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Can’t You See War On The Horizon?

Can’t You See War On The Horizon? By Paul Craig Roberts. 29 November 2017


According to news reports in the British press, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Russia’s industries to prepare themselves to be able to make a quick switch to war production.

Clearly, the Russian government would not make such an announcement unless it was convinced that the prospect of war with the West was real. For some time I have emphasized in my columns that the consequence of years of hostile actions taken by Washington and its European vassals against Russia was leading to war.

It is easy to understand that the massive US military/security complex needs a convincing enemy in order to justify its enormous budget, that the crazed neoconservatives put their fantasy ideology of US world hegemony above the life of the planet, and that Hillary and the Democratic National Committee will do anything to overturn Trump’s presidential victory. However, it is difficult to understand why the European political leaders are willing to put their countries at risk for Washington’s benefit.

Yet, they do. For example, on November 13 UK PM Theresa May said that Russia was a threat to international security and was interfering in European elections and hacking European governments. There is no more evidence for these claims than there is for “Russiagate.” Yet the allegations continue and multiply. Now the European Union is organizing former provinces of the Soviet Union—Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan—into an “Eastern Partnership” with the European Union.

In other words, the West is openly organizing former provinces of Moscow against Russia, declared by Prime Minister May to be a “hostile state.” Russia knows that there is no basis for the allegations against Russia and regards them as identical to the false allegations against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad in order to justify military attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Having convinced Russia that she is being set up for attack, Russia is preparing for war.

Think about this for a moment. The world is being driven to Armageddon simply because a greedy and corrupt US military/security complex needs an enemy to justify its huge budget, because Hillary and the DNC cannot accept a political defeat, and because the neoconservatives have an ideology of American Supremacy. What’s the difference between the detested White Supremacy and the American Supremacy that President Obama himself endorsed? Why is white supremacy terrible and American supremacy God’s gift to the “exceptional” and “indispensable” country?

The Russian government has openly shared its concern that Russia is being set up for military attack. As I, if not CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, have reported, the deputy commander of the Russian military’s Operation Command stated publicly the concern that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack against Russia. President Putin recently called attention to Washington’s collection of Russian DNA for a US Air Force weapons lab, which implies development of a Russian-specific bio-weapon. On many occasions Russia has called attention to US and NATO bases on its borders despite previous assurances from US administrations that no such thing would ever happen.

We have to ask ourselves why it is not the top item of public and political discussion that Washington has convinced Russia, a premier nuclear and military power, that Russia is going to be attacked. Instead, we hear of football players who kneel for the national anthem, fake news about Russiagate, a Las Vegas shooting, and so on.

We also must ask ourselves how much longer Washington is going to permit any of us via the Internet to report the real news instead of the fake news that Washington uses to control explanations. The effort by the Federal Communications Commission chairman to destroy net neutrality and other efforts underway to discredit factual news as Russian propaganda indicate that Washington has concluded that in order to war on Russia Washington must also war on truth. and


Saudi Arabia gets its first real government

Saudi Arabia gets its first real government  By David Goldman, Spengler, 9 November 2017

A couple of years ago I attended seminars with Chinese and Israeli counterterrorism experts in Beijing, in my capacity as a board member of a foundation that promotes Sino-Israel relations. A senior Chinese official complained that the Saudi royal family funds every radical madrassa in Xinjiang province, where Muslim Uyghurs of Turkish ethnicity form the majority. With a long and porous border stretching through sparsely-populated lands, Chinese security couldn’t prevent the funds from pouring in.

I asked our Chinese hosts why they didn’t remonstrate with the Saudi government. The Chinese official said, “We talk to the Saudis all the time, and they say they will have nothing to do with it. But this is not a government. It is a family! Some crazy cousin is always sending money to terrorists through informal finance channels.”

Now it appears that Saudi Arabia has a government, thanks to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s weekend purge of the royal family. It is probably the only political event in recent memory that has the support of Washington, Moscow and Beijing, not to mention Berlin, London, Paris and Tokyo — as well as Jerusalem.

“We talk to the Saudis all the time, and they say they will have nothing to do with it. But this is not a government. It is a family! Some crazy cousin is always sending money to terrorists through informal finance channels.”

China Daily hailed the Crown Prince’s action as a modernizing anti-corruption campaign. “The wave of arrests, the first of its kind, paves the way for a new Saudi Arabia with an intolerant approach against corruption. It also gets ready for the country [to move] towards a post-oil era with the focus on economic reforms and diversity, and major business projects,” the Chinese government newspaper wrote on November 5.

Russia’s Novosti News Service characterized Mohammed bin Salman’s purge in nearly identical language: “As for the detention of a number of ministers and large businessmen in Saudi Arabia, then, according to the expert, on the contrary, one should expect an improvement in the economic situation in the kingdom and a reduction in the budget deficit. ‘The return of the huge capitals exported by these people abroad may help reduce the budget deficit and enable the implementation of new projects proposed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,’ [Lebanese expert Marwan] Iskander said in an interview with RIA Novosti.”

President Trump, for that matter, tweeted, “I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing.”

Indeed they do. The foundations for the creation of a functioning Saudi state were laid well before President Trump visited Riyadh last March. The Washington Post reported at the time: “Behind the scenes, the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia have been conducting extensive negotiations, led by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The discussions began shortly after the presidential election, when Mohammed, known in Washington as ‘MBS,’ sent a delegation to meet with Kushner and other Trump officials at Trump Tower. After years of disillusionment with the Obama administration, the Saudi leadership was eager to do business. ‘They were willing to make a bet on Trump and on America,’ a senior White House official said.”

Last month’s Moscow visit by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman provided cover for the crackdown. As Leonid Issaev wrote in al-Jazeera Oct. 4, “Both Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Russian leadership have personal interests in developing the relations between the two countries. First of all, the Saudi crown prince needs to strengthen his political position at home and he views Russia as an actor that can help him achieve this goal.”

As I wrote in Asia Times Oct 16, Russia’s sale of its advanced S-400 air defense system to the Saudi Kingdom makes clear that Moscow wants to keep a balance of power in the Middle East. It is perceived as an ally of Iran, but also fears that Iran’s attempts to establish a permanent presence in Lebanon could provoke war with Israel – which Russia does not want. Russia allied with Iran to clean up Sunni jihadists in Syria, not least because large numbers of Russian Muslims came to Syria to fight against the Assad government and returned home as prospective terrorists. But the alliance only goes so far. From the Saudi point of view, hedging the kingdom’s bets against the United States is a rational response to the American drift towards Iran under the Obama Administration, according to a senior adviser to the Defense Department.

Moscow’s interest in Saudi Arabia goes well beyond the market for sophisticated arms, to be sure. Russian-Saudi cooperation to stabilize oil prices is in the interest of both parties. And Moscow will applaud the Crown Prince’s effort to suppress freelance financing for Sunni jihadists by members of the royal family.

Israel has quietly developed contacts with the Saudi government, which has far more to fear from Iran than from the Jewish state. Israel will continue to keep a low profile in the Arab world, but the Crown Prince’s purge has some direct implications for Israeli security. Among the victims of the Saudi crackdown was Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who announced his resignation while in Saudi Arabia on Nov 4, citing an Iranian plot to kill him. Hariri almost certainly was ordered to resign by his Saudi hosts. His father, Raafik Hariri, was killed in a 2005 bombing attributed to Iran and its Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Now, as Anna Ahronheim wrote in the Jerusalem Post on Nov 6, “It seems that Hariri has given Israel more legitimacy for a full-scale and uncompromising campaign against Iran and Lebanon, not only Hezbollah, should a war in the north break out.” Hariri gave credence to Israel’s position that Hezbollah, which threatens Israel with a stockpile of more than 100,000 missiles, is a cat’s paw for Iran. Israel’s Defense Minister Avidgor Lieberman tweeted on Nov 5, “Lebanon=Hezbollah. Hezbollah=Iran. Lebanon=Iran. Iran is dangerous to the world. Saad Hariri has proved that today. Period.”

Yoav Gallant, a member of Israel’s security cabinet, commented, “Iran controls actually Lebanon, Iraq and is working very hard to take over Syria. This is a great danger to the stability of the region and the peace of the world. Hariri understands very well that after the massacre that is taking place in Syria, he might be next in line, as it happened to his father Rafik al-Hariri, and he is saying it in his own words.”

Should war break out, the Jerusalem Post quoted Gallant as saying Israel “will bring Lebanon back to the stone age.”

From the viewpoint of Washington, Beijing, Moscow, and Jerusalem, this is win-win-win-win. The odd man out is Iran, whose attempts to project power from Tehran to the Mediterranean have become an annoyance even for its allies. The shape of the deal emerging in the Middle East was visible last summer. As I wrote on July 17, the US and Russia both need to leash their dogs – the former to crack down on Saudi financing of Sunni jihadists and the latter to puncture Iran’s dream of a Shi’a empire.

The missing ingredient in the mix was a Saudi leader with the courage to face down his own family as well as the country’s religious establishment. It is not clear yet that Prince Mohammed bin Salman will succeed, but if he does, he will be the most popular world leader of 2017.


How the Nazis won the war

How the Nazis won the war  By Makia Freeman, Editor of alternative media, 7 November 2017

In many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking. You’ll have to dig deep to see the truth of it. The shocking fact is that top Nazi leaders, technology, money, weapons and people (engineers, scientists and technicians) were safely escorted out of Germany before May 1945, the end of World War 2 in Europe. Both before and during the War, the Nazis had established bases outside of Germany, and in 1944, aware that defeat was looming, they found a way to secretly get their money out. When I say that really, the Nazis won the War, I don’t mean Nazi as figurative term or as a general term to describe fascists or authoritarians. I mean the actual original Nazis of the 3rd Reich from 1933 – 1945 in Germany, the leaders of the NSDAP (translated as the National Socialist German Workers Party), as distinct from the rank-and-file Germans who followed them, and of course the rest of the Germans who didn’t. The Nazis always had friends in high places right from the start, as we will see, and these same powers ensured that Nazi personnel, technology and ideology lived on in other places and ways (whether through invitation and infiltration, or discreet and discrete continuation) – as it does until this day.

How the Nazis Won the War: The Bormann Organization, Reich in Exile and Hidden Multinational Corporations

The Nazis may have “officially” lost World War 2, but the top ones escaped – and their influence continues to this day. In addition to infiltrating the ranks of the CIA, NASA and other US Government agencies (by invitation), in-exile Nazis set up a massive economic network comprised of 750 corporations in neutral countries. This wasn’t due to Hitler, but rather Reichsleiter (Empire director) Martin Bormann, an organizational genius and the personal secretary of Hitler. The Bormann Organization controlled Germany’s major corporations and had considerable influence in America.

Bormann, known as the “Brown Eminence”, successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a “Reich in Exile” in the years following the war. Nazi gold was taken to New York law firm Sullivan and Cromwell (where Allen Dulles worked, who went on to become the CIA director and JFK assassination mastermind). The gold was melted down and taken to the Federal Reserve, then invested in these 750 Nazi corporations, which became a base of Nazi economic power in the post-war decades. According to Tony Gosling who covers this topic in this video, one banker quoted by Manning termed the Bormann Organization the “world’s most important accumulation of money power under one control in history”. It controlled Germany’s major corporations, the Federal Republic itself, much of Latin America and wielded considerable influence inside the US. These 750 corporations not only received the liquid wealth of Nazi Germany, but also much in terms of patented and proprietary industrial information.

Herbert Dorsey in his book The Covert Colonization of Our Solar System also has this to say:

“Otto Skorzeny funded the Nazi International. And, at the same time, he was employed by the CIA after the war! He assisted Martin Bormann in recovering Nazi loot deposited in neutral countries for this organization. The original idea came, not from Skorzeny, but from Martin Bormann, Hitler’s private secretary. At a secret meeting in the Hotel Rotes Haus, in Strasbourg on August 10th 1944, Bormann met with key German industrialists. They realized that Germany would lost the war and developed plans for a post war world.

They would immediately start transferring money, machine tools, specialty steel and blueprints for advanced technology abroad to neutral countries, to be used after the war … Skorzeny was Hjalmar Schacht’s nephew by marriage and both men were involved in setting up the Nazi International. The financier of the Third Reich, Hjalmar Schacht, advised the industrialists on how to camouflage their assets on paper. Otto Skorzeny would handle the actual physical transfer [of] this wealth. Both men knew the secrets of the Nazi treasure; where it was located; how it got there; who controlled it; and the purpose it was intended for.

Also, Otto Skorzeny was the most important man in organizing Organization der Entlassene SS Angehorige (ODESSA – Organization for the Release of Former SS Members). ODESSA would become an important part of the Nazi International and assist Nazi war criminals escape justice …”

How the Nazis Won the War: Vatican Ratlines and Swiss Banks

Many researchers such as John Loftus have exposed the very close ties between the Nazis and the Vatican. The Vatican (along with British and US investors) helped build the 3rd Reich after Germany’s defeat in WW1 and gave money directly to Hitler. At some point though Hitler turned on the Vatican and seized all their (sizable) German assets, telling them he would return them in dribs and drabs if they stayed quiet. The Vatican set up ratlines (escape networks) that allowed many notorious Nazi war criminals to escape after WW2.

Meanwhile, if you thought that Switzerland was truly neutral, think again. Much of Switzerland is German-speaking, after all, and culturally, it is very similar to Germany. Switzerland was “neutral” in name only, hiding tons of (stolen) Nazi money in its banks throughout the war. With so much top Nazi personnel and stolen Nazi money escaping the Allies at the end of WW2, this is another way in which the Nazis won the war even though Germany was itself conquered and captured by Allied forces.

How the Nazis Won the War: Sophisticated Weaponry Based on Out-of-this-World Technology

No understanding of Nazism or World War 2 is complete without truly comprehending the extent to which German ingenuity was the driving force behind the world’s technological advances during the 1930s. Germany has long been famous for its engineering excellence. Despite being a smaller nation than France, Russia and the US, Germany led the world. Once the war begun, it soon became apparent that German technology, as applied to weaponry, submarines, aircraft, metallurgy and other industries, was more sophisticated than that of its wartime enemies, which allowed it to gain the upper hand during the years of 1939 – 1941.

In addition to the worldly technology they developed, the Germans also had technology they developed which was otherworldly – literally out-of-this-world. As the story goes, the famous Thule and Vril Societies led by psychic channelers such as Maria Orsic were able to make contact with advanced extraterrestrial beings from the planet Aldebaran (in the Taurus constellation) and actually download information related to antigravity technology. There is much more to the story (including claims by the ETs that they were the original Aryans, offering the Germans/Nazis proof by giving them writing in Sumerian, etc. but it’s beyond the scope of this article). The main gist is that the Nazis took this channeled information and actually constructed functional UFO prototypes which flew! For a little more info on this, see my earlier article This Whistleblower Goes to Places You’ve Never Been To Before …, and for the full story, read the very well-researched book by Joseph Farrell Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons and the Cold War Allied Legend. Incidentally, Farrell produces strong evidence that the Nazis also had the nuclear bomb before the Americans, but lacked the proper delivery system.


How the Nazis Won the War: Argentina

The next 3 points relate to Nazi bases which were established before 1945 (well prior to the end of WW2). The first is the area of Bariloche in southern Argentina. Now, we all know Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker, right? No! In his book Hitler in Argentina: The Documented Truth of Hitler’s Escape from Berlin, author Harry Cooper shows convincing evidence that Hitler and other top Nazis such as Martin Bormann traveled in German submarines all the way to Argentina. Some of the evidence that this astonishing claim is true are these FBI declassified docs.

The article FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945 contains further information:

“Along with the FBI documents detailing an eye witness account of Hitler’s whereabouts in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not die in that bunker. In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

… [an] archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered. What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either.”

How the Nazis Won the War: Antarctica

Antarctica is a hot potato topic right now in the alternative research community. Yes, there is more speculation and clickbaity all capital-letter headlines than actual facts, however people have awoken to the fact that something is going on down there – something big. There is considerable evidence the Nazis had a fully functioning base there (they called Antarctica Neu Schwabenland [New Swabia] after a southern German state, and the base Neu Berlin [New Berlin]). We know for sure they undertook expeditions there in 1938. I will again quote from The Covert Colonization of Our Solar System:

“On December 17, 1938 the New Swabia expedition left Hamburg for Antarctica aboard the MS Schwabenland led by Captain Alfred Ritscher, a captain in the Kriegsmarine [Ed. – German marines]. The expedition arrived in Antartica on January 19, 1939 at 4 degrees 30 minutes West and 69 degrees 14 minutes South off the Princess Martha coast … this area was geothermially active and contained hot springs and some ice free land. The area also enclosed the hidden abandoned underground city revealed by the Agarthans [Ed. – who had helped the Nazis in Tibet]. German U_boats were also sent into the region and before long discovered the abandoned city under the ice cap … A number of Germans were left to live there on a  full time basis and Neu berlin was regularly supplied by submarine with food from South America and equipment from Germany.”

Many researchers have looked into what Admiral Richard Byrd said about Operation Highjump, the 1947 US military expedition which set out for Antarctica on a mission that was meant to be many months long, but which was cut short by UFOs which repelled the US ships and forced them back after just 8 weeks! Some have speculated Byrd ran into ETs. However, given all the information we now have about the Nazis, I would suggest it is more likely he ran into the Nazis themselves. Was Byrd stalking the Nazis?

This is an excerpt from a report in a local Chilean newspaper El Mercurio on Wednesday, March 5, 1947:

“Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles.”

Those interested in further reading may like to delve into Genesis for the New Space Age by John Leith.

How the Nazis Won the War: Moon Base in 1942

If you thought Nazi bases in Argentina and Antarctica were wild, wait until you hear this. If this theory is correct, the race to the moon in the 1960s could not have been won by either the Americans or the Russians – because the Germans had already been there! That’s right; according to at least 2 sources (researcher Vladimir Terziski and whistleblower Corey Goode), the Nazis had built functional antigravity craft that could take them to the Moon as early as 1942, and managed to build a base there at that time. While there are question marks over Goode’s testimony, Terziski is a respected researcher with lots of documents and schematics to back up what he says. The following is another quote from The Covert Colonization of Our Solar System:

“… during the last years of WWII, the informed people of Germany knew that they would lose the war, in spite of all the propaganda to the contrary. Much of the strategy then was to relocate as much of the advanced German technology to other locations like Argentina, Antarctica and the Moon. Hans Kammler was in charge of the project and succeeded in moving much of this material before the Allies took over these areas where they were located … the Moon base construction was only made possible by a treaty agree to between the German government and the Draco federation near the end of the war. The Moon is occupied by a number of extraterrestrial groups and is used as a diplomatic meeting ground between these groups …”

In his abovementioned book Reich of the Black Sun, Farrell details the special and powerful role of Kammler in leading a highly secretive Nazi think tank devoted to weaponizing exotic and otherwordly phenomena. After reading the incredible knowledge and developments they achieved, and the bizarre experiments they undertook to do so, one can see how it is not farfetched to entertain the notion that the Nazis made it to the Moon before anyone else.

How the Nazis Won the War: Infiltration of the USA (NASA, CIA, etc.) via Operation Paperclip

It is an interesting fact of history that the US was almost overthrown in a coup in 1933 (known as the Business Plot) led by the very same people who were funding and closely associated with the rise of Nazism in Germany. Decorated Marine veteran Smedley Butler (famous for his book War is a Racket) was recruited for the coup, which he later blew the whistle on, after he had gathered enough information about the conspirators. According to this documentary, among the plotters was Skull ‘n’ Bones member Prescott Bush, father of bonesman, CIA chief and US president George H. W. Bush, and grandfather of bonesman and US president George W. Bush.

Professor Anthony Sutton has written books exposing all the details of how Wall St. funded Nazism. Certain key American businessmen were Nazi sympathizers from the start. So, by the time the war ended and around 1600 Nazis flooded the US MICs (Military Industrial Complex and Military Intelligence Complex) under Operation Paperclip, these Nazi scientists, engineers and technicians were capitalizing on an already pre-existing underlying ideology. Obviously much of American society wasn’t against Nazism, but there were enough key people in key places of power to enlist top Nazis and help them avoid trial and punishment. These Nazis, once safely ensconced within the CIA, NASA and other military agencies, then began to harness the astonishing money and productivity of the USA to help turn it into the world’s first global superpower.

In many ways, the Nazis and the Soviets fought the most brutal and crucial battles of WW2 against each other. The new “American” Nazis may have become US citizens but they had not forgotten their hatred of Russia, and it wasn’t long before they played in a role in turning the allegiance of their new host nation against the Russians in what was to become the Cold War. Yes, the US would probably have viewed the USSR as a rival and potential enemy regardless (since the war mentality always requires an enemy to justify its own existence), however there is no doubt that Nazi thinking and ideology helped turn the US against the USSR.

In his book The Hunt for Zero Point, Nick Cook writes about how the Nazis won the war by way of infecting the US with their ideology, because the US desired their technical expertise:

“When the Americans tripped over this mutant strain of non-linear physics and took it back home with them, they were astute enough to realize that their homegrown scientific talent couldn’t handle it … that’s why they recruited so many Germans. The Nazis developed a unique approach to science and engineering quite separate from the rest of the world, because their ideology, unrestrained as it was, supported a wholly different way of doing things … the trouble was, when the Americans took it all home with them they found out, too late, that it came infected with a virus. You take the science on, you take on aspects of the ideology, as well.”

Conclusion: The Nazis Won the War, Really

So, all in all, despite the fact that the Germany was overrun and captured in 1945, it is fair to say that, from a certain perspective, the Nazis won the war. In his 2009 book The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America, the late and legendary Jim Marrs exposed how Nazi ideology infested the US, using corporate front companies all over the world to hide their stolen loot and bringing their miraculous weapons technology that helped the US win the space race. In a famous 2013 Project Camelot interviewMax Spiers (now deceased) and Michael Prince (aka James Casbolt), both supersoldiers and mind control victims, revealed how the New World Order had 2 key factions: the Rothschild-Zionist faction and the Rockefeller-Nazi faction (the latter of which could be called the 4th Reich). The Rockefellers were, of course, longtime Nazi sympathizers and intimately connected to them through the oil, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Nazism was far, far more than just a political party. It was an ideology and identity that far outlived Hitler. We now must confront the very real possibility that Nazi ideology is alive and well today in the US, and still remains a key driving force of the New World Order.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.

















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