civil war (1914-1945) has been inherited by a distant but super-powerful country (US).“
In a nutshell, I can say that the ‘civilizational model’ approach probably aims at structuring a shared world ‘software,’ while the ‘liberal rules-based order’ has been aiming at building an imposed ‘hardware’ defended by ‘rules’ serving the financial
and military hegemony.”


The unipolar UK/US/European empires are dying; a multipolar world is rising fast based on BRICS

This interview SGT 50-minute Report with Harley Schlanger from the excellent Larouche Organisation ( explains the big geo-political picture that the past and present unipolar empires from Europe, in particular the UK and the US, were built by subduing every country that stood in their path of destruction and coercion.  Russia and China stood up against these colonisers, now joined by some 40 other countries in their BRICS organisation that is creating a new fair world based on trade, respect and sovereignty.  In recent days 5 African countries’ militaries have ousted their colonial governments to restore genuine democracy.  The local populations are ecstatic. Now the US Deep State, Democrats and large corporations are in rapid decline and trying every evil trick to retain their hegemony including fires and directed energy weapons.

SGT Report: Panic in the City of London! – Harley Schlanger – Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (

Prigozhin’s Gambit—Treason by any other name

Prigozhin’s Gambit—Treason by any other name  By Scott Ritter, 25 June 2023

In the 1997 Disney animated musical fantasy film, Hercules, there is a particularly catchy number, Zero to Hero, which describes the rise of the star of the film from a clumsy boy into a strong and capable man. In the span of less than 24 hours, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the public face of the Wagner Group, a Russian private military contractor with shadowy ties to Russian military intelligence, has flipped the script of this ashes to diamonds tale, transforming an organization that had, through virtue of its impressive battlefield performance, become a legendary symbol of Russian patriotism and strength, into a discredited band of disgruntled traitors seeking the violent overthrow of the constitutional government of Russian on behalf of nations who seek the strategic defeat and ultimate destruction of Russia.

If Disney were to write a song about Prigozhin and Wagner today, it would be called Hero to Zero.

Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind—Yevgeny Prigozhin has become a witting agent of Ukraine and the intelligence services of the collective West. And while there may be those within Wagner who have been unwittingly drawn into this act of high treason through deception and subterfuge, in the aftermath of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russian nation on June 24, and Yevgeny Prigozhin’s impolitic reply, there can be no doubt that there are only two sides in this struggle—the side of constitutional legitimacy, and the side of unconstitutional treason and sedition. Anyone who continues to participate in Prigozhin’s coup has aligned themselves on the wrong side of the law and have themselves become outlaws.

Having taken Wagner down this unfortunate path, one needs to examine the motivations—stated and otherwise—that could prompt such a dangerous course of action. First and foremost, Prigozhin’s gambit must be looked at for what it is—an act of desperation. For all its military prowess, Wagner as a fighting force is unsustainable for any period without the logistical support of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The fuel that powers Wagner’s vehicles, the ammunition that gives its weapons their lethality, the food that nourishes its fighters—all comes from the very organization that Prigozhin has set his sights on usurping. This reality means that to succeed, Prigozhin would need to rally sufficient support behind his cause capable of not only sustaining his gambit but offsetting the considerable power of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Federation which, if left intact, would be able to readily defeat the forces of Wagner in any large-scale combat.

In short, Prigozhin is looking to create a so-called “Moscow Maidan” designed to replicate the success of the events of early 2014 in Kiev, where the constitutionally elected government of President Victor Yanukovych was toppled from power through violence and force of will that was orchestrated by Ukrainian nationalists supported by the US and Europe. The fantasy of a “Moscow Maidan” has been at the center of the strategy of the collective West and their Ukrainian proxy from the very start. Premised on the notion of a weak Russian president propped up by a thoroughly corrupt oligarch class, the idea of creating the conditions for the rise of sufficient domestic unrest capable of bringing down the Putin government like a proverbial house of cards was the primary objective of the sanctions regime imposed by the West after the initiation of the Special Military Operation (SMO) on February 24, 2022. The failure of the sanctions to generate such a result compelled the collective West to double-down on the notion of collapsing the Russian government, this time using a military solution. The British Prime Minister pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to forgo a negotiated settlement to the conflict that was ready to be signed in Istanbul on April 1, 2022, and instead engage in a protracted war with Russia fueled by tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military and financial assistance designed to inflict military losses on Russia sufficient to trigger domestic unrest—the elusive “Moscow Maidan.”

This effort likewise failed.

Failing to create the conditions conducive for the collapse of domestic support for Putin and the Ukrainian conflict by pressuring Russia from without, the collective West began working to create the conditions for bringing down Russia by sowing internal seeds of dissention. This strategy hinged on a very sophistical information warfare scheme which simultaneously sought to suppress and discredit narratives which sustained the official position of the Russian government, while building up covert agents of influence within social media outlets deemed to be influential amongst the Russian public. Using these channels, the pro-Ukrainian practitioners of information war began promulgating narratives intended to highlight the failings of the Russian government and, more specifically, persons close to President Putin who were affiliated with the SMO. By focusing their angst on what these channels were highlighting as the “failures” of the SMO, the information warfare practitioners were able to wrap themselves in the mantle of “patriotism,” claiming only to be looking out for the best interests of “Mother Russia,” all the while denigrating the character of the constitutional government.

There were several compelling narratives that were used by these information warfare specialists to serve as the foundation of their attack on Putin’s Russia. One of the more popular was grounded in the mythology of “2014” and the early resistance to the Ukrainian nationalists who sought to impose their policies of cultural and linguistic genocide on the ethnic Russian population of the Donbas. Let there be no doubt—the fighting that took place in the initial months and years of the Donbas conflict was difficult and bloody, and those who rallied to the cause of the ethnic Russians of the Donbas deserve tremendous credit for their courage and resilience in the face of a dangerous enemy. But this resistance also served to foster a sense of entitlement among the early leaders and participants of this resistance which often transformed into resentment against Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for abandoning the citizens of the Donbas to their own fate. The combination of resentful entitlement turned into hostility after the initiation of the SMO, when these “originals” took umbrage at whet they deemed to be the inadequate intervention on the part of the Russian government and the perceived incompetence of the Russian military. Characters such as Igor Girkin (perhaps better known by his nom de guerre, Strelkov) and Russell “Texas” Bentley perfected the art of “patriotic” criticism which, intentionally or not, was used by Russia’s enemies to further the notion of a weak and ineffective Russian government vulnerable to intervention by “real” Russian patriots who were concerned about “corruption” and “inefficiency” in the Putin regime. The pro-Ukrainian information warfare outlets were able to help magnify these “patriotic” voices of dissent by disseminating their message using Telegram and YouTube channels.

An expansion on the theme of “betrayed patriot” involves the Wagner Group itself and is pertinent to the present matter. The origins of the private military contract company, Wagner, are murky, but appear to be linked to the events of 2014 in the Donbas and the need for the Russian government to create a vehicle for the provision of relevant military expertise and material to the ethnic Russian resistance in the Donbas that would not conflict with Russian constitutional prohibitions against the deployment of regular Russian Army personnel on foreign soil. From its inception, Wagner was an adjunct of Russian Military Intelligence (GRU), and responsive to the commands of the Russian General Staff. This placed Wagner in the shadowy space between being an official agent of government policy and an independently-funded private military contractor.

Following the initiation of the SMO, the role played by Wagner in the Donbas conflict expanded, transitioning from an advisory capacity to major combatant by expanding the scope and scale of the Wagner presence. Wagner grew into a Corps-sized formation equipped with heavy weapons, including armor and artillery, as well as fixed-wing fighter aircraft, and was assigned responsibility for a section of the frontlines which included the twin-salt mining towns of Soledar and Bakhmut, both of which had been heavily fortified by the Ukrainian military. The bloody fighting for the Soledar-Bakhmut complex, which became known by the sobriquet “the meatgrinder,” helped transform Wagner into a legendary combat force in the minds of most Russians, and elevated Prigozhin’s profile considerably.

Wagner achieved its well-deserved martial reputation largely because it was able to operate independent of the suffocating bureaucracy of the Russian military. Thus liberated, Wagner was able to best exploit the experience and skill of its veteran fighters, streamlining command and control and tactical decision-making to enable Wagner to seize and maintain operational initiative, allowing Wagner to dominate the battlefield. While Wagner had operational independence, it received its operational tasking from the Russian General Staff, which also provided Wagner with the weapons, ammunition, fuel, and other logistical sustainment necessary to carry out its assigned mission.

The legal status of Wagner was secure so long as the territory it operated on was not Russian. This changed, however, in the aftermath of the September 2022 referendum which saw the Donbas transition from being an independent entity to being part of Russia. Wagner was able to maintain its unique status during the political transition of the Donbas to full Russian constitutional control, but once this transition was completed, sometime in early 2023, reality came home to roost. Logistical requisitions, which used to be treated as special requests approved as part of the general support provided by Russia to the Donbas, were not treated as part of the routine logistical establishment of the Russian ministry of Defense. From a practical standpoint, this meant that the quantities of ammunition, especially in terms of artillery shells, was cut back to reflect the “norm” used to support military formations of a similar size. Wagner tactics, however, were contingent upon the ability to support their operations with overwhelming fire support. Denied the quantities of ammunition they were used to receiving, Wagner’s assault detachment began to take heavy casualties, prompting Prigozhin to initiate a public feud with both Shoigu and Gerasimov, whom he accused of incompetence and corruption.

Prigozhin’s antics, which were played out in intimate detail on social media, caught the attention of pro-Ukrainian information warfare specialists, who began promoting the narrative of Prigozhin—a former convict with zero political experience—assuming a leadership position in Russia. Prigozhin himself seemed to feed off this notion. While publicly denying any such ambition, Prigozhin continued his public trolling of Shoigu and Gerasimov. The vitriol became so intense that Putin was compelled to summon both men to the Kremlin, where they were read the riot act by an irate Russian President and told in no uncertain terms to cease and desist or pay the consequences. Putin also at this time had Shoigu step back from being the overseer of Wagner logistical support, instead turning that task over to General Sergey Surovikin, a senior military commander overseeing the air component of the SMO.

In retrospect, this was a mistake, as it only reinforced the notion in Prigozhin’s mind that if he made a big enough scene, Putin would yield to his desires.

At some point in time, Prigozhin appears to have gone off the rails completely. Even after the presidential intervention, Prigozhin continued his public feud with both Shoigu and Gerasimov, at one point threatening to pull Wagner out of Bakhmut before that battle was concluded. Prigozhin went out of his way to promote himself as a frontline commander, appearing in videos he published on Telegram visiting the Wagner fighters on the frontline, often under fire, and then contrasting this with what Prigozhin articulated as the timid behavior of Shoigu and Gerasimov, whom Prigozhin mocked for managing the SMO from the safety of bunkers far from the zone of conflict.

At some point in time Prigozhin’s antics caught the attention of Ukrainian intelligence, and their British and US counterparts. The narcissistic need for attention, coupled with grandiose notions of self-importance, made Prigozhin an ideal candidate for recruitment by a hostile foreign intelligence service. A financial component—basic greed—can be added to this behavioral model as well. In addition to seeking to bring Wagner under the operational control of the Ministry of Defense through the rationing of ammunition, Defense Minister Shoigu announced that Wagner fighters would have to sign legally binding contracts with the Russian Minister of Defense to allow them to continue to serve in their capacity as a combat unit. The reason for this was the constitutional ban on private military companies operating on Russian soil. The Russian government was willing to turn a blind eye to this legality while the battle for Bakhmut raged, but once the “meatgrinder” shut down, and Wagner was withdrawn from the front for a period of well-deserved rest and refitting, the Ministry of Defense announced that before Wagner could resume its combat operations (Prigozhin indicated that Wagner would return to fighting around August 5), its fighters and commanders would have to sign contracts. The deadline for signing contracts was set for July 1.

According to Prigozhin, the military council of commanders—the real leaders of Wagner—refused to allow these contracts to be signed. Wagner and Shoigu were heading for a confrontation. Wagner was, during this time, building upon the good will of the Russian people that had been earned in the bloody fighting for Bakhmut. Wagner was engaged in an unprecedented public relations campaign designed to imprint on the Russian people the heroic status its fighters enjoyed, all the while seeking to recruit new fighters into it ranks. The success of this public relations campaign only reinforced in the mindset of Prigozhin the notion that he and Wagner were more popular amongst the Russian people than were Shoigu, Gerasimov, and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The collusion between Prigozhin and the Ukrainians, while unproven at this juncture, appears obvious in retrospect. One of the key indicators is the decision by the Ukrainians to send so-called “anti-Putin” Russian forces across the border into the Belgorod region of Russia, helping create the impression of Russian impotence and incompetence, notions Prigozhin was only too happy to magnify on his own Telegram channels. This message was then further disseminated by Ukrainian-controlled Telegram channels, including those which operated under the guise of serving “Russian patriots.”

Soon both Prigozhin and the ostensible “pro-Russian” social media accounts were highlighting the potential of a Russian Civil War and the collapse of the Putin regime in a repeat of the collapse experienced in the Russian Army in 1917, leading to the downfall of Tsarist rule and the Romanov dynasty. Indeed, informed observers have stated that many of the Wagner fighters who accompanied Prigozhin into Russia as part of the ongoing armed insurrection apparently believed that they were being dispatched to reinforce the border region to guard against future incursions into Russia by forces loyal to Ukraine.

If the goal of Prigozhin was to achieve the collapse of the Putin regime, it appears to have failed miserably. No political leaders, no military leaders of units, no oligarchs have rallied to Prigozhin’s cause. Russia appears to be firmly behind President Putin, and supportive of his stated goal of bringing this insurrection to an end using all means necessary. While Prigozhin claimed to have assembled a force of some 25,000 men for his march of Moscow, the reality is the total number of Wagner soldiers involved is no more than half that number.

Unless Wagner receives substantial assistance, this invasion force will soon run into sustainability issues—gas, ammunition, and food supplies will become problematic. Moreover, as Russian forces begin to physically confront Wagner, it will become crystal clear to the actual fighters that far from defending Russia from a corrupt and inept regime, Wagner has become a pariah, forever linked in the minds of Russia as traitors who sought to stick a knife in Russia’s back at a time of great peril to the survival of the nation—in short, Wagner will have transitioned from Hero to Zero.

What Prigozhin and his supporters, both in the command and rank and file of Wagner, and those collaborators in the social media universe, have done in attacking the constitutional government of Russia is nothing short of treason. Unless something extreme happens in the next day or two, it is inevitable that Wagner will be defeated. The history books will always punctuate its existence as an organization with perfidy of having betrayed Russia to its enemies. But the critical point here isn’t Wagner’s treasonous behavior, but rather the fact that Russia’s enemies—in particular the British and American intelligence services—saw fit to facilitate a substantive armed insurrection designed to remove from power the government of a nuclear armed power. Imagine, for a moment, the righteous ire that would be on display in the halls of Congress and within the walls of the White House if Russian intelligence had actively conspired to have an entity like Blackwater march on Washington, DC with the goal of removing President Biden from power.

It would, some might say, constitute an act of war.

Russian nuclear doctrine allows for Russia to use nuclear weapons when faced with an existential threat to the survival of the Russian state.

If the CIA and MI-6 were involved in the recruitment of Prigozhin with an eye toward facilitating Wagner’s march of Moscow, then they would have been directly engaged in an action that constituted an existential threat to Russia.

Russia would, under its doctrine, have every right to use nuclear weapons in response.

For everyone cheering Prigozhin along this morning, think on that long and hard as you chew on your breakfast.

Because if Prigozhin were to succeed, there may be no tomorrow.


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stuns the UN in New York

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stuns the UN in New York  By Pepe Escobar, from Zerohedge, 28 April 2023

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s New York moment performed the diplomatic equivalent of bringing the house down…

Now picture a true gentleman, the foremost diplomat of these troubled times, in total command of the facts and endowed with a delightful sense of humor, taking a perilous walk on the wild side, to quote iconic Lou Reed, and emerging unscathed.

In fact, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s New York moment – as in his two interventions before the UN Security Council on April 24 and 25 – performed the diplomatic equivalent of bringing the house down. At least the sections of the house inhabited by the Global South – or Global Majority.

April 24, during the 9308th meeting of the UNSC under the agenda “Maintenance of international peace and security, effective multilateralism through the protection of the principles of the UN Charter”, was particularly relevant.

Lavrov stressed the symbolism of the meeting happening on the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, deemed quite significant by a 2018 UN General Assembly resolution.

In his preamble, Lavrov noted how “in two weeks, we will celebrate the 78th anniversary of Victory in World War II. The defeat of Nazi Germany, to which my country made a decisive contribution with the support of the Allies, laid the foundation for the post-war international order. The UN Charter has become its legal basis, and our organization itself, embodying true multilateralism, has acquired a central, coordinating role in world politics.”

Well, not really. And that brings us to Lavrov’s true walk on the wild side, pinpointing how multilateralism has been trampled. Way beyond torrents of denigration by the usual suspects, and their attempt to submit him to an ice cold shower in New York, or even confine him to the – geopolitical – freezer, he prevailed. Let’s take a walk with him across the current wasteland. Mr. Lavrov, you’re the star of the show.

Our way or the highway

That “rules-based order”:

The UN-centric system is going through a deep crisis. The root cause was the desire of some members of our organization to replace international law and the UN Charter with a kind of ‘rules-based order.’ No one saw these ‘rules’, they were not the subject of transparent international negotiations. They are invented and used to counteract the natural processes of the formation of new independent centers of development, which are an objective manifestation of multilateralism. They are trying to contain them with illegitimate unilateral measures, including cutting off access to modern technologies and financial services, ousting them from supply chains, confiscating property, destroying competitors’ critical infrastructure, and manipulating universally agreed norms and procedures. As a result, the fragmentation of world trade, the collapse of market mechanisms, the paralysis of the WTO and the final, already without disguise, transformation of the IMF into a tool for achieving the goals of the United States and its allies, including military goals.”

Destroying globalization:

In a desperate attempt to assert its dominance by punishing the disobedient, the United States went on to destroy globalization, which for many years was extolled as the highest good of all mankind, serving the multilateral system of the world economy. Washington and the rest of the West, which has submitted to it, use their ‘rules’ whenever it is necessary to justify illegitimate steps against those who build their policies in accordance with international law and refuse to follow the selfish interests of the ‘golden billion’. Dissenters are blacklisted according to the principle: ‘Whoever is not with us is against us.’ It has long been ‘inconvenient’ for our Western colleagues to negotiate in universal formats, such as the UN. For the ideological justification of the policy of undermining multilateralism, the theme of the unity of ‘democracies’ as opposed to ‘autocracies’ has been introduced. In addition to the ‘summits for democracy’, whose composition is determined by the self-proclaimed Hegemon, other ‘clubs of the elite’ are being created, bypassing the UN.”

“Garden” vs. “Jungle:

“Let’s call a spade a spade: no one allowed the Western minority to speak on behalf of all mankind. It is necessary to behave decently and respect all members of the international community. By imposing a ‘rules-based order’, its authors arrogantly reject a key principle of the UN Charter – the sovereign equality of states. The quintessence of the ‘exclusivity complex’ was the ‘proud’ statement by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, that ‘Europe is the Garden of Eden, and the rest of the world is a jungle.’ I will also quote the NATO-EU Joint Statement of January 10 of this year, which states: the ‘United West’ will use all the economic, financial, political and – I pay special attention – military tools available to NATO and the EU to ensure the interests of ‘our one billion’.

NATO’s “line of defense”:

“At last year’s summit in Madrid, NATO, which has always convinced everyone of its ‘peacefulness’ and the exclusively defensive nature of its military programs, declared ‘global responsibility’, the ‘indivisibility of security’ in the Euro-Atlantic region and in the so-called Indo-Pacific region. That is, now the ‘line of defense’ of NATO (as a defensive Alliance) is shifting to the western shores of the Pacific Ocean. Bloc approaches that undermine ASEAN-centric multilateralism are manifested in the creation of the AUKUS military alliance, into which Tokyo, Seoul and a number of ASEAN countries are being pushed. Under the auspices of the United States, mechanisms are being created to intervene in maritime security issues with an eye to ensuring the unilateral interests of the West in the South China Sea. Josep Borrell, whom I have already quoted today, promised yesterday to send EU naval forces to the region. It is not hidden that the goal of the ‘Indo-Pacific strategies’ is to contain the PRC and isolate Russia. This is how our Western colleagues understand ‘effective multilateralism’ in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“Promoting democracy”:

Since World War II, there have been dozens of criminal military adventures by Washington – without any attempt to gain multilateral legitimacy. Why, if there are ‘rules’ unknown to anyone? The shameful invasion of Iraq by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003 was carried out in violation of the UN Charter, as was the aggression against Libya in 2011. A gross violation of the UN Charter was U.S. interference in the affairs of post-Soviet states. ‘Color revolutions’ were organized in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, a bloody coup d’état in Kiev in February 2014, and attempts to seize power by force in Belarus in 2020. The Anglo-Saxons, who confidently led the entire West, not only justify all these criminal adventures, but also flaunt their line of ‘promoting democracy.’ But again, according to its ‘rules’: Kosovo – to recognize independence without any referendum; Crimea – not to recognize (although there was a referendum); Do not touch the Falklands/Malvinas, because there was a referendum there (as British Foreign Secretary John Cleverly said recently). That’s funny.”

The geopolitics of the “Ukrainian issue”:

Today, everyone understands, although not everyone talks about it out loud: this is not about Ukraine at all, but about how international relations will be built further: through the formation of a stable consensus based on a balance of interests – or through the aggressive and explosive promotion of hegemony. It is impossible to consider the ‘Ukrainian issue’ in isolation from the geopolitical context. Multilateralism presupposes respect for the UN Charter in all the interconnectedness of its principles, as mentioned above. Russia has clearly explained the tasks that it pursues as part of a special military operation: to eliminate the threats to our security created by NATO members directly on our borders and to protect people who have been deprived of their rights proclaimed by multilateral conventions, to protect them from the direct threats of extermination and expulsion from the territories where their ancestors lived for centuries publicly declared by the Kyiv regime. We honestly said what and for whom we are fighting.”

The Global South fights back:

“True multilateralism at the present stage requires the UN to adapt to the objective trends in the formation of a multipolar architecture of international relations. The reform of the Security Council must be accelerated by increasing the representation of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The West’s current outrageous overrepresentation in this main UN organ undermines multilateralism. At the initiative of Venezuela, the Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter was created. We call on all States that respect the Charter to join it. It is also important to use the constructive potential of BRICS and the SCO. The EAEU, the CIS, and the CSTO are ready to contribute. We are in favor of using the initiative of the positions of regional associations of the countries of the Global South. The Group of Twenty can also play a useful role in maintaining multilateralism if Western participants stop distracting their colleagues from topical issues on its agenda in the hope of muffling the topic of their responsibility for the accumulation of crisis phenomena in the world economy.”

So who’s breaking the law?

After this concise tour de force, it would be immensely enlightening to track what Lavrov has been telling the world since February 2022, in consistent, excruciating detail: the serial international law breakers, in contemporary history, have been the Hegemon and its sorry gaggle of vassals. Not Russia.

So Moscow was completely within its rights to launch the SMO – as it had no alternative. And that operation will be brought to its logical conclusion – inbuilt in the new Russian Foreign Policy Concept published on March 31st. Whatever may be unleashed by the Collective West will be simply ignored by Russia, as it regards the entire combo to be acting outside the norms of international law laid down in the UN Charter.


Global Security Initiative


Global Security Initiative  Source: Xinhua, 25 April 2023


Xinhua headlines: Why Global Security Initiative can inspire hope for more peaceful, stable world.


*Mounting global security challenges now stand as a constant reminder that the world community faces a momentous and urgent choice between a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security or the Cold-War style paradigm that merely caters to the hegemony of one and absolute security of a few.

*Advocating a new path to security featuring dialogue over confrontation, partnership over alliance, and win-win over zero-sum, the Global Security Initiative has so far elicited a positive traction from more than 80 countries and regional organizations.

*Security is a precondition for development, while development is a master key to addressing major problems.

BEIJING, April 22 (Xinhua) — Earlier this month, the foreign ministers of China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran shook hands in Beijing, marking a historic moment in Riyadh-Tehran relations. The two countries’ resumption of diplomatic ties under China’s mediation signals the possibility that humanity can rise above conflict and achieve reconciliation for common good.

The historic thaw came almost a year after Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Global Security Initiative (GSI), which aims to eliminate the root causes of international conflicts, improve global security governance, encourage joint international efforts to bring more stability and certainty to a volatile and changing era, and promote durable peace and development in the world.



In the wake of the Riyadh-Tehran rapprochement, reconciliatory steps have taken place successively to break diplomatic impasses and end the long-running feud over several hotspots in the Middle East.

For example, Saudi Arabia is planning to invite Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to the Arab League Summit which will be hosted by Riyadh in May. Such a move would formally end Syria’s isolation in the region. In addition, Qatar and Bahrain recently announced the resumption of formal diplomatic ties. Türkiye and Egypt also pledged to raise their relations to the ambassadorial level.


This “wave of reconciliation” as described by many media and experts can testify to the irreplaceable role of dialogues and consultations in promoting peace and stability.

“War and sanctions are no fundamental solution to disputes; only dialogue and consultation are effective in resolving differences,” according to a GSI concept paper released in February.

In fact, consensus worldwide on solving the protracted Ukraine crisis via talks and other peaceful means are gradually building up.

While visiting China earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron told Xi in their talks that France calls for the resumption of political negotiations and a settlement of the crisis through diplomatic means to achieve lasting peace in Europe, adding that his country hopes to increase communication and make joint efforts with China toward peace.

Back in March, Xi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, also stressed in a joint statement that the Ukraine crisis should be solved through dialogues during the Chinese leader’s Russia visit.

While the Western security schemes are largely in favor of resolving disputes through military intervention, China’s approach is pro-peace and pro-global security, said Gibson Nyikadzino, a Zimbabwean international relations analyst.



Mounting global security challenges now stand as a constant reminder that the world community faces a momentous and urgent choice between a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security or the Cold-War style paradigm that merely caters to the hegemony of one and absolute security of a few.

History lessons abound. NATO promised at the end of the Cold War that it would not add new members, yet the U.S.-led military bloc has expanded eastward five times since 1999, advancing more than 1,000 km to the Russian border.

The deep cause of the Ukraine crisis is the expansion of NATO, and “the Russians are reacting to the West’s attempt to make Ukraine a western bulwark on Russia’s border,” John Mearsheimer, political science professor at the University of Chicago, commented.

Yet it seems that Washington and some of its Western allies are still not learning their lesson. In the Asia-Pacific, they are not only trying to extend NATO into the region, but also pushing for such ideologically driven groupings as the Quad and AUKUS alliance.

Concerns for worsening regional situation are on the rise. Joseph Matthews, a senior professor at the BELTEI International University in Phnom Penh, argued that AUKUS is posing a major security threat to ASEAN and the whole Asian region.

Leaders of regional countries like Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also cautioned the danger of being forced to pick sides in the bloc confrontation being forced upon the region by Washington.

Advocating a new path to security featuring dialogue over confrontation, partnership over alliance, and win-win over zero-sum, the GSI has so far elicited a positive traction from more than 80 countries and regional organizations.

In the concept paper, China expounds the core ideas and principles of the initiative, reaffirming its commitments to abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, taking the legitimate security concerns of all countries seriously, and peacefully resolving differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultation, among other pledges.

Unlike such Western theories as the theory of alliance, Thucydides trap and “clash of civilizations” that eventually resulted in instability and conflicts, the Chinese initiative provides a new way for all countries, especially the developing ones, to maintain peace and development and receive equal treatment, said Muthanna Mishaan al-Mazrouei, a professor of political geography at Iraq’s Tikrit University.

“We are witnessing the transition from a unipolar world to a multi-level one,” he observed. “The Global Security Initiative meets the needs of the international community.”



China’s words on peace are its bonds. As the full escalation of the Ukraine crisis reached its one-year mark in late February, China issued a document of its position on the political settlement of the crisis, calling for respecting the sovereignty of all countries, abandoning the Cold War mentality and resuming peace talks.

Earlier this month, China released a paper stating its position on the Afghan issue, voicing support for moderate and prudent governance in Afghanistan, and for peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The points listed in the paper highlighted China’s peace-building philosophy behind the GSI, said Shakeel Ahmad Ramay, chief executive officer of the Asian Institute of Eco-civilization Research and Development, adding that it shows China is really serious to solve the issues.

“So China lets the Afghan people decide about that governance system and supports them with economic and development opportunities. I think it will bring sustainable peace to Afghanistan, which will be beneficial for that region and the world,” he said.


In addition to its involvement in traditional security matters, China has taken an active role in international cooperation in non-traditional security fields including counter-terrorism, digital governance, and climate change. Through providing a diverse range of public goods, it has made significant contributions towards addressing various security challenges.

For example, China is a significant contributor of troops and the second-largest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping missions. And China has dispatched medical teams totaling 30,000 members to 76 countries and regions over the past six decades, providing 290 million diagnoses and treatments for local people.

The GSI guarantees true peace and security for the international community, said Najib al-Jubouri, a law professor at the al-Iraqia University in Iraq.

It is a laudable initiative that respects the sovereignty of every country, recognizes equality among all countries, abstains from external interference, and calls for the settlement of disputes through dialogue instead of war, he added.



“It is our common aspiration to achieve lasting world peace, so that all countries can enjoy a peaceful and stable external environment and their people can live a happy life with their rights fully guaranteed,” the GSI concept paper said.

Security is a precondition for development, while development is a master key to addressing major problems. Regional analysts opined that surge of reconciliation in the Middle East is being driven not only by political and security concerns of the countries but also by their growing focus on development.

In a March piece published in the Ghanaian Times, Paul Frimpong, the founder and executive director of the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory, said “it’s safe to say that the GSI could and will become a catalyst for the world to chart a new path to building sustainable peace, stability and development.”

Deeming China’s commitment to world peace and stability “commendable,” Dawie Roodt, a senior economist at South African wealth management company Efficient Group, said “the majority of people, I believe, will concur, need more economic development, peace, and stability in the world. Anyone who supports peace is unlikely to oppose this strategy, which the world desperately requires.”

(Video reporters: Jiang Xuelan, Nie Xiaoyang, Wang Feng, Wang Huan, Ali Jaswal; Video editors:Liang Wanshan, Li Qin, Huang Aiping, Zhang Yucheng, Zhang Qiru)?


The Gathering Storm


The Gathering Storm  By Col Douglas Macgregor, 17 April 2023


The crisis of American national power has begun. America’s economy is tipping over, and Western financial markets are quietly panicking. Imperiled by rising interest rates, mortgage-backed securities and U.S. Treasuries are losing their value. The market’s proverbial “vibes”—feelings, emotions, beliefs, and psychological penchants—suggest a dark turn is underway inside the American economy.

American national power is measured as much by American military capability as by economic potential and performance. The growing realization that American and European military-industrial capacity cannot keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment is an ominous signal to send during a proxy war that Washington insists its Ukrainian surrogate is winning.

Russian economy-of-force operations in southern Ukraine appear to have successfully ground down attacking Ukrainian forces with the minimal expenditure of Russian lives and resources. While Russia’s implementation of attrition warfare worked brilliantly, Russia mobilized its reserves of men and equipment to field a force that is several magnitudes larger and significantly more lethal than it was a year ago.

Russia’s massive arsenal of artillery systems including rockets, missiles, and drones linked to overhead surveillance platforms converted Ukrainian soldiers fighting to retain the northern edge of the Donbas into pop-up targets. How many Ukrainian soldiers have died is unknown, but one recent estimate wagers between 150,000-200,000 Ukrainians have been killed in action since the war began, while another estimates about 250,000.

Given the glaring weakness of NATO members’ ground, air, and air defense forces, an unwanted war with Russia could easily bring hundreds of thousands of Russian Troops to the Polish border, NATO’s Eastern Frontier. This is not an outcome Washington promised its European allies, but it’s now a real possibility.

In contrast to the Soviet Union’s hamfisted and ideologically driven foreign policymaking and execution, contemporary Russia has skillfully cultivated support for its cause in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. The fact that the West’s economic sanctions damaged the U.S. and European economies while turning the Russian ruble into one of the international system’s strongest currencies has hardly enhanced Washington’s global standing.

Biden’s policy of forcibly pushing NATO to Russia’s borders forged a strong commonality of security and trade interests between Moscow and Beijing that is attracting strategic partners in South Asia like India, and partners like Brazil in Latin America. The global economic implications for the emerging Russo-Chinese axis and their planned industrial revolution for some 3.9 billion people in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are profound.

In sum, Washington’s military strategy to weaken, isolate, or even destroy Russia is a colossal failure and the failure puts Washington’s proxy war with Russia on a truly dangerous path. To press on, undeterred in the face of Ukraine’s descent into oblivion, ignores three metastasizing threats: 1. Persistently high inflation and rising interest rates that signal economic weakness. (The first American bank failure since 2020 is a reminder of U.S. financial fragility.) 2. The threat to stability and prosperity inside European societies already reeling from several waves of unwanted refugees/migrants. 3. The threat of a wider European war.

Inside presidential administrations, there are always competing factions urging the president to adopt a particular course of action. Observers on the outside seldom know with certainty which faction exerts the most influence, but there are figures in the Biden administration seeking an off-ramp from involvement in Ukraine. Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a rabid supporter of the proxy war with Moscow, recognizes that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s demand that the West help him recapture Crimea is a red line for Putin that might lead to a dramatic escalation from Moscow.

Backing down from the Biden administration’s malignant and asinine demands for a humiliating Russian withdrawal from eastern Ukraine before peace talks can convene is a step Washington refuses to take. Yet it must be taken. The higher interest rates rise, and the more Washington spends at home and abroad to prosecute the war in Ukraine, the closer American society moves toward internal political and social turmoil. These are dangerous conditions for any republic.

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From all the wreckage and confusion of the last two years, there emerges one undeniable truth. Most Americans are right to be distrustful of and dissatisfied with their government. President Biden comes across as a cardboard cut-out, a stand-in for ideological fanatics in his administration, people that see executive power as the means to silence political opposition and retain permanent control of the federal government.

Americans are not fools. They know that members of Congress flagrantly trade stocks based on inside information, creating conflicts of interest that would land most citizens in jail. They also know that since 1965 Washington led them into a series of failed military interventions that severely weakened American political, economic, and military power.

Far too many Americans believe they have had no real national leadership since January 21, 2021. It is high time the Biden administration found an off-ramp designed to extricate Washington, D.C., from its proxy Ukrainian war against Russia. It will not be easy. Liberal internationalism or, in its modern guise, “moralizing globalism,” makes prudent diplomacy arduous, but now is the time. In Eastern Europe, the spring rains present both Russian and Ukrainian ground forces with a sea of mud that severely impedes movement. But the Russian High Command is preparing to ensure that when the ground dries and Russian ground forces attack, the operations will achieve an unambiguous decision, making it clear that Washington and its supporters have no chance to rescue the dying regime in Kiev. From then on, negotiations will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.


Douglas Macgregor

Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.) is a senior fellow with The American Conservative, the former advisor to the Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, a decorated combat veteran, and the author of five books.


The Plan To Wreck America

The Plan To Wreck America  By  Mike Whitney, from Zerohedge, 1 March 2023

Editor’s note: Click on the link above to view the PDF file containing several graphics. Note the final sentence: ‘They can’t build a new world order until the old one is destroyed.’

In America, we have an oligarch problem, and it’s much bigger than the oligarch problem that Putin faced when he became president in 2000. The entire West is now in the grips of billionaire elites who have a stranglehold on the media, the political establishment and all of our important institutions. In recent years we have seen these oligarchs expand their influence from markets, finance and trade to politics, social issues and even public health. The impact this group has had on these other areas of interest, has been nothing short of breathtaking. Establishment elites and their media not only stood foursquare behind Russiagate, the Trump impeachment, the BLM riots and the January 6 fiasco, they also had a hand in the Covid hysteria and the host of repressive measures that were imposed in the name of public health. What we’d like to know is to what extent this group is actively involved in the shaping of other events that are aimed at transforming the American Republic into a more authoritarian system?


In other words, are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors? We already know that the FBI, the DOJ and the intel agencies were directly involved in Russiagate –which was a covert attack on the sitting president of the United States. So, the question is not “whether” these agencies are actively involved in other acts of treachery but, rather, to what extent these acts impact the lives or ordinary Americans, our politics and the country? But before we answer that question, take a look at this quote from from a recent interview by Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

I was reading a document that was authored by George Soros over 10 years ago in which he talks specifically about this all-out war that would ultimately come against Russia because he said this ‘was the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox christian culture with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed. So I think that the people who are in charge in the west and the people in charge in Washington think they have successfully destroyed the identities of the European and American peoples, that we have no sense of ourselves, our borders are undefended, we present no resistance to the incoming migrants from the developing world who essentially roll over us as though we owe them a living and that our laws do not count. Thus, far I would say that is an accurate evaluation of what we’ve been doing. And I think that’s a great victory for George Soros and the globalists, the anti-nationalists; those who want open borders what they call it an “Open Society” because you end up with nothing, an amorphous mass of people struggling to survive who are reduced to the lowest levels of subsistence … (Soros) even goes so far as to talk about how useful it would be if it was east Europeans whose lives were expended in this process and not west Europeans who simply won’t take the casualties. This is not a minor matter. This is the kind of thinking that is so destructive and so evil, in my judgement, that that’s what we’re really dealing with in our own countries and I think Putin recognizes that.” (Douglas Macgregor – A Huge Offensive”, You Tube;, 11:20 minute)

The reason I transcribed this comment from MacGregor was because it sums up the perceptions of a great many people who see things the same way. It expresses the hatred that globalist billionaires have toward Christians and patriots, both of which they see as obstacles to their goal of a borderless one-world government. MacGregor discusses this phenom in relation to Russia which Soros sees as “the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core.” But the same rule could be applied to the January 6 protestors, could it not? Isn’t that the real reason the protestors were rounded up and thrown into the Washington gulag. After all, everyone knows there was no “insurrection” nor were there any “white supremacists”. The protestors were locked up because they’re nationalists (patriots) which are the natural enemy of the globalists. The MacGregor quote lays it out in black and white. Elites don’t believe that nationalists can be persuaded by propaganda,. They must be eradicated through incarceration or worse. Isn’t that the underlying message of January 6?

The other underlying message of January 6, is that ordinary people are no longer allowed to challenge the authority of the people in power. Again, political legitimacy in the US has always been determined by elections. What January 6 indicates, is that legitimacy no longer matters. What matters is power, and the person who can have you arrested for questioning his authority, has all the power he needs. Check out this excerpt from a post on Substack by political analyst Kurt Nimmo:

“Klaus Schwab, a student of the war criminal Henry Kissinger, is a mentor to power-hungry and narcissistic sociopaths. The WEF “Great Reset” is designed to turn the world into an impoverished social concentration camp, where destitute serfs “own nothing” and this, in true Orwellian fashion, will set them free…

I challenge people to investigate the WEF’s Global Redesign Initiative. According to the Transnational Institute in the Netherlands, this “initiative” proposes

a transition away from intergovernmental decision-making towards a system of multi-stakeholder governance. In other words, by stealth, they are marginalizing a recognized model where we vote in governments who then negotiate treaties which are then ratified by our elected representatives with a model where a self-selected group of ‘stakeholders’ make decisions on our behalf. (Emphasis added.)

In other words, large transnational corporate “stakeholders” will be deciding where you live, what you eat (insects and weeds), how you reproduce (or not reproduce; children produce carbon emissions), and what you can “rent” from them, or not be allowed to rent if you complain about an unelected globalist “economic” cartel driving humanity into serfdom, worldwide poverty, and depopulation.” (“WEF Calls for Destruction of America’s Middle Class“, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics)

What Nimmo is saying is that these billionaire elites are now so powerful, that they can openly say they’re going to “transition away from intergovernmental decision-making” (ie– representative government”) to a system of “multi-stakeholder governance.” If I’m not mistaken, that is a pretty unambiguous declaration of a new form of supra-national government, in which only the billionaire stakeholders have a vote in what policies are implemented. But isn’t that the way things work already? On any number of topics from ESG, to digital currencies, to vaccine passports, to AI, to gain-of-function research, to 15-minute cities, to transhumanism, to war with Russia; the decisions are all being made by a handful of people of whom we know every little and who were never voted into office.

And that brings us back to our original question: How many of these oddball events (in recent years) were conjured up and implemented by agents of the deep state to advance the elitist agenda?

This seem like an impossible question since it’s hard to find a link between these dramatically divers events. For example, what is the link between a Drag Queen Children’s Hour and, let’s say, firebombing a food processing plant in Oklahoma? Or the relentless political exploitation of gender issues and the January 6 public show trials? If there was a connection, we’d see it, right?

Not necessarily, because the link might not have anything to do with the incident itself, but instead, with its impact on the people who experience it. In other words, all of these events could be aimed at generating fear, uncertainty, anxiety, alienation and even terror. Have the intelligence agencies launched such destabilizing operations before?

Indeed, they have, many times. Here’s an excerpt from an article that will help you to see where I’m going with this. It’s from a piece at The Saker titled Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism.” See if you notice any similarities with the way things have been unfolding in America for the last few years:

Yves Guerin-Serac: the Black Ops Grandmaster behind Operation Gladio…. wrote the basic training and propaganda manuals which can be fairly described as the Gladio order of battle.”…

Guerin-Serac was a war hero, agent provocateur, assassin, bomber, intelligence agent, Messianic Catholic, and the intellectual grandmaster behind the ‘Strategy of Tension’ essential to the success of Operation Gladio. Guerin-Serac published via Aginter Press the Gladio manual, including Our Political Activity in what can aptly be described as Gladio’s First Commandment:

“Our belief is that the first phase of political activity ought to be to create the conditions favoring the installation of chaos in all of the regime’s structures…In our view the first move we should make is to destroy the structure of the democratic state under the cover of Communist and pro-Soviet activities…Moreover, we have people who have infiltrated these groups.”

Guerin-Serac continues:

“Two forms of terrorism can provoke such a situation [breakdown of the state]: blind terrorism (committing massacres indiscriminately which cause a large number of victims), and selective terrorism (eliminate chosen persons)…

This destruction of the state must be carried out under the cover of ‘communist activities.’ After that, we must intervene at the heart of the military, the juridical power and the church, in order to influence popular opinion, suggest a solution, and clearly demonstrate the weakness of the present legal apparatus. Popular opinion must be polarized in such a way, that we are being presented as the only instrument capable of saving the nation.”

Anarchic random violence was to be the solution to bring about such a state of instability thus allowing for a completely new system, a global authoritarian order. Yves Guerin-Serac, who was an open fascist, would not be the first to use false-flag tactics that were blamed on communists and used to justify more stringent police and military control from the state….” (“Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Facism”, The Saker)

Repeat: the first phase of political activity ought to be to create the conditions favoring the installation of chaos in all of the regime’s structures… This destruction of the state must be carried out under the cover of (communist) activities…. Popular opinion must be polarized in such a way, that we are being presented as the only instrument capable of saving the nation.”

In other words, the objective of the operation is to completely disrupt all social relations and interaction, cultivate feelings of uncertainty, polarization and terror, find a group that can be scapegoated for the wide societal collapse, and, then, present yourself (elites) as the best choice for restoring order.

Is this what’s going on?

It’s very possible. It could all be part of a Grand Strategy aimed at “wiping the slate clean” in order to “transition away from intergovernmental decision-making” to a system of “multi-stakeholder governance.”

That could explain why there has been such a vicious and sustained attack on our history, culture, traditions, religious beliefs, monuments, heroes, and founders. They want to replace our idealism with feelings of shame, humiliation and guilt. They want to erase our past, our collective values, our heritage, our commitment to personal freedom, and the very idea of America itself. They want to raze everything to the ground and start over. That is their basic Gameplan writ large.

The destruction of the state is being carried out behind the cover of seemingly random events that are spreading chaos, exacerbating political divisions, increasing the incidents of public mayhem, and clearing the way for a violent restructuring of the government.

They can’t build a new world order until the old one is destroyed.


The very nexus of evil

Editor’s note: Scott Ritter is amongst a very small group of specialists who fully understand the current and past situation with regard to Ukraine, Russia, the US and the EU. This post is scary in the extreme. The next post is also essential reading.

The very nexus of evil  By Scott Ritter, 16 February 2023

[Author’s Note: I was going to speak at the Rage against the War Machine rally, scheduled for February 19 at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C. For personal reasons, I will no longer be speaking.

In short, I have decided to take one for the team.

I wish all participants and attendees at this rally to have a very successful event, and hope that it can serve as the start of something even bigger down the road.

This is the speech I was planning to deliver at the rally. I think it would have done the event proud.]


Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to address you today.

I speak to you from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a place of history filled with gravitas worthy of the task we have set for ourselves at this time in our collective history: to stand up—no, to rage—against a war machine that has perverted the very definition of what it means to be an American.


We stand here today at the very nexus of this war machine. To our right, just over the Potomac River, lies the Pentagon, a structure built at a time when America called upon its collective might to defeat the scourge of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, but which has since then morphed into the very symbol of evil itself, a breeding ground for weapons and plans that are used by the other partners, in what has become known as the military-industrial complex, to spread malfeasance around a world we once protected, but now enslave through a process of perpetual conflict used to sustain the American war machine.


And who are these other partners? Before us, past the monument to our founding father, George Washington, stands the Capitol of the United States, where the people’s representatives fund, in great secrecy, the nefarious schemes cooked up in the bowels of the Pentagon.

And to our left stands the White House, the seat of Executive authority, where individuals we invest with singular authority betray the trust of those who put them there by conceiving and implementing policies designed to further the Pentagon’s war efforts.


This is the very nexus of evil, an unholy trinity of terroristic madness, which some 61 years ago Dwight D. Eisenhower, an American warrior turned political leader, warned the American people about, cautioning that “in the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”


In the history of the United States that has transpired since that speech, no truer words have been spoken by an American president, and no greater wisdom has been disregarded by those whom Eisenhower entrusted with that message—we, the people of the United States.

We stand here today to announce to this terrible trinity, this military-industrial complex, this war machine, that we hear you now, President Eisenhower—we hear you, and we will act on your warning to bring this nexus of un-American conspiracy to an end.


Of all the weapons produced by the military-industrial complex, of all the evil schemes hatched in the minds of the so-called national security experts—most of whom are unelected by, and unknown to, we, the American people—none reek of madness more than nuclear weapons.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” the father of the American atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, said at the time of the first American nuclear test.

Destroyer of worlds.

This is the ever-present reality that we all live in today—that from this nexus of evil we call the military-industrial complex comes the very weapons necessary to bring the words of the Hindu sacred text that Oppenheimer quoted—the Bhagavad-Gita—to life and, in doing so, bring about our collective deaths.

Most Americans, including many of you assembled here today, live in blissful ignorance of just how close the world has come to being destroyed by Oppenheimer’s progeny.

On 26 September 1983, a Soviet Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Petrov, was on duty at a nuclear early-warning station when the system reported that five nuclear armed missiles had been launched from the United States.


Colonel Petrov disregarded protocol requiring him to report this detection as a factual launch, an act that would have triggered a Soviet response, and in doing so bought precious time for the error to be identified, and nuclear war averted.

In November 1983 the United States and NATO carried out a command post exercise code-named “Able Archer 83” which tested the launch control procedures for the release of NATO nuclear weapons against Soviet and Warsaw Pact targets.


The Soviets, believing this exercise to be a cover for a first strike, placed its nuclear forces on high alert. Later, the CIA assessed that the Able Archer 83 exercise brought the US and Soviets closer to nuclear conflict than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.


And on January 25, 1995, the Soviets detected the launch of a Norwegian atmospheric test rocket that mimicked the track of a US Nay Trident submarine-launched nuclear weapon.  Fearing a high-altitude nuclear attack that could blind Russian radar, Russian nuclear forces went on high alert, and the “nuclear briefcase” was delivered to Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who had to make a split-second decision whether to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike against the United States.


The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear War has No Winner


These three incidents underscore the razor’s edge we all walk daily when it comes to living in a world where nuclear weapons exist. One mistake, one error or judgement, and the Bhagavad-Gita becomes reality.


We were saved from the inevitability of our collective demise by one thing, and one thing only—arms control. The deployment into Europe by both the US and Soviet Union of intermediate-range nuclear armed missiles in the 1980’s only increased the possibility of a mistake or misunderstanding that could trigger a nuclear conflict. The fact that these weapons could reach their respective target in five minutes or less once launched meant that the 30–40-minute buffer of time that existed regarding the use of strategic nuclear forces was no longer there.


To put it more starkly, if it were not for the implementation of the intermediate nuclear forces treaty in 1988 that eliminated these new and dangerous weapons, the January 25, 1995 atmospheric rocket incident would have more than likely resulted in a general nuclear war, simply for the fact that Boris Yeltsin would have been denied the luxury of time to decide not to launch his missiles.

Everyone standing here today should reflect on this statement and say a quiet word of thanks to those men and women, American and Soviet alike, who made the intermediate nuclear forces treaty a reality and, in doing so, literally saved the world from nuclear destruction.

Arms control, however, is no longer part of the US-Russian dialogue.


The American war machine has conspired to denigrate the notion of mutually beneficial disarmament in the minds of the American public, instead seeking to use arms control as a mechanism to achieve unilateral strategic advantage.

When an arms control treaty becomes inconvenient to the objective of American global domination, then the war machine simply quits. America’s record in this regard is damnable—the anti-ballistic missile treaty, the intermediate nuclear forces treaty, the open-skies treaty—all relegated to the trash bin of history in the cause of seeking unilateral advantage for the American war machine.

In a world without arms control, we will once again be confronted with a renewed arms race where each side develops weapons that protect nothing while threatening everything. Without arms control, we will return to a time where living on the edge of the abyss of imminent nuclear annihilation was the norm, not the exception.

The war machine has allowed the principled position of peaceful coexistence regulated by mutually beneficial treaties governed by the time-tested maxim of trust but verify to be replaced by a new posture defined by a war machine that uses the nuclear weapons establishment, and the billions of dollars it costs to maintain it annually, as a means of buying off politicians at the expense of the population our government is sworn to protect. This is the final corruption of the military-industrial complex—its conversion to the military-industrial-congressional complex, where we the people are excluded from every consideration, whether it be funding or consequence.

The key to sustaining this inherently un-American mechanism is the ability of the military-industrial-congressional complex—the war machine—to generate fear amongst the American people derived from ignorance of the true nature of the threat or threats these nuclear weapons are designed to address.

In the case of US-Russian relations, this fear is produced by systemic Russophobia imposed on the American public by a war machine and its compliant minions in the mainstream media. Left to its own device, the collusion between government and media will only further reinforce ignorance-based fear through a process of dehumanizing Russia and the Russian people in the eyes of the American public, until we have become desensitized to the lies and distortions, accepting at face value anything negative said about Russia.

It is here, in such a situation, that we can turn to scripture, John 8:32, for some guidance:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

But what truth? The truth as told by the government? As promulgated by the mainstream media? That is no truth, but rather a bodyguard of lies constructed on behalf of a war machine that wants every American to accept without question the legitimacy of weapons the only known utility of which is the destruction of all mankind.

Some 60 years ago, on these very steps, in this very place, a man of peace gave a speech that captured the imagination of the nation and the world, searing into our collective hearts and minds the words, “I have a dream.”

Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic address confronted America’s sordid history of slavery, and the inhumanity and injustice of racial segregation. In it, he dreamed “that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

All men are created equal.

These words resonated in the context of America’s desperate internal struggle with the legacy of slavery and racial injustice.

But these words apply equally, especially when taken in the context that we are all God’s children, black, white, rich, poor.



You see, I too have a dream.

That the audience gathered here today can find a way to overcome the ignorance-based fears generated by the disease of Russophobia, to open our minds and our hearts to accept the Russian people as fellow human beings deserving of the same compassion and consideration as our fellow Americans—as all humankind.

I too have a dream.

That we the people of the United States of America, can unite in common cause with the Russian people to build bridges of peace that facilitate an exchange of ideas, open minds closed by the hate-filled rhetoric of Russophobia that is promulgated by the war machine and its allies, and allow the love we have for ourselves to manifest itself into love and respect for our fellow man.

Especially those who live in Russia.

Newton’s Third Law, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, applies to the human condition every bit as much as it applies to the physical world.

Love thy neighbour as thyself is applicable to all humanity.

I too have a dream.

That by overcoming the hate generated by systemic Russophobia we can work with our fellow human beings in Russia to create communities of compassion that, when united, make a world filled with nuclear weapons undesirable, and policies built on the principles of mutually beneficial arms control second nature.

I too have a dream.

That one day, whether on the red hills of Georgia, or the black soil of the Kuban, the sons and daughters of the men and women who today operate the Russian and American nuclear arsenals will be able to quote Dr. King, “to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

This is not an impossible dream.

I have lived it. I once was corrupted by the hatred that comes from fear generated by the ignorance about the reality of those whom I was trained to kill.

But I then embarked on a remarkable journey of discovery, facilitated by the implementation of the very same intermediate nuclear forces treaty that ended up saving humanity from nuclear annihilation, where I came to know the Russian people not as enemy, but as friend. Not as opponent, but colleague. As fellow humans capable of the same emotions as myself, imbued with the same human desire to build a better world for themselves and their loved ones, a world free of the tyranny of nuclear weapons.

I too have a dream.

That the people gathered here today will join me on a new journey of discovery, one that tears down the walls of ignorance and fear constructed by the war machine, walls designed to separate us from our fellow human beings in Russia, and instead builds bridges that connect us to those we have been conditioned to hate, but now—for the sake of ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren—must learn to love.

This will not be an easy journey, but it is one worth taking.

This is my journey, your journey, our journey, where we will embark, literally, down the road less travelled.

And yes, it will the one that will make all the difference.

It will take us, as Dr. King once cried out from these very steps, to the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire, the mighty mountains of New York, the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania, the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado, the curvaceous slopes of California…to every hill and molehill of Mississippi.

This is an American journey—a journey of Americans, united in the cause of peace and justice, and a world free from the tyranny of nuclear weapons. Our numbers will grow, from two thousand, to twenty thousand, from twenty thousand to a hundred thousand, and from a hundred thousand to a million or more.

And who knows? Maybe in June of 2024, on the anniversary of the 1982 gathering of a million people in New York City’s Central Park, where they rallied in favor of nuclear disarmament and an end to the nuclear arms race, we can come together and send a similar message to the war machine.

A million people or more demanding that their government act in a manner that preserves and protects the lives and future of all Americans—of all humanity.

The 1982 rally set in motion events that led to the implementation of the intermediate nuclear forces treaty in 1987—a treaty that literally saved the world from nuclear destruction.

I too have a dream.

That together, we can harness the same energy, the same vision, the same passion as those who have gone before us and create a movement of people united in the principles of peace that will lead to a future arms control agreement between the United States and Russia that will preserve our collective futures.

There will be forces that will try to disrupt us, to dissuade us—to destroy us.

We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated.

We must not go gently into that good night, but instead rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Rage, rage against the war machine.

Rage, rage so that together we may breathe life into the words of President Lincoln inscribed on the memorial behind me:

“…to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Let us get to work.

Thank you.


90 Seconds to Midnight?

90 Seconds to Midnight  By Scott Ritter, 23 January 2023

A clear signal to the US leadership that there will be no survivors in any nuclear exchange between the US and Russia


The Russian guided missile frigate, the Admiral Gorshkov, is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, ostensibly heading toward the east coast of the United States, part of a planned journey which began on 4 January 2023 and is expected to transit the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The Admiral Gorshkov is outfitted with 16 vertical launch tubes, each of which, in theory, could be armed with nuclear-capable Zircon hypersonic missiles capable of covering 1,000 kilometers in less than 10 minutes.

To put it bluntly, soon Russia will be in a position where a single ship could, in a matter of minutes, fire 16 nuclear armed hypersonic missiles at the United States which not only cannot be intercepted by anything in the US arsenal, but also would impact their respective targets before any meaningful evacuation could be conducted. It is, literally, a decapitation weapon.

Current Russian nuclear doctrine does not allow for a nuclear first strike; indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that Russia would not be the first nation to use nuclear weapons in any future nuclear conflict. But he also emphasized that Russia would not be the second, either, meaning that Russia would release its nuclear arsenal without waiting for any US first strike to impact Russian soil.

The Admiral Gorshkov is sending a clear signal to the US leadership that there will be no survivors in any nuclear exchange between the US and Russia.

Amid this muscle flexing, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a disarmament advocacy group founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein and University of Chicago scientists who helped develop the first atomic weapons in the Manhattan Project, and which currently maintains what is known as the “Doomsday Clock” that reflects the risk of nuclear conflict, decided to move the hands of the clock ten seconds forward from the current 100 seconds to midnight. In a statement announcing this decision, “A time of unprecedented danger: It is 90 seconds to midnight,” the board declared the following:

“The war in Ukraine may enter a second horrifying year, with both sides convinced they can win. Ukraine’s sovereignty and broader European security arrangements that have largely held since the end of World War II are at stake. Also, Russia’s war on Ukraine has raised profound questions about how states interact, eroding norms of international conduct that underpin successful responses to a variety of global risks.

“And worst of all, Russia’s thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalation of the conflict—by accident, intention, or miscalculation—is a terrible risk. The possibility that the conflict could spin out of anyone’s control remains high.”

The ignorance of this statement is manifest. What the Board calls “Russia’s war on Ukraine” ignores the fact-based historical truth that the Ukraine conflict was, and is, solely the byproduct of a concerted plan by the United States and NATO to use Ukraine as a foil to generate conflict designed to bring down the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This plan has been in place since at least 2008, when the former US Ambassador to Russia (and current Director of the CIA), William Burns, warned that any effort by NATO to bring Ukraine into its ranks would precipitate an eventual Russian military intervention. Despite this stark warning, NATO extended an invitation to Ukraine in November 2008, clearly initiating a known cause-effect relationship that defined NATO’s policy toward Russia as being one which sought a proxy conflict using Ukraine as a stand-in for NATO.

This policy as furthered by the US, EU and NATO all acting in concert to precipitate a coup in Ukraine in February 2014 designed to oust the constitutionally elected president, Victor Yanukovych, and replace him with a new, ultra-nationalist government dominated by adherents of the odious ideology of Stepan Bandera. The coup succeeded, and in April the new Ukrainian government declared war on the ethnic Russian population of the Donbas. This action triggered the Russian annexation of Crimea and the provision of military support by Russia to the Donbas, triggering the very military intervention William Burns had warned about six years prior.

Ukraine and its NATO allies then sued for peace, initiating negotiations that led to the adoption of the Minsk Agreement, which put in place a ceasefire in exchange for guarantees regarding Ukrainian sovereignty over the Donbas as well as relative autonomy for the ethnic Russians of the Donbas, protecting their language, religion, culture, and traditions.

The Minsk Accords floundered for eight years, with Ukraine failing to implement the required constitutional changes necessary to secure the rights of the ethnic Russians of the Donbas. The reasons for this delay are today well known, thanks to the public confessions of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and former French President Francois Hollande, all three signatories to the accords. These three national leaders have acknowledged that the Minsk Accords were simply a sham designed by Ukraine to buy time to build a NATO proxy military capable of reclaiming both the Donbas and Crimea.

Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24, 2022 was not an unprovoked act of aggression, but rather a legitimate exercise of its right, together with the newly independent republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, of preemptive collective self-defense in the face of the imminent threat of aggression by Ukraine’s newly trained army which was, by design, little more than a NATO proxy.

The fact that the esteemed members of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – which includes among its ranks ten Nobel laureates – seem ignorant of this history, colors their ability to comprehend the true nature of the threat facing the world today, and from whence that threat comes.

The United States, having deliberately provoked a pre-meditated conflict with Russia, is now trying to implement a two-tracked policy designed to trigger a Maidan-like moment in Moscow (named after Maidan Square, in Kiev, where US-backed neo-Nazi’s staged a violent coup against former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych) where the Russian population would rise up against the government of President Vadimir Putin, overthrowing him and installing a pro-western leader who would return Russia to the colonial-like existence of the 1990’s, when Boris Yeltsin allowed the collective west to rape Russia economically and dominate Russia politically.

The two-tracks of this policy involve the imposition of economic sanctions linked to Russia’s decision to militarily intervene in Ukraine, and the prosecution of a proxy conflict in Ukraine designed to bleed Russia white. The goal of this policy is to engender massive unrest among a demoralized Russian population which would in turn rise and remove President Putin from power.

The insanity of such a plan is incomprehensible. Imagine for a moment that Russia embarked on a plan of action designed to strip away Mexico from the US sphere of influence and, in doing so, promulgated a conflict the goal of which was to have Mexico re-take by force the territory encompassing the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The idea that the United States would sit idly in the face of such a threat is ludicrous. So, too, is any concept that Russia should do the same.

A quick history lesson for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

  • It was the US, not Russia, that withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile and Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaties.
  • It is the US, not Russia, that has frozen talks on the extension of the New Strategic Arms Treaty.
  • It is the US, not Russia, that has recently promulgated a nuclear posture policy which allows for the preemptive use of nuclear weapons in a non-nuclear scenario.
  • It is the US, not Russia, that has deployed a low-yield (i.e., “usable) nuclear warhead (the W-76-2) on Trident submarine launched ballistic missiles, and conducted war games where the Secretary of Defense has practiced the communications procedures necessary to launch this weapon where Russia was the named target of the missile.
  • It is the US, not Russia, that is building a Ukrainian proxy army designed by intent to be able to capture territory Russia claims as its own (the four former Ukrainian provinces annexed by Russia in September 2022, and Crimea), knowing full well that one of the triggers for release of Russian nuclear weapons is any conventional military force that threatens the existential survival of Russia.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to know these underlying facts, and not to see them as truth.

Which means they are complicit in the nuclear terror being perpetrated by the United States, and indifferent to the consequences thereof.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is therefore fundamentally wrong in its assessment of it being 90 seconds until midnight.

The truth is the world is one second to midnight, and the clock can strike at any time, something the presence of the Admiral Gorshkov off the coast of the United States proves only too well.


US decivilisation

US decivilisation  By Mike Adams, Natural News, 30 December 2022

Warning from Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as vax jabs take heavy toll…

(Natural News) Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown (available at and other book resellers) joined me for an interview last night to share updated — and slightly horrifying — numbers about post-vaccine excess fatalities and excess disability claims.

The short version of that conversation is that each day in America, there are about 2,500 excess deaths and 5,000 excess disability victims due to covid-19 vaccines. This means, on average, about 7,500 Americans are removed from the potential labor pool each day. Granted, not all 7,500 are currently working, but most of them theoretically could contribute to the work force if they chose to.

Our conversation goes way beyond the mere numbers, however. We look at the macroeconomic implications of this daily removal of 7,500 people from the potential labor pool and what it means for America’s economy and military security, among other things. To hear the full conversation, listen to the interview below.

The decivilization of the USA

One of the more startling realizations in all this is that the United States of America is suffering the early stages of a “decivilization” event, not merely a temporary bump in the road. That term refers to the dismantling of the critical, complex pillars of a modern advanced civilization, rendering it unable to function.

The sudden collapse of Southwest Airlines’ flight schedule now being witnessed across the country is an excellent example of this. Here’s an airline company that can hardly fly planes because it can’t schedule its own crew members to show up. Reportedly, Southwest Airlines failed to invest in its IT systems and after “years of neglect,” the crew scheduling systems have cratered. Now the airline has cancelled more than 10,000 flights and may not survive much longer as a viable business entity.

Here’s a tweet from Michael Sainato:

Southwest Airlines flight attendants represented by TWI Local 556 call out the airline company for massive cancellations that are also leaving flight attendants stranded and blame years of neglect to technological improvements that would fix operational issues.

The level of rank incompetence that Southwest Airlines demonstrates here is also widely demonstrated by banks, government offices, utility companies and many other service providers. But many people miss the reasons behind it all. One of the primary reasons is that the covid vaccine is removing competent, experienced people from the work force by killing or injuring them.

In fact, as Ed Dowd reveals, the vaccine did the most damage among those who are employed. 2021 was a very dangerous year to have a job, it turns out, as the Biden regime forced employers across the country to mandate vaccines for all their workers. Many workers complied with the jab mandates and have since died or become disabled as a result. The fact that 7,500 additional Americans are suffering this fate every day points to not merely an economic recession or depression, but a decivilization outcome that risks ending western civilization as we know it, forcing the vaccine survivors into an existence they hardly recognize.

The “glacial Mad Max”

Ed Dowd calls this the “glacial Mad Max” scenario: It’s going to get very bad but not all at once. The slow, steady erosion of the pillars of civilization will become increasingly apparent over time as another 2.7 million people are killed or disabled by the vaccines each year. And that’s based on current rates of mortality and disability… rates that may become significantly worse among those who continue to take the mRNA jabs that obliterate their immune systems and caused their bodies to generate mysterious fibrous clots (which are not simply blood clots, by the way).

“Globalization is over,” Dowd declares in the interview (below). And that means the era of cheap, easy stuff is also coming to an end. The world we once knew, where we could visit a local Walmart or Target store and pick up foreign-made goods on the cheap, is over. From here, things are going to become a lot more expensive and less available. Rather than a global expansion into long, complex supply chains and economies of scale, we are living through the early stages of a global contraction and the collapse of globalism itself. The world is about to become a lot more local, with all the global supply chain efficiencies vanishing in short order.

And this is colliding with the fact that the U.S. work culture is practically non-existent among younger Americans. They have grown up never expecting to actually produce anything. They are consumers, after all, not factory workers or creators of anything real (your favorite celebrity NFT or crypto coin doesn’t count). Thus, at a time when globalization is collapsing and when Americans are going to have to grow, manufacture and process things at the local level, there’s hardly any local work knowledge remaining that could accomplish such a transition.

Those who know how to do anything — the working class of America — are being systematically annihilated by the jabs, leaving behind the non-working welfare class who possess no practical skills and believe they are deserving of never-ending universal basic income subsidies so they can continue to be consumers. Their world is about to come to a frustrating end, and America as a whole is going to witness the ravages of the reversal of the globalization miracle that made goods affordable, readily available and easily replaced.

Why the Pentagon can’t fight a war with Russia

Part of the definition of a nation is the ability to project power for the purposes of both defending your own shores and also extracting resources from other nations (via trade, coercion, or otherwise). This has been accomplished throughout history under various empires such as the British Empire, and the U.S. empire mastered the art of global resources extraction with its 1944 Bretton Woods agreement and the positioning of the dollar as the world reserve currency.

But to project power, a nation must maintain a degree of domestic industrialization so that it can manufacture munitions and weapons of war. This requires a long, complex supply chain of steel, polymers, oil, rubber, electronics and the like. More importantly, it requires a skilled and willing labor force that’s able to work in munitions factories.

No such work force currently exists among American culture. Soy boys don’t build bombs, and woke idiots can’t run lathes.

In the USA, the productive labor force is being decimated by the jab. The culture wars have also sapped any last shred of work ethic out of the youth, rendering a generation of virtue signaling snowflakes who are incapable of using their hands to do anything other than play video games and masturbate (possibly at the same time for the truly inspired).

As a result, there’s nobody left in America to run the war factories.

That is, until you consider the illegals who are crossing over the open borders by the millions. My contention is that the DoD plans to recruit illegals to run the munitions factories, because otherwise the United States has near-zero ability to run the industrial manufacturing necessary to sustain any real war effort with Russia or China.

After killing Americans with the bioweapon, the Pentagon will recruit illegals to man the munitions factories

After having sent the vast majority of its supply of artillery shells, drones, anti-tank systems and now even artillery pieces to Ukraine, the United States of America has very little left to defend itself against an invasion force from an enemy nation like China. Granted, the Pacific Ocean is a large moat, but given advances in the scale and efficiency of maritime transportation, it’s no longer the formidable chasm it was in World War II. China has the capability to sail hundreds of millions of tons of military equipment to invasion forces that might assault the West Coast of America, and China has the blackmail to force Joe Biden to order America to stand down its own military as such an invasion takes place.

The loss of the ability to defend your own borders is part of the decivilization now accelerating in the United States. And the vaccine fatalities and disabilities only accelerate this alarming phenomenon. Combined with the anti-fertility effects of the mRNA jab, it now looks like the USA will be utterly unable to achieve a sustainable reproduction rate to maintain its labor force. The Americans people are being deliberately killed off and replaced by illegal migrants, and those migrants are both willing to work and capable of reproduction — two critical properties that are being stripped away from Americans via the weaponization of the vaccine.

The end result of all this is not in doubt: The economic, military and demographic collapse of the United States of America — a top goal of one world government globalist types who have long regarded the USA (and its Constitution) as a thorn in the side of global domination.

Thus, the positioning of the vaccine as a depopulation weapon is just one part of an engineered collapse event designed to take down America and terrorize the world with another set of carefully planned (and previously simulated) crisis events.

You are being annihilated, then replaced

Those who fail to understand the macroeconomic and geopolitical implications of the vaccine depopulation scheme are missing the bigger picture. It isn’t merely about killing people off, it’s about killing certain people so they can be replaced by a foreign workforce that’s still willing to run the munitions factories and sweep the floors. The robot takeover, after all, hasn’t arrived yet. Until it does, the globalists are happy to make do with a migrant takeover, just as long as they can keep the weapons factories operating as long as possible.

The vaccines targeted the most competent, first world professionals on purpose. As those people are swept out of the way, they will be replaced by obedient, low-education illegals who will be granted amnesty, then work permits, and then voting rights to help keep the uniparty in power as they engineer the total collapse of western civilization — a process now accelerating by the day across Western Europe, by the way. Note carefully that both Democrats and RINO Republicans are all in favor of amnesty. This should be no surprise once you understand the reality of the replacement effort now under way.

In summary, we are not merely watching genocide; we are witnessing the permanent rejiggering of the economic order by malicious, anti-human Luciferians who celebrate death and destruction. Every person who takes another booster shot is inadvertently working on their behalf, by the way, helping to achieve their malicious aims.

And to top it all off, the oblivious masses have no idea any of this is happening, even as their own family, friends and coworkers are being maimed or killed by the vaccines. The global vaccine holocaust is being carried out right under the noses of the ignorant, and thanks to CIA-controlled narratives across media and tech platforms, those who don’t possess the mental capacity to question false authority are instead spellbound by it, and they will soon be destroyed by it.

Learn more in today’s eye-opening podcast and interview with Ed Dowd:

– German minister calls for climate change dictatorship, strict limits on your movements
– Mainstream music video depicts vaccine transhumanism, fallen angels and rising evil
– Collapse of Southwest Airlines reveals widespread incompetence / idiocracy in America
– Western countries try to punish Russia with $60 oil limit, only hurting themselves
– Why the US keeps the border wide open: Americans are being REPLACED
– 7,500 Americans are DEAD or DISABLED each day thanks to mRNA jabs
– This is why banks, airlines, government, etc., can barely function
– DoD likely to start hiring illegals to run munitions factories
– Illegals actually WORK, while inner city Americans LOOT and STEAL
– USA ability to sustain a war with Russia is nearly non-existent due to labor collapse
– Detailed interview with Ed Dowd, author of “Cause Unknown”
– Macroeconomic implications of loss of 7,500 people each day from the potential work force
– “Glacial Mad Max” has been unleashed
– “Globalization is dead” – local production and trade will dominate
– The era of cheap, easy STUFF is over – life will get more difficult from here





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History will record colonialism as an abject failure


History will record colonialism as an abject failure  By Batiushka, for the Sake blog, 28 November 2022


The Ukrainian people will be liberated from their Neo-Nazi rulers, they deserve to live as friends and good neighbours and prosper alongside their Slav brothers’.

Sergei Lavrov, TASS, 26 November


There is such a thing as retribution. This is what it says directly in the verse, ‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord’ (Rom. 12: 19) and what lies behind the New Testament, ‘Do as you would be done by’. However, other cultures have other words for retribution, ‘karma’ for example in India. Then there is the proverb, similar in several languages, which in English appears as: ‘Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind’. (See Galatians 6: 7). Then there is another saying which is also pretty universal. The Maltese form says: ‘Don’t spit in the air’ – there is no need to quote the second half – you can imagine the spit falling back onto the spitter.

In Russian we have the same proverb, only that is to do with spitting in the well – since you might yourself need to drink the water. Others quote: ‘What goes around, comes around’. Australians and others speak about ‘the boomerang effect’ and Americans speak of ‘blowback’ and ‘payback’. The fact is that there is a universal spiritual law, the law of cause and effect, that when you do something good, there are always good consequences, and when you do something bad, there are always bad consequences. Sooner or later. Anyone who has lived a little can confirm it from experience. Basically, you simply cannot get away with it. And this is what is happening to the Western world today. It’s payback time.

The Perfect Storm

I mention consequences because the history books of the future will be asking the question: ‘Where did the perfect storm in the Western world in 2022 come from’? One thing for sure, it did not come out of the blue. Any number of dates will be put forward as the origin, as far back as 1492 and even further back, for instance, the First Crusade in 1096. From more recent dates we could suggest:

1917, when after nearly three years the US elite entered the first part of the Europeans’ twentieth-century Civil War, having forced Russia out of it through violent regime change. To this day these utterly corrupt Western propagandists justify this cunning strategy by declaring that the Tsar’s government was utterly corrupt (sic!) and going to collapse anyway (sic!) and all were well rid of it (sic!). Some people actually believe that propaganda. They should investigate it objectively, instead of naively swallowing the West’s self-justification for creating the conditions for its genocide.

1944, when US forces invaded and occupied Continental Europe, making it into the first US-occupied Eurasian peninsula, just as they later did with other Eurasian peninsulas, (South) Korea, and (South) Vietnam, in the latter of which they were defeated.

1991, when the USSR collapsed and was (briefly) colonised by the US, leaving chaos and poverty with Chicago-style gangsters everywhere and millions dying of despair and drinking themselves to death.

2014, when the US took over the Ukraine in a violent regime-change coup.

2021, when the US was humiliated in Afghanistan.

2022, when the US clearly began to lose against Russia’s war of liberation of the Ukraine, its equipment and its relations with Western Europe in ruins.

We will leave other dates and the details of the debate to the history books of the future. But the debate will be there, you’ll see. However, beyond the detail that we can leave to the disputes of the academics, the main question that future generations will be asking is: ‘However did the Western world think it could get away with it?’ Where did its delusion come from? These are the questions I will be trying to answer below.

Losing the War in the Ukraine

The US lost the war in the Ukraine the day it began. Russia had been preparing for it for eight years. Ever since, the US and its vassals have just been prolonging the agony by financing a Nazi regime, supplying it with arms, training its troops and sending it paid-for mercenaries. Pessimists see the agony now dragging on for years and years, whereas optimists think it will be much shorter, just a couple of months more. I would like to think the optimists are right, but I actually go along with a more pessimistic ‘another eighteen months’. I hope I am wrong. Every day is a day too long. The fact is the US elite will have to put a lot of effort into face-saving. They hate losing, even though they lost in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc.

Backing down from the confrontations they began and chaos they caused is not something they like doing. But when the last US helicopters take off from the roofs of the US embassies in Kiev and Lvov, we shall see. Last Friday an electrician near Kiev said to my friends there: ‘This war is horrible. And it’s only going to get worse. There’s only one solution. We’ll line up all the politicians from the Rada (Parliament) and shoot them. Then peace will come immediately’. I am told from Kiev that there are more and more Ukrainians saying the same thing: there must be a popular revolt to stop it all. Get ready for it there and, at the rate things are going, get ready for the same thing in Western countries as well.

Losing the EU

In the longer term, however, there is the much more serious problem for the US of losing Europe. The national slogan of the Ukraine since 2014 has been: ‘The Ukraine is Europe’. This is of course nonsense. Geographically, the Ukraine, like the Russia where most Russians live, is obviously Europe. Indeed, most European territory is inside Russia. Of course, what the Kiev regime means is that the Ukraine belongs to Western Europe, the EU, only it does not say that. This is because it obviously does not belong there, apart from the small region of Galicia which is now in the far west of the present borders of the Ukraine, formerly Poland, formerly the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 2014 the EU actually dismissed the Kiev fantasy, telling it that Ukrainian membership of the EU might be considered in 25 years’ from then.

The nonsense about ‘the Ukraine is Europe’ reminds me of a visit to Moldova five years ago. All official buildings flew the EU flag and that was in a country that is not part of the EU and never will be. In other words, ‘The Ukraine is Europe’ is a political daydream, a fantasy. Today, as a result of US incompetence and its lickspittle poodle UK enthusiastically blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, as though that were a present to Germany, we can see that although the Ukraine is not Europe, Europe is fast becoming the Ukraine. In other words, Europe is being corrupted by US political intrigues, being sucked into the same black hole as the Ukraine, without finance, heating, lighting and sewerage. In the words of that old Eastern European joke: ‘Which are the two most corrupt countries in the world? Lithuania is first and the Ukraine is second. But only because the Ukraine bribed Lithuania to take first place, so that it could be second’. Well, today the whole of Europe is being Ukrainianised. Well done, US/UK/EU elite!

Losing the World

Beyond Western Europe, the US elite is also losing the rest of the world. At one time, the US was No 1. Today it is China. At one time Europe was the most populated area in the world. Today over one third of the world’s population is in China and India. At one time the G7 was respected. Today it is a ghetto, representing only a small and increasingly irrelevant part of the world. At one time the G20 represented twenty countries which were pro-Western or at least Western-controlled. Today, definitely not. The G-20 is being taken over by BRICS +.

At one time the dollar was the world’s reserve currency. Today the world is being dedollarised, as countries sell dollars and US treasury bonds and trade in their own countries. After all, who wants to invest in a deindustrialised country which may illegally confiscate (= steal) your assets, gold reserves included, whose currency is not underpinned by gold, but only by printing presses, and whose national debt totals 31 trillion dollars, nearly all of which has been accumulated in the last forty years?


After 500 years of bullying the rest of the world, with the genocides of the native peoples of the Americas and Australia (100 million dead?), the manipulations of imperialism, colonialism, slavery, the Opium Wars, the salt hedge in India, the massacres in the Belgian Congo and in German South-West Africa, the bloodiest Western War in history which it called two World Wars (70 million dead), exporting Marxism outside Western Europe (millions dead), the carpet bombing of Korea, the French massacres in Algeria, the US genocide in Vietnam, uranium-tipped shells in Iraq and Yugoslavia, the pillaging of Eastern Europe and Russia under Western-appointed puppet governments, the war you started in the Ukraine and the mass of arms you are supplying Ukronazis with. However did you think you could get away with it? Where did your delusion come from? Because you came to believe in your own lies. You are delusional.

I do not fear the civil authorities in Western Europe and their death-threats. I fear only the traitors to Russia, who in fact are CIA assets. I fear today’s traitors, who want to make money from this war or have endless zoom meetings with their American masters and let people be massacred by the Gestapo Nazis from Kiev, trained by the CIA and MI6. True, there are fewer of those traitors than there were. Now I will tell you too: You will not get away with it. There are forces at work which are far greater than any of you. ‘The Ukrainian people will be liberated from their Neo-Nazi rulers’. Yes, they will be liberated, just as the German people were liberated from their Nazi rulers, but at such a price. I tremble for you traitors, because your end is coming too. For everything you have done, you will have to repay. Did you really think you could get away with it and that payback time would never come? You spat in the well? Now you will have to drink from it.


The Ukraine war is all about politics


The Ukraine war is all about politics  By John Rofe, 24 November 2022

Editor’s note: This letter is from John Rofe, a highly experienced fraud investigator in New Zealand. The letter is addressed to a range of NZ politicians and media.

Dear Politicians,

You got us into this war, now please get us out.

We think of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a “Churchillian” hero – a “David” standing against the Russian “Goliath”.  Yet I argue that he is now responsible for the worst crimes against humanity since Pol Pot and Adolph Hitler.   He is both the front for the Oligarch Nazis who owned the Azov battalion and the tool of the White House & US State Department’s plan to weaken Russia and lead to the end of the Putin Regime. The difference between Zelenskyy, the actor/comedian (and sometime cocaine user) and the person who is to be hung out to dry so that US President Biden can wash his hands of the atrocities to date, is the power of the globalist owned and controlled Western media which has so far whitewashed the Zelenskyy regime’s wrong-doings.

With his army commander who wears Nazi insignia on his uniform to a cabinet comprising many neo-Nazis, I argue that Zelenskyy carries the ultimate responsibility for the propaganda war which has seen every deliberate false-flag and atrocity performed by the Ukraine secret service and military attributed to the Russians.  We are spoiled for choice.  Bucha murders, the cluster bombs rained on the Kramatorsk Railway station, the repeated strikes on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the extra-judicial killing of both Ukrainian and Russian POWs , the castration of Russian POWs, the killing of strikers in Odessa last week, the deliberate missile and artillery strikes on the Donetsk civilians, the murder of ethnic Russian and Jewish civilians (known as “non-people” or “Kikes” to the Nazis), the horrific reprisals in every town captured.  None of these would have been possible without the active complicity of the USA, UK and the NATO advisers.  The UN Security Council was itself aware of the pre-war atrocities because Russia brought them forward for them to be laughed off by the USA and G7 allies.

To be fair the UN pressured the Ukraine Parliament to sack the head of Ukraine’s human rights ministry.  She was simply making up  stories of Russian atrocities to feed to the compliant Western media when caught.  When caught her excuse was, well it got us more weapons didn’t it?  These lies were always supported by the US CIA etc., but only until they brought the consequences of risk of world war 3 to the USA.

For someone like me who only got into the detail of the Ukraine civil war because of Joe Biden’s malfeasance as Vice President and point man for the Obama Ukraine project in 2014.  His role in running a protection racket through his son Hunter Biden and others for the Ukraine oligarchs, had come to light during the Trump impeachment hearings of early 2020.  I had watched in the hope of see President Trump get his come-uppance and found to my horror that within six months the entire concatenated Clinton/Obama/ Biden conspiracies against a sitting president were being substantiated.  Trump was obviously innocent of all charges and no real allegations or evidence was furnished by the “Democrat political lynch mob”.

I watched the entire daily video footage of the hearing and was amazed to see Joe Biden himself “thrown under the bus” by civil servants and yet Biden’s malfeasance was totally ignored by the media which printed the most bizarre allegations against Trump.  The Congressional and Senate hearings were misrepresented in their entirety by the New Zealand media which took feeds direct from fabricated stories from the likes of CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and the British gutter press.  Every story was just propaganda.

Since 2014 Russia has been trying to protect Ukrainians who had the misfortune to be ethnic Russians ( and other minorities).  During that time the atrocities of the Ukraine army and the Nazi brigades that had been integrated into it, had led Russia to seek compromises to justify leaving the Donbas and other Eastern oblasts within Ukraine, even though various oblasts’ polls showed they had wanted to join the Russian Federation.  Two treaties were signed and broken.  Then by December 2021 Russia was left no alternative but to send in its military.

The Ukraine atrocities are widely known throughout Russia but banned in the OECD.  Torture, rape, public floggings, crucifixion, the whole works.  So Russia brought the allegations to the UN General Assembly in October 2022 and a resolution was passed on 4 November.  This commentary shows that the Indian mainstream media have a reasonable understanding of the issues that you may wish to acquaint yourself with.  Perhaps your conscience will be pricked by the knowledge that New Zealand did not need to stick up for the war crimes committed by the Nazis.  Instead we should have remonstrated with the US ambassador…

It is clear President Biden wants Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be replaced.  After all, something must be done to stop the string of false flag events and atrocities.  Even more important, Ukraine is in DEEP SHIT.  No-one is stepping up to bail it out, nor can they do so until hostilities end.

  1. Ukraine as a country is un-governable, non-viable and bankrupt. It is totally dependent both militarily, economically and financially on the countries on whose behalf it is waging war against what is arguably the world’s most powerful military.
  2. Overnight 100% of Ukraine’s electricity supply was cut off with 50% of the Ukraine electrical infrastructure destroyed.  At least 10 million people are without power and heating.
  3. The W.H.O. warns of a major humanitarian crisis for the Ukraine population within a week of today.
  4. The Ukraine army taking pot shots at Poland and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant are acts of desperation as they realise the prospects of a victory against Russia are gone unless the EU, UK and US bring in their own troops and weapons to defend Ukraine.
  5. If Zelenskyy tries to negotiate with Russia, he knows the Nazis will kill him because a primary objective of Russia is the de-Nazification of Ukraine.  Yet it is the only way to stop huge and imminent loss of life.
  6. Host countries of the war refugees(except Russia) are sick of long-stay Ukraine refugees (while Zelenskyy drags out the war) with several countries evicting them unless they are paid for disbursements yet there are at least 10 million more that will need housing and feeding this winter.  There are no plans to provide for the extras so many will die before help reaches them.
  7. The winter has started and unless Zelenskyy asks to negotiate Russia will go on the offensive.  First they will destroy all the bridges over the Dnipro river, finish off the power stations and the remaining gas/petrol supplies.
  8. Ukraine is once again stealing gas destined for Hungary and others, so Gazprom is about to cut them off.  If that happens, even more will suffer.
  9. 318,000 reservists have now been integrated into the army facing Ukraine.
  10. Russia has until now been “playing nice”.  Only one Kinzall hypersonic missile has been used and only one TOS-1A hyperbaric missile unit employed.  This is what Ukraine soldiers will face…  and
  11. NATO has shown its fear at being drawn in for good reason. NATO does not have access to the equivalents of the Russians’ high tech weapons.  Russia’s 2.5 million recent reservists are on high alert.  Ukraine has already expended most of NATO’s heavy weapon stocks as well as almost all of their own.

This war must be stopped ASAP.

The fact that the US and NATO over-promised and under-delivered is something they will never admit to.  But that is a fact.  But to be fair, I wonder if President Zelenskyy still believes in Santa Claus.  Disaster was always going to be the final outcome.

Figuratively, unless the US and NATO acts decisively to rein in the Ukraine military and Ukraine government and demand they enter negotiations with Russia forthwith, sacking and replacing Zelenskyy will be like changing the position of the deck chairs on the “Titanic” after it hit the iceberg.  The freezing ocean is today about to swallow up all of Ukraine’s passengers and crew.

Time is of the Essence!

For his role, I sincerely hope Joe Biden is impeached.  There will be no shortage of evidence.  Just start with Hunter Biden’s lap top and the corroboration


The New Cuban Missile Crisis That Isn’t


The New Cuban Missile Crisis That Isn’t  By Dmitri Orlov for the Saker blog, 3 November 2022

The Cuban Missile Crisis is a malicious misnomer. Cuba never had any nuclear missiles; it temporarily played host to some Soviet ones. The crisis started when Americans put their intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Turkey that posed a new threat the Soviet Union, which responded by placing similar missiles in Cuba, evening the score. The Americans flew into a rage but eventually calmed down and withdrew their missiles from Turkey. The Soviets withdrew their missiles from Cuba and the crisis was over. And so it should be called the American Missile Crisis.

What’s happening now couldn’t be more different. Unless you spent the last few weeks hiding under a rock, you have probably heard that some sort of new nuclear crisis is underway because of “Putin’s nuclear blackmail” or some such. Some people have suffered nervous exhaustion as a result, neglecting their duties and generally letting themselves go. Take former British PM Liz Truss, for instance. The poor silly thing latched on to Putin’s words that “the wind rose can point in any direction” (a factual point about the utter uselessness of tactical nuclear weapons). She then allowed the British economy to go into free-fall while she obsessively tracked the wind direction over the Ukraine. It all ended badly for poor Liz. Don’t be like Liz.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing going on beyond the usual—the usual Western propaganda fakery, that is.

In particular, this has nothing to do with anything Putin or with anything nuclear. Instead, this is all part of a desperate attempt to compensate for narrative failure, and a failed attempt at that. The problem for the collective West is simply this: 80% of the world’s population has refused to join it in condemning, sanctioning or otherwise punishing Russia, with some very large countries (China, India) either supportive or neutral on the subject.

Most of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, is carefully watching Russia systematically destroy what was by far the largest and most capable NATO-equipped, NATO-commanded army in the world (the Ukrainian army, that is), understanding full well that what is unfolding is Washington’s Waterloo. Some countries (Saudi Arabia, for instance) are so sure of the result that they are already refusing to obey Washington’s dictates. This is a problem, because all the Washingtonians know how to do is impose their will on the world. Treating others as equals or looking for opportunities to negotiate a win-win is simply not part of their core competence—or any of their competence, for that matter. Once defanged, all they know how to do is bark and drool.

To fix this problem, the narrative-mongers in Washington and Brussels have decided to play the nuclear card and accuse Russia of nuclear blackmail. Meanwhile, all that Russia has done is decimate the Ukrainian army several times over, then accept four former Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation based on highly conclusive local referenda closely watched by a goodly number of international observers, and then announce that it will defend these regions against foreign attack by all means necessary. These, obviously, include nuclear means, since Russia does have them, and would use them in accordance with its nuclear doctrine, which precludes their first use.

Meanwhile, the US has no such stipulation in its nuclear doctrine, has actually used nuclear weapons against civilians (in Japan), and has for decades dreamed of developing a nuclear first strike capability that could not be countered. If any country should be judged to be a nuclear threat, it is the US, not Russia… except, as I will explain, the US is no longer much of a nuclear threat either. Putin barely hinted at this, but a mere hint was enough to utterly infuriate the US national defense establishment, whose worst enemy is reality itself. Putin pointed out that at this point Russia has some weapons in its nuclear deterrent arsenal that are superior to that of the West.

These new weapons, of which more later, guarantee that any nuclear attack on Russia would be a suicidal move. That is, the West has no way of reliably destroying Russia (it is too big and its economic core is too independent and too well defended with air and space defense systems) while Russia can reliably destroy the West (which is not nearly as well defended) but will not do so unless the West attacks first. Unlike back in the old Soviet days, Russia has no missionary zeal; it is happy to sit back and watch the West starve itself (due to a lack of Russian chemical fertilizer) in the dark (due to a lack of Russian oil and gas). All it wants to do is gather the pieces of the shattered Russian world and all the people and lands that the collapse of the USSR abandoned behind some Bolshevik-decreed border. In this situation, the risk of a nuclear war is pretty much zero. Please sit back, take a series of deep breaths and let the good news soak in. Feel the joy.

But the joy probably won’t last if you listen to craven idiots whose job is to lie to you about “Putin’s nuclear threat.” When, for instance, Jack Philips writes that Moscow has threatened to use… tactical nuclear weapons… in Ukraine to salvage its war there,” he is basically just lying to us, and not once but thrice in the same sentence: Russia did not threaten to use tactical nuclear weapons but instead pointed out their uselessness; and Russia’s special operation is a success. The fact that there is no threat is the main message of this article, but let us briefly digress and describe of Ukrainian victory and Russian defeat look like.

The Ukraine is victorious in that according to the IMF its GDP is down 35% in 2022; according to its national bank inflation has topped 30% and isn’t slowing down; according to the World Bank next year 55% of Ukrainians will be below the poverty line, subsisting on less than $2.15 per day; according to the Ukraine’s economics minister, unemployment has reached 30%; according to its prime minister, it will be unable to pay pensions and salaries without immediate foreign aid; according to the UN, 20% of the population has left the country and another 33% are internally displaced; according to its energy ministry, it has already lost 40% of its electricity generating capacity. The Ukrainian army is drafting any male up to the age of 60, having run out of reservists, and the casualties it is suffering at the front are nothing short of horrific.

Meanwhile, Russia is vanquished because according to Reuters the Russian ruble is the strongest currency in the world; according to the Guardian Putin is more powerful and popular than ever; according to its agriculture ministry this year’s grain harvest is over 150 million tonnes, 50 million of which are for export, making Russia the world’s largest grain exporter; according to The Economist, Russia is emerging from recession just as the West is entering recession; and according to Goldman Sachs the index of economic activity in Russia is now higher than in the West. Russia just got done calling up 300 thousand, or 1%, of its trained and experienced reservists, who are now being drilled in the latest NATO-fighting techniques before being sent to the Ukrainian front.

But let’s not let facts stand in the way of the dominant narrative: the Ukraine has to be winning and Russia has to be losing because otherwise what could possibly cause Russia to become so utterly desperate as to threaten the world with its nuclear weapons? That part is simple; what is less obvious is why Western propagandists are sufficiently desperate to concoct and promulgate the false narrative of “Putin’s nuclear blackmail”?

The reason for all of this hectic propagandizing is that the collective West cannot hope to survive politically or economically unless Russia is brought to its knees and agrees to exchange its energy and mineral resources freshly minted digits that reside inside computers at Western central banks which can be confiscated at any time and for any reason. The situation is dire: the US is running through its Strategic Petroleum Reserve at breakneck pace, yet facing a shortage of diesel fuel and stubbornly high gasoline prices. It has a massive debt to roll over and expand but can only do so through direct money-printing, driving inflation, already at over 10%, ever higher. Europe is bracing for a harsh winter of ridiculously high energy bills, industry shutdowns and massive unemployment, while the US is not far behind. The fracking bonanza in the US was never quite profitable and now has perhaps a year or two before it is tapped out. Then the dream of US liquefied natural gas replacing Russian pipeline gas in Europe, never a realistic plan, will be dead for good while industry shutdowns spread to the US.

To avoid this scenario, desperate measures have been applied, and all of them have failed. First there was the plan of sanctions from hell, forcing numerous Western companies to stop shipping product to Russia and doing business there. This has done great harm to Western companies while providing Russia with an opening to steal their market share. What couldn’t be replaced with domestic production has been replaced with “parallel imports” via third countries.

Next, the West (Europe in particular) curtailed its Russian energy imports through a number of means, from sanctions against Russian tankers, to bans on the use of existing pipeline capacity through the Ukraine and through Poland, to outright terrorist strikes on Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic. An outright ban on Russian oil imports to the European Union is scheduled for December, and it will make the situation predictably worse. The result is that Russia has started shipping oil and gas to its partners in Asia instead, China in particular, and the West is now welcome to compete for this energy on the spot market, while spare supplies last. They won’t. Because of higher prices, Russia is exporting less energy but earning more foreign revenue.

And so an ingenuous plan was hatched for a nuclear provocation in the Ukraine. The Ukrainians, with some US and British help, were to take an old Soviet-era ballistic missile (a Tochka-U), load it up with nuclear waste from one of the Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, blow it up somewhere in the Chernobyl exclusion zone (which is already contaminated with long-lived radionuclides) and then Western media and diplomatic sources would all wax hysterical and blame it all on Russia in unison, hoping that at least some of the countries around the world that have been refusing to join Western sanctions against Russia would be cajoled into joining them.

How well did it go? Not at all well, apparently! First, Russian intelligence got the details on the whole operation from an inside source or two or three. This is not surprising, since no self-respecting nuclear engineer would be too excited to take responsibility for such a travesty. Second, Russia’s defense minister Sergei Shoigu, under direct orders from Putin, made phone calls to his counterparts throughout the world, sharing this evidence with them. Third, Russia specifically requested that the IAEA go and investigate the two Ukrainian sites at which the travesty was being concocted. The end result is that the Ukrainians are now hurriedly destroying the evidence and covering their tracks. Considering that every gram of such highly controlled substances must to be inventoried and its every movement logged, this coverup may come to involve some incidents, accidents and force majeur circumstances. A nasty little accident involving a teacup of nuclear waste and a firecracker is not to be ruled out, to be blamed on Russia, of course.

Meanwhile, in the real world of nuclear superpower standoffs, two interesting events took place. On Thursday, October 20, 2022, the American nuclear sub West Virginia, an Ohio-class sub that carries 24 Trident II ballistic missiles, each of which carries 10 nuclear charges, surfaced in the Arabian Sea and was visited by Michael Kurilla, commander of United States Central Command. I imagine that he lined up the crew on deck, stood before them in navy dress whites, then dropped his pants down and did a little “milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner fudge is made” routine… because he might as well have. The purpose of a nuclear sub is to be stealthy because Russian air defense systems can intercept Trident II missiles especially well if they know where they are coming from. Thus, the act of surfacing and holding parades on deck basically announces to the world that the sub is off-duty for the time being.

Why would the Americans do this? Is this a clumsy peace gesture, a cryptic act of surrender or a veiled cry for help? Or are they all going senile because whatever Biden has got is infectious? It is hard for us to tell. Whatever it is, the Russians seem unaffected. The Russian nuclear sub Belgorod recently sailed off into the blue, causing a bit of a panic within NATO. It carries a number of the new Poseidon nuclear-powered drone torpedos, which are all about the number 100. Each of them carries a charge of 100 megatons. Poseidons have almost infinite range, move at around 100 km/h at a depth of 1000m (three times deeper than any nuclear sub) and when detonated near an underwater coastal ridge can raise a 100-meter tsunami. Just five of them are sufficient to demolish both coasts of the US and all of Northern Europe. These would be underwater nuclear tests conducted in international waters—antisocial, yes, but not exactly direct nuclear strikes on anyone’s territory, so hardly a casus belli. And the ensuing tsunami? Uh-oh! Oopsie-daisy, sorry about that! Nobody is going to write “in case of tsunami destroy Russia” into the US nuclear doctrine. Best of all, Poseidons can lie in wait for years, surfacing periodically to receive new orders. But if Russia is destroyed they will rise up and destroy the rest of the world world, because “What use is the world if there is no Russia in it?” (V. Putin)

We can be sure that the Russians won’t launch a nuclear war because it’s risky and they don’t have to take that risk in order to win. We can be sure that the Americans won’t launch one because it would be suicide. And so we can all sit back and relax while the “Putin’s nuclear blackmail” narrative-mongers bark their stupid heads off. As for all those assorted media whores who are scaring people with their nuclear nonsense in order to catch some hype—shame on them!


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